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This article will discuss how to heat pig fat, what it is for, and whether it has beneficial properties. This product has long been mistakenly considered harmful to the heart. It found high cholesterol. However, in families where they keep pigs for themselves, they have never doubted its quality and have always used them. Today, lard obtained from melted lard is not considered dangerous. It is commonly used for frying while cooking many dishes.

Beneficial features

For a long time, vegetable fats were considered more useful than animals. However, new research in this area has provided evidence that the composition of lard is no longer dangerous to health.

Lard of pigs contains in the composition of fat, related to saturated, that is, solid. They are in the meat of animals and some birds. This product contains fatty acids, including palmitic, myristic, lauric, stearic, oleic. As for the latter, it is for her that many people value olive oil. It is considered the most healthy product.

Saturated fat in the composition of lard helps the human body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and various nutrients. After all, many elements can not be fully accepted by the body without the help of other particles. For example, vitamin D needs saturated fats for that. Without them, he is of no value.

Vitamin A, E and Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in the composition of pork fat. When used, these elements are easily absorbed by the body.

Pork fat has a long shelf life due to slow oxidation. All this is due to the low level of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also, these products are not afraid of high temperatures. Carcinogens will not be released when heated and melted. For example, vegetable oil does not have such properties.

Use correctly

Pork fat or lard is very high-calorie foods (898 kcal / 100g). Their use in food should be moderate (100 g per day). This is the only way to talk about the beneficial effects on the human body. This product has contraindications for young children.

As already mentioned, in pig fat all the vitamins and minerals are interrelated and interact with each other for better absorption. Cholesterol, which is in its composition, and which was considered the most dangerous, has a good effect on the synthesis of hormones. It also has positive effects on the nervous system.

Baked lard can be used to prepare many dishes. Baking is especially tasty. Harmful pastry fat cannot equal with this natural product. Another lard simply smear on bread and make sandwiches. It is also suitable for frying and for filling cereals.

In folk medicine, many recipes include exactly pork fat. It is used both to lower the temperature and to brew a curative cold drink. For pain in the throat, melted pig fat (50 g) is mixed with vodka (2 tbsp. L.) And fir oil (5 drops). From the resulting mass made compresses or rubbing on the chest. Typically, this recipe uses the interior fat, that is, deposits it on the internal organs.

Smaltza feedstock

To get lard (lard) you need the original product - lard or interior fat. The brisket area or subtitles (peritoneum) is suitable. Occasionally you can melt goose or duck fat.

Properly cooked lard has a creamy white color. The consistency of it is quite thick, but you can type it with a spoon, spread it on bread. This fat has a long shelf life. In past years, it was used to pour sausages in order to prolong their shelf life.

For cooking quality Smaltza, you need to find a good fat. Ideally, there should be a product obtained at home. This is more useful. From the interior of the pork fat, too, you get a good lard. The main thing is that the original raw material was not received from the breeding boar.

If you burn the original lard, then a good quality product will smell nicely grilled meat. How to drown it yourself will tell below.

Melt in the pan

To melt good lard, fat is cleared of dirt and blotches of blood or meat. This can be done by placing the piece in cool, salted water overnight. Fluid can be changed all the time twice.

Next you need to follow the following steps:

  • a piece of bacon is cut into small pieces of 1 cm (this is convenient to do if the product is slightly frost-bitten);
  • the pieces are placed in a thick-walled pan (the fire is gradually added);
  • the whole contents should boil for a while (before the cracklings settle to the bottom);
  • a small amount of sugar can be added to the fat to improve the taste of the product (after turning off the plate);
  • The lard must cool down, after which it is filtered through gauze (stored in glass or ceramics).

The melted lard can be quickly frozen so that the lard is homogeneous in consistency and not grainy.

other methods

Internal fat or fat can be cooked on the stove in water (one part fat into three parts water) from 1 tsp. soda Before the initial treatment, the initial product should also be soaked from 24 to 72 hours, changing the water periodically. After that, it is cut into slices and begin to digest. The smaller the pieces, the more Smaltsa will turn out.

When the contents of the container boil, from the surface of the water you can remove lard with a spoon in a clean container. This is done before the cracklings.

It often happens that lard obtained has an unpleasant smell. To get rid of it, the product can be reheated. With this method, 100 g of milk is added to 1 kg of lard. The process of re-melting takes place on low heat until the milk turns yellow. All contents must be mixed to prevent burning.

To the unpleasant smell of Smaltsa finally disappeared, you can add strongly fried bread crusts to the products. After that, the fat is filtered, packaged in clean containers and stored in the cold.

If you need to melt the fat in the oven, then it is heated to 100 degrees. The product is placed there with a small amount of water. In the oven, the fat will start to melt and the water will evaporate.

The same principle with the slow cooker. Finely chopped lard is placed in a saucepan and 60 ml of water are added. At the lowest temperature, lard melts from 2 to 8 hours. It is necessary to mix products sometimes.

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