How to make a harness to your rabbit?


The domestic rabbit is one of the most popular types of pets. This animal is tamed quickly, causes affection from its owners, it becomes affectionate. Many people in the warm season, want to go to the park with their eared or take a walk on the street, and for this you definitely need a harness for a rabbit. What is it and how to do it yourself? Read about it further!

What is and what is it for?

The harness is a special device for animals, where the leash is located not on the neck of the pet, but in the area of ​​the back. A quality leash for the animal must be fastened with a special buckle. The jumper at a good design when looking at the crawl from the side, resembles the letter "H", this is done according to the body structure of the long-eared pets. Suitable for domestic eared and regular harness for animals such as dogs or cats.

There are also special costumes for street walks. They look like a T-shirt, which has a leash attached in the lumbar region. What good are these leashes for rabbits: in case of danger, the owner can lift the animal for a leash and not cause him harm.

Do it yourself

In the arsenal of the owner eared little animal harness simply required. However, they can not always be found in pet stores, and if there is, the size is often not at all those that are needed. Therefore, many owners are concerned about the question - how to make a harness for a pet with your own hands. Work - not the most difficult, accessible to anyone who has at least a basic level in the field of sewing. Materials and tools are also available and simple.

Tools and materials

  • centimeter;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • awl;
  • braid;
  • soft fabric;
  • several rings of small diameter;
  • threads;
  • yarn.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Before sewing we find out the size of your pet with a centimeter. We measure the neck of the animal, the girth of its chest and the distance between them.
  2. Cut off the tape from two strips. The length of the first should be calculated as follows: the amount of chest girth and waist, add 20 cm for the seams. We consider the length of the second band as follows: the distance between the neck of the animal and the breast plus 10 cm.
  3. We sheathe the first strip from the inside with lining fabric.
  4. Master a double loop on one side, in which we pass the ring.
  5. In the place of the break we make the second seam, to which the buckle is attached.
  6. The other end of the braid is cut obliquely.
  7. With the awl we make several holes at a distance of one centimeter from the cut end.
  8. We sheathe the strip at the ends and inside with a lining cloth.
  9. We connect all the details and fasten the leash. Such a harness made with love will surely last a long time and will give a lot of joy to the animal and its owner.

How to wear a leash?

The harness usually looks like two rings made of straps. The smallest of them dress the animal around the neck and fasten it. Then we hold the pet firmly and with care, we keep our patience even if the restless person tries to escape. The collar should not sit very tight, but tight enough. You should wear it in such a way that the distance between the neck of the crawl and the collar is approximately equal to the thickness of the index finger. The second belt is missing under the belly and fastens.

The leash should not squeeze the animal, but sit firmly on it. If the pet looks nervous and all the time trying to remove the harness, and the owner is absolutely sure that she is sitting freely, the best solution would be to leave the eared one alone, and not try to bring it to the open space. Probably, being on the street will not bring joy to the animal, since by its nature it is a homebody. The owner of the long-eared must remember, the main thing is still the peace and comfort of a beloved animal.

If the owner managed to dress the rabbit, you should not hurry to immediately run with him for a walk. You must wait until the animal gets used to its new clothes. Her several days should be worn at home without a rabbit leash, gradually increasing the time for home walks in harness. If eared got used to his outfit, feels comfortable in it and does not get nervous, you can take the first steps to street exercise.

It is very important to remember that the pet must be vaccinated without fail, a place for walking should be chosen not windy. The sun, rain, snow or severe frost is contraindicated for rabbits, and the trip in transport should not be very long, because for the animal it is very stressful.




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