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This article will tell you how to measure the temperature of the rabbit. This simple diagnostic procedure will help determine the condition of a pet, noticing pathology in time. It is important to understand that the temperature norms of the human and rabbit bodies are very different. And the measurement method itself also has its own characteristics. With this knowledge, even a novice livestock breeder will be able to provide your pet with quality care.

Temperature standards and other useful information

The animal should measure the temperature immediately, as soon as its behavior acquires uncharacteristic features. A rabbit can be lethargic, apathetic, or, conversely, overly active.

The sooner it is possible to detect what caused such changes, the greater the chances for a full recovery. The temperature of the rabbit's body ranges from 38.8 to 39.5 degrees.

But it is necessary to take into account the environmental conditions. For example, if rabbits are kept in the winter outside, then a decrease in body temperature to 37.2 degrees is not considered pathological. In the summer heat, the upper rate rises to 40.5. If at the same time the animal does not look sick, eats well and drinks, then you should not worry about its state of health.

To measure the temperature does not require the purchase of special tools. With the diagnostic purpose, a normal “human” thermometer can be used, which is present in every home medicine chest.

It is much more convenient to use an electronic thermometer to measure body temperature in rabbits.

The advantages of the electronic analogue are in its speed of action - the exact result will be obtained after 50-60 seconds. Whereas indicators of a mercury thermometer will have to wait at least 6 minutes.

Step-by-step instruction

In fact, the procedure for measuring the temperature of an animal is simple to perform. But there are some points worth paying attention to. Rabbits are shy animals, so you should avoid sudden movements and screams. Talk to the rabbit in a gentle voice, stroke and calm down in every possible way.

If you can not calm the rabbit and fix it in a suitable position, it is better to let it go and try again after a while. You can measure the temperature only when the animal is completely calm, does not break out and does not twitch.. Otherwise, injury may occur.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • place the animal on a soft surface on its side or back;
  • choose the position in which the little rabbit behaves more calmly;
  • Let the helper firmly fix the chest and hind legs;
  • Grease the end of an electronic or mercury thermometer with petroleum jelly or a special gel;
  • The thermometer must be inserted into the rectum parallel to the spine; it is enough to insert a tool 2-3 cm;
  • After the end of the required time, carefully pull out the thermometer and look at the measurement results.

If it is necessary to exert efforts so that the tip penetrates inside, it means that the angle of entry is chosen incorrectly, or the rabbit is in the wrong posture. If everything is done correctly, the thermometer easily penetrates into the rectum.

The tip of the thermometer must be disinfected after use with medical alcohol.

If indicators differ from the norm

If the rabbit's body temperature is above normal, it is possible that the jump is caused by stress. Manipulations with a thermometer could frighten an animal, and its body reacted in a peculiar way to what was happening.

And perhaps the reason lies in the hot air of the environment. A cool bath will not help to normalize the temperature of the animal's body, but can only scare him more. More effective are rubbing off with cool water of rabbit ears. It is this body that is responsible for maintaining optimal thermal balance.

If even after this the column of the thermometer is above the mark of 40.5 degrees, the rabbit is definitely sick. It is necessary to find and eliminate the factors that provoke fever.

Much more dangerous for the life of the animal low temperature. If the thermometer 38 degrees or less, we are talking about hypothermia. For a start, the rabbit must be transferred to a warm room, you can warm the heater.

Temperature 38.1 is already a good indicator. But it is better to show the pet to the veterinarian, since hypothermia is a sign of toxic shock caused by certain types of infections.

At high or low body temperature, routine vaccination is strictly prohibited.. In the article "When and what vaccinations do rabbits," we talk in detail about this.

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