Multi-storey house of rabbits: we produce a three-tier cage


A convenient cage on a rabbit farm is not just a comfortable home for rabbits, but also the pride of the breeder. Especially if you made this design yourself. Currently there are a lot of cell types. We will tell you how to make cages for rabbits with your own hands in 3 tiers - a capacious, but rather compact structure.


Cells on 3 tiers, above all, allow you to place a large number of animals. The design can be made long and settled in it, for example, five male rabbits on each floor. In another use case, you can easily divide each tier into two sections and arrange a house for the female with offspring in each. In total, it will turn out to settle six mummies with broods.

This design is convenient to use on the rabbit farm, if you plan to increase the number of rabbits.

Such "three-story houses" is easy to assemble with your own hands without any special expenses for materials They can be transported in the same way as buildings with fewer tiers. For ease of cleaning, both pitched and retractable removable manure trays can be made.

The size of such a structure depends on how many tenants you will have on each "floor". For convenience, we present the calculations for 9 adult rabbits - three for each tier. The length of each compartment is 70 cm, width is 60 cm, height is 60 cm. Thus, the total length is 210 cm. According to tradition, the cells are not placed directly on the ground or on the floor in the shed, they are necessarily made backwaters 40-50 cm high.

So, the height of a three-storey building with a tolerance on pallets (plus 10 cm under each tier) and backwaters will be 250-260 cm, width - 210 cm. The following video, which we recommend, is devoted to a mini-farm, where the crawls are contained in three-tier cages .


Now let's learn more about how to independently make such a convenient for rabbits and functional building for a farm. Note that the time to build will take more than a single-tier structure. Some prefer to collect each compartment separately, but it all depends on the selected material.

We suggest you use inexpensive raw materials, in particular, wooden beams or osb-plates and plywood. All these components are easy to buy on the usual construction and business market.

Tools and materials

  • boards, sheet plywood, not thick osb-plates (up to 6 mm);
  • screws, screws, thinner and thicker nails, screwdriver or electric screwdriver, hammer;
  • fasteners for doors (bolt, hinges, handles, latch);
  • mesh or grille for the floor, mesh for doors;
  • any durable but lightweight roofing material (linoleum, polycarbonate, flat slate);
  • feeders, drinkers - can be of arbitrary shape and location;
  • construction brackets (if you fix the net), stapler;
  • sheet thin tin for the reinforcement of those wooden areas that craws can gnaw inside;
  • wooden retractable or pitched sheet metal pallets.

Step-by-step instruction

Now that we have all the necessary materials, we can start making our own cell structure for rabbits from three tiers.

  1. Since we will have three tiers, we make six identical rectangular frames in size, which are given at the beginning of the article.
  2. Inside we set the grill or attach a mesh for the floor. You can make it even easier - nail wooden blocks along the entire length of the frame at equal distances (1-1.5 cm). So you get the floor through which all the waste will fall into the pan.
  3. We make the frame-holder for all three cellular sections of the floor, taking into account the height of the first tier from the floor (40-50 cm).
  4. After that, we attach all tiers with a tolerance for pallets. Next, we make a regular pallet - low drawer with low sides from timber and plywood.
  5. Install the rear and side walls.
  6. Next, prepare from the bars of the door on each compartment, we fix the grid. We attach the doors to the prepared hinges.
  7. The upper "floor" is covered with roofing material.
  8. Install inside the drinkers and hay feeders.

So our house is ready for usastik! Now it only remains to settle pets in it.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Cages for adult males Photo 2. Empty three-tiered cages Photo 3. Mobile cage for rabbits




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