We milk cows with automatic devices


Keep in your farm one or more cows? To facilitate their milking, you will certainly need milking machines for cows.

What is and how does it work?

Milking cows in large farms is impossible without automatic milking equipment. Today there are many types of such devices. They can be very different in appearance, they can have a different design and power, as well as a different price category. But all milking devices have the same principle of operation. So, any such device is equipped with a low pressure vacuum pump.

Such a pump is attached to the udder using special rubber. Some farmers have problems with attaching rubber milkings to the udder, so the pump can be fixed with special clamps. These clamps are much easier to fix on the udder. Milk pumping is also performed in a specially prepared container. At the end of the preparations, the machine starts up and the milking process takes place, which lasts only a few minutes.

Classification and species

First of all, we recall that the use of automatic milking equipment in a small farm, where only one or two cows are practically unprofitable. Such a device is not cheap and it will pay off for quite a long time. But if you have 5 or more heads on the farm, the manual milking is very laborious, and sometimes you have to hire additional people for this work, which is unnecessary expenses. In this case, the milking machines will be a real salvation.

We classify by those characteristics

Based on the technical characteristics of the equipment for milking, it can be conditionally classified according to several criteria. So, for example, first of all - how milk is collected. Then it can be classified according to the number of cows that can be served with one device at a time. Two more conditional classifications can be made like vacuum pumps and according to the number of cycles.

Milk collection

As is known, the result of milking a cow is milk. But where and how is it going and what you need to know to make the right choice? This classification is quite simple. In total there are two main types of milk collection. This is through pipes or directly into the prepared container, which often serves as a can. The first type of milking devices for cows is perfect for large livestock, since it is possible to install one large container and pump milk from all cows through pipes into it. The second option is well suited for small farms.

By the number of simultaneously serviced cows

Of course, for small farms there are individual milking devices that are designed for the simultaneous milking at best of only two cows. For large farms such an option is not profitable. Therefore, they invented equipment that can simultaneously serve 10 even more heads. It is much more expensive, but in a large farm it quickly pays off.

By type of vacuum pumps

In total there are three options - this equipment with a diaphragm, piston or rotary pump. The first option is considered the most budget. His maximum at a time - only three cows. The second type is more powerful, but has a number of significant drawbacks. So, the piston pump has solid dimensions, very noisy and unreliable.

If your cows are very shy and you are afraid that the noise of the pump will reduce the yield, then the rotary unit is for you. It can be dry or oily. The advantages of this much more than the competition.

By the number of cycles

There are two and three stroke designs for milking. Three stroke is more powerful, but the two stroke is much easier. If the device will need to constantly move, it is better to make your choice in the direction of push-pull installations.

Milking classification

Today, there are devices for milking cows, which carry out milking in two ways. The first option is to create a vacuum with which the milking process takes place. The second is a frequent change in pressure, which also leads to milk production.

In the first embodiment, the vacuum is created by a special device - a pulsator and a centrifugal pump. This type of equipment is expensive, but it provides fast and high-quality milk delivery. In the second version of the vacuum as there is none. This equipment is equipped with a piston pump that creates pressure surges that ensure the milking process. These equipments are cheap and easy to use, but the quality of milk delivery is worse than that of devices with a vacuum.

Classification based on mobility

Like any other equipment, milking can be mobile and not mobile. The first type is designed to constantly move around the farm. Such equipment is not large and has a wheel for ease of movement. It is great for both small and large farms.

Unmovable devices today are rarely used. They are located in a separate room and are not intended for transportation around the farm. Also, often their weight is quite large, and they themselves are bulky.


Doubt whether you need an installation for automatically milking cows? Then let's consider user reviews. Mostly all reviews are positive. Users note the practicality and quick payback of such an acquisition. So, when using a milking machine, the amount of free time that used to be spent on manual milking increases by about 35%. Now time can be even more rational.

Then on large farms reduced the number of people for milking cows. Now all the work can be done by 1 person. It is very practical, and the economy in the money plan for the salary makes about 25%. Also, all farmers are satisfied with the quality of milking, when using a milking machine, not a single drop of milk is lost. The advantages of the owners of the equipment include ease of use.

But there are negative user reviews. They were mainly caused by the high cost of milking equipment, as well as the wrong selection for their farm. Therefore, we recommend before you buy to get acquainted in detail with the types of devices, their orientation. It also does not hurt to decide on your needs and ask the advice of a consultant.




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