Faster than the wind: who is the most frisky horse in the world?


Such a concept as the speed of a horse has interested man since the most ancient times. Since these animals were mainly used for transport purposes, one of the priorities of horse breeding was the creation of new, faster racers. So, as a result of many years of perseverance, an English thoroughbred horse breed appeared. Today, the world record for agility belongs to her.

How fast can run?

Horse racing is a fascinating, rather dangerous and hazardous type of equestrian sport. It is he who, in full power, shows us the ability of these animals to run fast. Although it is important to note that they possess such a gift from nature. Being herbivores, horses all the time had to flee from predators. However, man has managed to unlock this ability to the full.

average speed

Speaking of the average agility of running horses, it is about 15-20 kilometers per hour. Almost any breed can achieve such indicators, and not even a horse. The truth should be borne in mind that, in riding horses, the constitution and internal organs are more adapted for fast running than in working draft horses. The latter must apply more force in order to develop even an average speed.


The maximum speed of the horse depends on the breed and type of run. For example, at races, animals move not just at a gallop, but at an accelerated canter or quarry. This is a very fast type of gait and not all racers have the ability to it.

Today, horses of a thoroughbred or English riding breed are most adapted to such an accelerated gallop. They also own and the maximum agility of running - it is about 50-60 km / h.Under normal conditions, when running at a gallop, riding horses are capable of picking up speed of 35-40 kilometers per hour.

Record Runners

Of course, as you may have guessed, among the speed of horses running there are records, and they, of course, belong to the English thoroughbreds. For example, the world record was set by the thoroughbred stallion Beach Rekit in 1945. At a distance of more than 400 meters in Mexico City, the horse reached a speed of 69.69 km / h. Today this record has not been broken.

Quick Siglevi Slave I

There are quite a few recorded record numbers in the history of the speed of running horses. However, among them the figure of 69.3 km / h is the brightest. It was precisely such agility that Siglevi Slave I stallion could develop at a distance of more than 800 meters in 41.8 minutes. Although the horse ran without a rider, however, this figure is quite high.

Interesting! The record of agility, which the horse and rider set, belongs to the stallion John Henry. He at a speed of just over 60 km / h ran 2400 meters.

World records of thoroughbreds

  • 500 meters in 26.8 seconds ran a three-year-old horse Tiskor in 1975 in Mexico;
  • 1000 meters in 53.6 seconds was overcome in England a year later the Indienes stallion;
  • 1500 meters in 1.30 min. able to overcome the 2-year-old mount Sardar in Rostov-on-Don;
  • 2414 meters in 2.22 min. was able to overcome the mare Three Lege-Melt or Horlix in Japan in 1989.

Does speed differ with different types of running?

The speed of horses, of course, depends on the gait or method of movement. In total, there are 4 main types of gait: pitch, lynx, gallop and quarry. Moving in the usual step, an average horse develops a speed of 4-5 km / h. Riding horses on the step can reach 6-7 km per hour. Although, as practice shows, this is not their limit.


Lynx is one of the main gaits, when an animal alternately swaps two legs: one back and front. Couples with the correct trot move diagonally, with the amble - along the parallel. Lynx is always faster than a step, but slower than a gallop, therefore the average speed is indicated within 10-40 km / h. However, trotters, that is, horses specially bred for this gait, can even outrun a race horse. Their agility runs up to 50-60 km / h.

Lynx differs into several subspecies: slow or collected, working and added. A slow trot does not exceed 10–15 km / h in speed, while the added trot reaches 50-60. Russian trotters are able to run at a trot 40 mph. A world record set Orlov trotter - he reached a speed of more than 50 miles / h.


In nature, horses use little trot, therefore, as a rule, from a quick step they immediately go into a gallop. This is an easier and faster run, which is comfortable to the animal. The average speed at a gallop is about 40 miles per hour. With such agility, ordinary horses can overcome 2-3 km. However, specially bred race rocks can move more quickly.


At the extended canter, animals can overcome only short distances, since such a gait is considered to be rather complicated and exhausting. However, its agility is impressive - 65-70 km per hour. That is, with such speed the horse can run quite freely along with the car. Though not for long.




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