What kind of bird goose: all the most interesting facts


Geese are a very popular poultry. A few decades ago, proud representatives of this species could be found in almost every yard, and gelgoting could be heard throughout the district near the reservoirs. But, if you are going to acquire them too, then we suggest finding out a little more useful and interesting information. For example, is a goose a migratory bird or not? The answer to this, as well as some other questions, find out with us.

Who it?

Of course, such a question for many can now seem silly, because most are confident that geese are birds. Yes, of course, it is, it is a separate genus of waterfowl from the duck family. But if we consider the scientific classification, then you will find the following information: Geese - refer to the kingdom animals, chord type and birds class. So, whether animals are or not, this is how to look.

Geese are common on almost all continents of the Earth (except Antarctica). They live on the shores of seas, rivers, lakes, meadows or marshlands. There are mountain views. Unlike swans and ducks, they spend much less time in water than on land. Today there are both wild and domestic species.

Are they nomadic?

Initially geese are migratory birds. But today only wild representatives have such a gift. But the home has long lost this ability. But they, we think, and on the personal plots are not so bad. As for wild species, for example, the most famous of them is the gray goose, birds winter in Southern Europe and Asia, as well as in North Africa.

They get to the wintering place in flocks, less often in a line and wedge. The number at the time of the flight ranges from a few to a few hundred. In the period of rest on the reservoirs, they usually gather in large groups of up to several thousand birds. In the summer, during molting, wild geese live sedentary, because, firstly, they raise offspring, and, secondly, they temporarily lose their ability to fly due to the lack of wing feathers.

What is the name baby?

If you want to start and breed geese, you will definitely need to raise the young. How correctly called the child of this bird? The official name of the cub is goslings, goslings. But in ordinary colloquial speech one can meet both a goose and a goose and a goose.

What is the height of the flight?

So, as you already understood the wild geese - good flyers. In normal sedentary life, they overcome short distances with low flight, but during the flight to warm countries, their height is quite impressive. One of the highest flying representatives is the gray geese. They overcome long distances up to 8,000 meters.

But there are also champions - mountain representatives of the species who can settle on the tops of mountains. The usual height of their flight is no more than 5000 meters, but they can climb up to 10,000 meters. The last record recorded was 10,175 meters when the birds were in the Himalayas.

How many live?

Domestic representatives are a special type of long-lived bird. On average, their duration is 18-20 years. And there were even cases that with special care, geese lived to be 25 years old. Life expectancy also depends on the breed. Some rare species live longer, for example, the Vladimir ones live for 25-30 years.

What are red paws from?

Such a question worries many people, especially children. What to answer the child? On this occasion, there are several interesting stories and fairy tales among the people. Some people do not really go into details, they say: red, because they are cold. But we understand that birds have this color of paws both in summer and in winter.

If we consider the scientific point of view from what a goose has red paws, then the color is largely determined by the breed. They are found with dark, almost black limbs, yellow, orange and red. Many experts believe that everything is associated with a special pigment. Some scientists cite the opinion that there are a lot of blood vessels on the legs of birds that help to warm their limbs in water. The skin is thin, so the circulatory grid is clearly visible - a red effect is created.

Which of these versions is correct? Most professionals believe that the main reason is pigmentation of the skin, because the blood vessels are close to the skin and in birds with dark legs.


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