Rabbit house for decorative eared

Dwarf rabbits, though small, but the room for their habitat should be spacious. If you have got yourself a fluffy pet, make sure that his home is comfortable and takes into account all the natural needs of the animal. Today you will find out what qualities rabbit houses should have. And learn how to build them with your own hands.

The perfect home: what is it?

In order for the rabbit to be healthy and develop harmoniously, he needs to move a lot. These animals are by nature very active, they love to run, climb into secluded places and learn about the world. Cell manufacturers do not take this fact into account at all, and it is difficult to choose a suitable home in a store. With a little effort and imagination, you can easily make your own house for your pet.

Best of all, when the rabbit moves freely around the apartment, and the cage is used only as a toilet and a place to rest. Then his muscles will develop properly, and the risk of obesity is significantly reduced. But eagles, which are locked in a small cage, may have health problems.

Lack of motor activity leads to excessive weight, reduced muscle tone, heart disease and other troubles. Pet becomes sluggish, sleepy, loses interest in games and is more susceptible to stress. To avoid such problems, intelligently think about the arrangement of the house for the rabbit, and provide him with a variety of leisure activities.

The home of domestic rabbits should be functional and comfortable. First of all, keep the door open all the time. The pet should be able to leave the cage at any time and go for a walk in the aviary or around the apartment. The second important point - equipping the house. It always has a tray where the rabbit will handle its needs, as well as a bowl of food and a bowl.

Choose the size of the cage according to the size and weight of your pet. But in any case, the length of the cage is at least one meter, and the width and height is greater than the length of the eared body. Having made a cage yourself, you can create a perfect area for a rabbit. Check that he can stand on his hind legs without any problems and at the same time feel free. And of course, in the house you need to equip a secluded place where fluffy can sleep and rest.

Yourself master

If you decide to make a home with your own hands, you get a lot of advantages. First, you can embody all your wishes and plans. You yourself determine the shape, color, number of tiers. Secondly, you will create an ideal habitat for your pet if you take into account all its needs and characteristics.

By equipping the cage according to all the rules, you will create an ideal habitat for your little friend. And, of course, you will have a unique house, the only copy in the world. Agree, it's nice to know that your rabbit is special, and this is your merit.

What do we need?

Competent drawings and quality materials - the main component of the process. Therefore, first of all you need a pencil and notebook. Before you start designing, look at the photo of cells on the Internet. So you determine the direction, get inspired and get a lot of ideas. In the photo below we offer only one of the options for possible home planning.

Drawing cage with aviaryCell drawing: top view

For the construction of cells most often use metal mesh and sheets of plywood and chipboard. These materials are inexpensive and easy to handle. For the exterior frame of the house will be useful wooden slats. Of these, you can make a ladder or bridge.

It is advisable to lay the floor with even material, without cracks and grids. Also, the material must be resistant to moisture. A sheet of tin or plastic is best. From the construction tools we need:

  • nails;
  • hammer;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • saw;
  • scissors for metal;
  • screwdriver.

For fixing doors and feeders may need a variety of accessories. The door can be made folding with eyelets. And you can build sliding doors. For reliability, you can close the entrance to a simple lock: a hook or latch. Consider keeping the entrance open.

If it is possible in the warm season to keep the animal outdoors, take care of a good shady place. In this case, the cage must be made a solid roof or provide a shed, under which the animal can hide from the wind and sunlight.

Getting Started

To make a cage yourself, you need to pre-outline the drawings. In them you experiment, placing the feeder, shelter and tray. Determine what the height and area of ​​the rabbit house will be, how many floors. After the plan has been drawn up and the materials have been prepared, we proceed to construction.

  1. First you need to make a floor. Take a chipboard sheet and cut a rectangle or square of the desired size. The same size will be the top layer of tin or plastic. It is necessary so that the bottom of the cell is not soaked and deformed.
  2. For more convenient removal of debris and waste, you can make a sliding pallet with your own hands, or you can also build part of the bottom from the grid. Then cleaning the cage will take much less time.
  3. Next, proceed to the manufacture of the cell frame. It is most often made of bars, laths or thick iron rods. What material to choose - decide for yourself what is more convenient and practical for you. The bottom is better to protect the sides, so that hay and sawdust do not spill out.
  4. The next stage is the cladding of the walls with a grid or plywood. Firmly secure the covering with self-tapping screws so that the rabbit house is reliable and stable. If you have planned a two-story construction, you need to cut the floorboard of the required area again and attach it to the cage walls and the frame. From the wooden slats make the stairs to the second tier. It should be wide enough so that the animal does not fall from it.
  5. Then it’s a small matter: attach a roof made of netting or plywood, build in doors and place shelter, a trough and a feeder in places. You can make a removable roof, then it will be more convenient to clean the cage. And at the entrance, hold the bridge, then it will be easier for the occupant to move.

If during the construction process your fantasy wanders, you can beautifully decorate the facade of the mink, decorating the walls and roof. And also to make for a pet various mazes and minks, so that its leisure time would be useful and diverse.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. A two-story cage with petsPhoto 2. House with greenhousePhoto 3. Outdoor rabbit enclosurePhoto 4. Place for rabbit gamesPhoto 5. Funny house eared



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