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The article deals with lean pork. This is the one that contains the least amount of fat. Of the parts of the carcass can be distinguished shoulder, chop, tenderloin and filet. In general, meat and lard of pigs - the product is popular due to the taste and the fact that animals are unpretentious in care, food and quickly reach slaughter weight. Also products wins in price. Almost every part of the body goes into food. Consider what they have useful properties, what is the calorie and whether there are vitamins.

Useful product

Pork is meat used to cook a large number of dishes. In its composition there is fat that melts easily, giving tenderness and juiciness. Meat and greasy products are fried, boiled, baked, smoked. The latter is characteristic of the bacon type product.

In pig carcasses there are always fatter pieces and more lean ones. Consider the parts that contain less fat:

  • tenderloin is the leanest part of pork and is suitable for any dishes, because it includes all the advantages of this meat;
  • spatula also has good taste and versatile cooking;
  • chop (loin) has a layer of fat not more than 5 mm and is most often cooked on an open fire or baked;
  • Sirloin is prepared with a solid piece or cut into plates, and is also suitable for rolls and chops (contains 4% fat).

Low-fat pork can be included in the diet of children. Brisket to some extent applies to those parts that are fatter.

Vitamins and calories

Lean meat contains large amounts of protein. Of course, there is a certain amount of fat, but compared to other parts of the pig carcass, it is quite insignificant.

In the meat of pigs, you can find the necessary vitamins for health. First of all, it is B12 and choline. There is also PP, B6, B1, but in smaller quantities. From trace elements can be distinguished selenium, zinc, copper and iron. And macronutrients are phosphorus and potassium.

160 kcal per 100 g of lean meat. Of these, carbohydrates - 0 g, protein - 19.4 g, and fat only 7.1 g. The above-mentioned beneficial elements have a good effect on the human nervous system, on the metabolism, on improving immunity.

Eating pork is the prevention of anemia. In addition, the product is able to restore liver cells and prevent the appearance of tumors.

Lean pork meat on the assimilation by the body is in second place after the lamb. If you compare in terms of the amount of fat, then in such pork it is slightly more than in chicken.

The meat is fatter

The fattest parts of the pig carcass can be called ham, neck, ribs, bacon. Of course, we can not forget about the fat. This product comes in the form of layers and may be with small meat layers.

You can select and fat. It is a solid subcutaneous fat, without bundles. There is evidence that lard is less harmful to the heart than beef. In addition, selenium and arachidonic acid protect the body from the formation of cancer cells and from aging.

All fatty parts are fried (including on an open fire), stewed, baked and generally used for a large number of dishes. These products can be called universal with distinct aromas of pork.

The fatty part of the pork, especially when fried, has a high calorie content. Per 100 g accounts for 491 kcal. Of these, fats - 49.3 g, and protein - 11.7 g. The boiled figure is less, but only slightly.

The fattest pork also contains many useful micro and macro elements. Of these, cholesterol (useful), saturated fatty acids, potassium, iodine, magnesium can be distinguished. From vitamins - B1, B2, PP, E.

Choosing meat

When buying pork you need to pay attention to the color of the meat. If it is light, then the pig was young, and if it is dark with yellow fat, it is old.

Fresh and high-quality meat - dense and elastic. Film and odor should not be. If you press on it with your finger, then the resulting hole is quickly aligned. A stale product will have a pressure mark.

On good pork there can be veins that resemble marble. The fat in fresh meat should be white. Other shades (cream, gray, beige) are not welcome.

Unscrupulous sellers can refresh pork with a solution of potassium permanganate. In this case, the unpleasant smell of old meat disappears. But the fat changes its shade and will not be white.

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