We drown the wax without using wax!

In the traditional cares of the beekeeper there is another important point, in addition to collecting honey and grooming bees. This is wax making. There are several ways in folk beekeeping how to melt wax - without a wax refinery.

With the addition of water

The board is suitable for those who want to melt old beeswax, perhaps, somewhere moldy or too dark. This is usually a honeycomb or an old piece. Pre-recommended to steam it in warm clean water, and after two days of settling this water is drained. Then pour distilled or distilled rain water (a pound of product will require two liters of water). Dishes must be taken either stainless or aluminum. It is advisable to use pans with high sides for such a homemade “wax pot”.

Then it is necessary to soften the honeycomb on low heat, after softening to cook it for about half an hour. Be sure to take exactly the soft, purified water, because the hard will significantly degrade the quality of the wax as a whole.

If the raw materials are affected by mold, rotting or other defects, the boiling time should increase to 2 hours.

After such boiling, the bee product is poured into a bucket tied with one layer of gauze. So all garbage is eliminated. Next, the finished remelted product is left in a bucket closed with a cloth overnight. The water stays at the bottom, and the wax produced rises.

Remelting in the bank

The method is suitable for the purified product, without preli, mold and debris. Such pure beeswax is suitable for cosmetic manipulations. A wax furnace usually requires a large amount of raw materials, and the advantages of this method are in a small amount of raw materials. The crushed product (or crumbled into pieces) is placed in a glass liter jar and put this jar in a saucepan or basin with water. Water is gradually heated, and the contents of the jars are stirred. When the bee product is softened, it is drained into a container where it will be stored.

Water bath

Loved by many, a very simple method of remelting, similar to wax refining. It works almost on the same principle. It is necessary to take an enameled pan, put the used honeycombs or honeycombs there, and then put them in another pan (or basin) with water of a larger diameter. Next, put the design of the two tanks on the stove on a small fire and wait until the raw material softens. All the time, make sure that the water does not boil to the end, and the pan with the wax remained in the water at least half. When the product has boiled and dissolved completely, it can be drained into special plastic cups or jars with lids.

This method allows you to melt a lot of raw materials in a short time without a wax refinery. It is very convenient for use in the village or where various amenities are at a minimum.

After the wax cools, it can be removed and you can see if there is debris on the bottom of the ingots. If there is - it is cleaned with a knife. One boiling procedure is usually enough, but some repeat it twice.

Drown the foundation

Without wax, they drown a little differently than used cells. For these purposes, will require the old female or children's tights (simple). Inside is laid and lightweight weight. Then tights tied knotted. Further in a 10-liter enameled bucket put a rag. On this rag place tights with "filling". Fill the container with water and put it on the stove so that the water is heated. As soon as the water gets hot, wax floats. It is collected with a scoop or spoon in a separate container.

When the process is over, the containers with water are allowed to cool, but the liquid is not drained, since after cooling on the surface a little more of the bee product will emerge. A bee product assembled in a separate container is ready for sale or creation of a new foundation without a wax refractory and additional devices!

Use of enamelled tanks

Another wonderful way to melt wax. This is the use of two enameled tanks, each with a capacity equal to no more than 20 liters. Washed raw materials, crushed on a grater or hands, put in one tank and tie it with gauze in a single layer. The second tank is filled with clean distilled water to half. Next, heat the container with liquid on the stove or fire (campfire).

After boiling water, put on the tank with boiling water tank with raw materials. The container can be fastened together by connecting the handles together. The surface of the tank is covered with an old thick cloth or padded jacket. So, holding a small fire, expect 2-2.5 hours. Then turn off and leave overnight. In the morning you can pick up a wax "pancake" from the bottom tank.



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