How to make an automatic nipple drinker for pigs?


For the successful maintenance and breeding of pigs, each owner must take care not only of proper feeding, but also of watering the animals. To water pigs should have constant access. But it is not always possible to carry water in a bucket, and leaving it in a pen does not guarantee its cleanliness. What to do? There is a solution - to build automatic drinkers for pigs. And the best option in this case could be its nipple version.

What should be?

Drinking bowls, first of all, should be comfortable for animals and functional for the owner. Today, the household goods market has a greater variety of their types. Of course, the most popular and affordable are auto drinkers. They are divided into several types:

  • pan;
  • vacuum;
  • nipple.

Cup drinking bowls have a standard bowl shape, where a special valve or nipple can be installed. And that, and that option can be made independently. It is convenient and well suited for watering adults and young animals. But as for the drinker for piglets, it is better to choose a nipple so that the kids do not spray the water. At the same time, the nipples themselves are well secured in the supply pipe, then several individuals can drink at the same time.


So, if you decide to choose a nipple drinker for the pig, then you should pay attention to its characteristics.

  • The nipple should be made of stainless steel and fit to the age of the animal. For adults, they should be large enough.
  • The water supply mechanism should be taken with a stainless spring and a mesh filter.
  • Before buying, check the condition of the mechanism.
  • Nipple pointers for pigs must supply water when rejected in any direction.
  • Automatic for small pigs, it is desirable to do a little tilted.
  • It is necessary that the installation of the drinker located at the desired height. It must be considered based on the age of the animals. See photo for more details.
Pig weight, kgLess than 15 kg15-20 kg20-50 kg50-100 kgMore than 100 kg
Height of nipple drinker placement, cm1520-2535-4550-6070
The height of the placement of the drinking bowl, cm710152530

How to make?

Nipple drinkers are often called nipple drinkers, but they are well suited for both adult animals and piglets. But, as practice shows, buying ready-made not for all farmers is possible. Therefore, it is often made by hand. You can also do it yourself. It will take a little time and material.

Tools and materials

  • Nipples - you just need to buy them, because it’s just impossible to make oneself, and even correctly;
  • Plastic pipe;
  • Comfortable bowl or bucket;
  • Tools for trimming pipes and making holes.

Phased instruction

  1. So, first of all, you need to pick up the necessary nipples. For the piglets will need a small size, for large individuals - large.
  2. Nipple can be installed under the pipe or mortise, so in addition look at what you need to purchase before work.
  3. Next, pick up a container for storing water, for example, it can be a large barrel or a special tank.
  4. Take a plastic pipe, attach it to the tank with water. In this case, the pipe should be directed not strictly horizontally to the drinker, but in a tilted position.
  5. At the pre-marked places on the pipe we make holes for the nipples. We insert, check the work. If necessary, we make such drinkers in each pen.

Nipple in a bucket

For example, if you have only one pig living, then for it you can make an even simpler version of the auto drinker. For this you need a large bucket and one nipple.

  1. In the bottom of the bucket we make a hole in the middle of the nipple.
  2. We fix it in the tank. We hang a bucket or other container at a height convenient for the animal.

All is ready. This option is good to use in an ordinary household. All that is needed is just to add water to the bucket in time. Also watch the video below the article.

Cup option

If you have a small steel or plastic cup, you can make a slightly different drinking bowl option for your animals. If you saw on sale cup models, then you will immediately understand how to make it at home. In this case, the design of the water supply is not placed vertically, but horizontally. When the animal presses down on the nipple with its nose, water will immediately flow into the bowl. Thus, the pig will need less effort to quench their thirst.

If you have a steel bowl, the teat mechanism will need to be welded. Therefore, it is much easier in the household to find a small but rather convenient plastic container.




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