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If you are going to the market or to the store for meat, it would be good to refresh in your memory which part of the pork is the softest and most delicious. What is better to cook from this or that piece. Will it be roast, baked in foil, got ready to make a kebab, or decided to pickle homemade lard. For each of the dishes have their own subtleties. If you do not take them into account, the result does not always justify expectations, effort and time. In the article we will analyze the pork carcass in whole and in pieces, highlighting the best of its place.

Characteristics of pork categories

All slaughtered pork is divided into five main categories. Four of them go on sale. Carcass IV category is used for industrial processing.

For clarity, we present them in the table:

Half carcasses and whole carcasses, except V category, must be sold without a head, legs, internal organs, or internal fat.

Pigs are sold with head and legs, without internal organs and internal fat.

The meat that is offered on the market must have a stigma from a veterinary and sanitary examination that the animal was healthy before slaughter and brought from a healthy area.

The resulting carcasses from gilts, hogs, sows, milk piglets and boars are divided into five classes (categories):

Pig carcass in section

All pieces of pork carcass into which pigs can be cut are divided into four varieties.

The first includes loin, tenderloin and ham. These are the most tender parts of a carcass with little or no fat. Cooks with pleasure stew such meat, fry and bake. Remarkable is obtained and dried ham.

Second grade - is the neck and shoulder blade. It is difficult to find the best meat for kebabs. It can be put on the stuffing, sausage stuffing or put out. Thanks to the fat layer, the dish will be soft and juicy.

The third grade is distinguished by an even greater amount of fat - this is the breast and peritoneum. These parts should be cooked on an open fire, grilled or smoked.

The fourth grade (offal) includes the limbs: a solid head and its parts (cheeks, ears, pig), front (knuckle) and hind legs (shank). Fat, cartilage, tendons - all this creates difficulties in cooking, but if you work hard and marinate or cook, you get a tasty and original dish.

As a note, we note that the pork category "b" does not apply to any one variety, and dairy pigs are usually not sold for sale.

Front or back

If you expect a big holiday, there will be a lot of guests, and you think which part of the carcass is better to take - buy the back one. It will turn out more profitable. In addition, it is considered dietary, there is less fat. You will get the types of meat for every taste and cooking method: tenderloin, ham, ribs.

If you want to make a kebab, smoked meat or homemade lard - it is more profitable to take the front part, it is more fat. Powerful layers of fat will provide you with thick slices of bacon.

You marinate the neck in white wine, mineral water or even orange juice. The back part is well salted, and a brisket is smoked. The difference is that its fat is more rigid and worse for salting. But if you are a fan of bacon and eggs, feel free to salt the bacon for long-term storage.

Frying is worth more lean parts, and for stewing and baking, select pieces with a fat layer. Pork is sensitive to temperature and cooking time. Even the best parts of pork, the meat from which is soft and tender, must undergo deep heat treatment. The processing time is not less than 1 and not more than 2 hours.

Meat tenderness

Brisket. This is the name of the dorsal part - the gentlest category of carcass. This juicy meat with a thin frame of fat is of two varieties: with bones (spine and ribs) and boneless (carbonade). Fat gives juiciness, and density - taste and calorie. Buy loin for excellent bone patties. Carbonade is good for stews, pork, and for pilaf too.

Excessive use of loin dishes can cause problems with blood vessels and the heart.

Cutting. This is the most tender, but also the most expensive part. Located above the middle of the ridge under the fat. The specified low-calorie delicacy is considered dietary, rich in vitamins. It will appeal to lovers of pork, who monitor health. Lean pieces are well cut into schnitzels or escalopes, baked whole in the sleeve or baking bag. In the article "About lean pork" find more information. Will delight and lovers of kebabs.

Calorie juice

Neck. For pork kebabs it is best to take the neck. Marinate it without sparing the onions, and get the perfect meal for weekends, holidays and picnics. Be careful if you buy meat on the market so that you will not be given a "wither" - the upper part of the neck, take the side.

The neck is perfectly baked in the oven in one piece. Suitable for stewing and boiling. Delicious get burgers, if you screw the stuffing. Feel free to cook the soup or roast, but do not forget that the neck is very high in calories.

Spatula. A piece of pork carcass with a small layer of fat. In pork, it is not the same as in beef "marbling" - the alternation of meat and layers of fat, but when choosing a scoop, pay attention to it. From it will turn out rich broth, excellent roast, and the stuffing will be lean, but juicy.

Brisket If you eat bacon in your diet, then bacon is your choice. It is suitable for extinguishing. And with ribs will be good on the grill and for cooking smoked meats.


Net ham is one of the most delicious and expensive categories of pork. This is the shoulder-shoulder or hip portion of the pig carcass. Be careful, sometimes instead of it you may try to sell the legs from the knee. This ham is very large, it is rarely seen to be bought whole, often cut into smaller pieces:

  • upper loin ("back" or rump);
  • boneless ham;
  • ham on the bone;
  • groin or the buzzard (abdominal part with a thick layer of fat).

Sirloin is perfect for grilling or open fire. It can be eaten by everyone, even those who are on a diet. The lower part of the ham is more profitable to put on salting or frying, you can make jerky. From the second piece, on the bone, you get a beautiful rich base for borsch, pickle or kharcho.

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