Causes and treatment of diarrhea in rabbits


Some breeders do not consider diarrhea in rabbit a cause for concern. A loose stools explain poor-quality food, overeating, stress and other factors. In fact, the problem may be much more serious. Pets who do not receive the correct treatment simply die. In most cases, diarrhea in eared fish is a symptom of a more serious disease. And which one, let's try to find out in this article.

Main reasons

Most often diarrhea in rabbits occurs for the following reasons:

  • the use of poor quality fodder - spoiled, with mold or fungus;
  • intestinal infection;
  • coccidiosis;
  • poisoning;
  • intestinal parasites;
  • poor conditions of detention

Novice rabbit growers are reminded of the soft night chair in rabbits, which is called tsekotrofy. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon, and it cannot be attributed to signs of the disease.

Animals diarrhea if they are not fed with fresh food affected by fungus. In this case, feces have a pronounced fetid odor. Rabbits can react with digestive disorders and an excess of greens in the diet. Dry rough food should be present in the menu every day, otherwise the body simply can not cope with the load.

In rabbits, diarrhea may be due to infection in the intestine. The source of infection is food, other animals, litter. In this case, it is important to isolate all sick individuals from the main herd as soon as possible.

Joint diseases can also provoke diarrhea in rabbits. In particular, we are talking about arthritis, so that the animal can not fully move. A decrease in physical activity immediately affects the functions of the digestive system.

Among other hidden causes of diarrhea are obesity and stress. In the first case, you need to radically change the diet of the rabbit. Stress can be triggered by a sharp change in living conditions, fights between males, jigging babies in rabbits.

Features of the disease in adults and rabbits

Rabbit diarrhea occurs at different ages. It is on the degree of maturity of the animal that the causes and treatment of the disease depend.

Liquid stools in baby rabbits may be the cause of too early weaning from a nursing mother. The fact is that mother's milk contributes to the formation of the desired pH level in the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to transfer the youngsters completely to independent feed no earlier than two months after birth.

Rabbits require complex therapy aimed at the formation of stable intestinal microflora. The digestive system of young stock can vividly respond to the introduction of new products into the diet.

Rabbit's milk is an effective protection against coccidiosis and dysbacteriosis.

The cause of diarrhea in adult rabbits often lies precisely in the wrong diet. An excess of starch-containing and protein foods provokes dysbacteriosis. Large amounts of fruit, pastries or sweets are the main factors of the digestive system disorder.

Rabbits can simply overeat, because of what the stomach can not cope with the load. To avoid this, all feed must be given in limited quantities. But you can not allow starvation of animals. In this case, there is a decrease in the tone of the intestinal walls and, as a result, diarrhea can also occur.

Why do pets get sick

Diarrhea in the ornamental rabbit, like in other breeds, can be caused by several factors. And, first of all, we are talking about the wrong diet. Pet owners often want to pamper their forbidden goodies - sweet pastries, exotic fruits, food from their table. The digestive system of the animal is not adapted to this menu, therefore, diarrhea develops.

It is necessary to carefully select the feed for decorative rabbit. The role is played not only by the composition of the mixture, but also by its quality. If the manufacturer neglects the correct processing of ingredients or the rules for storing grain are not followed, pathogenic microflora appears in it.

Potted rabbits can suffer from worms. Sometimes it causes diarrhea. In particularly advanced cases, rabbits die from a large number of internal parasites.

Early weaning from breast milk is also among the negative factors contributing to diarrhea. The gastrointestinal tract of the rabbit is completely adapted to food at the age of 2 months. Up to this point, babies should be close to the female. Therefore, buying absolutely tiny rabbits is not recommended.

Then try to figure out how to treat and what to do if rabbits have diarrhea.

What and how to treat

Treatment of the animal should begin immediately after the first signs of the disease have been identified. Features of therapy depend on why diarrhea occurred.

Since it is almost impossible to immediately identify the causes, you should simply put the rabbit in a separate cage, covered with sawdust or napkins. The litter should absorb liquid stools well. The area under the tail must be well washed. If the wool will have feces, the beast will lick itself and re-infect.

The cage must be constantly dry and warm. If the room is cool, you can turn on the heater or put a heating pad with warm water.

From food it is allowed to give only hay and water or decoction of chamomile.

On the first day of illness, you can do without drugs, using only traditional medicine recipes. A very effective in the fight against diarrhea in a rabbit is a decoction of Potentilla.

Prepare it as follows - 1 tbsp. 200 ml of boiling water are poured into a spoon of crushed grass and infused in the heat until it cools completely. To rabbit swallowed medicinal tea, it must be poured into the stomach with a syringe without a needle. Enough one teaspoon at a time.

Oak bark has the same effect as cinquefoil. But it should be understood that the decoctions are bitter, and the animal can spit them out.

Drug treatment

Next, let's talk about how to treat diarrhea in rabbits, which does not pass more than two days. Protracted diarrhea indicates the severity of the problem. In this case, no longer do without medication.

To quickly cleanse the intestines from pathogenic microflora, you can replace ordinary drinking water with a solution of activated carbon - 1 tablet per liter of boiled water.

To restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, the drug Linex is used - half a capsule in the morning and evening. The powder can be diluted with a small amount of boiled water and pour the solution into the rabbit's stomach with a syringe.

With diarrhea caused by infection, the positive effect brings veterinary drug "Baytril". The drug is administered subcutaneously in the area of ​​the withers. The dosage depends on the weight of the animal. At 1 kg of body weight of the rabbit you need to take 0.1 ml of the drug, having previously dissolved it in 0.5 ml of saline.

Therapeutic diet and prevention

We already found out how to treat rabbits for diarrhea. Now let's talk about the nutrition of animals during the period of therapy. Fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables should be excluded from the diet as soon as the first symptoms of the disease become noticeable.

The basis of the menu is hay. It must be of high quality, not overdried, without diaper rash. You can vary the diet of feed or oats.

Water is allowed to give only boiled. You can add a little potassium permanganate to the liquid - the solution should turn slightly pink.

Be sure to give the animal anthelmintic drugs. Experts recommend it "Baykoks".

Effective preventive measures against diarrhea in rabbits can be distinguished by regular sanitary cleaning of cells - replacement of litter, disinsection of the common room, cleaning of feeders and drinkers. New products are introduced into the diet gradually and in small quantities.

How to overcome infection

If the rabbit has diarrhea, and he does not eat anything, you should look into his mouth. The presence of ulcers and crusts indicates stomatitis, and diarrhea is only a symptom of the disease. Read the article "Treatment of stomatitis in a rabbit."

A sharp decrease or complete lack of appetite can also occur with dental diseases. For example, too long or twisted teeth make it impossible to absorb food.

Inspect the animal - bloated belly and ruffled coat indicate a dangerous infectious disease coccidiosis. You can get rid of the disease with the help of the drug "Norsulfazol." The dose is calculated using the following formula - 0.2 g of the drug per kilogram of rabbit weight. All the details in the article "Symptoms and treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits."

Another infectious disease is paratyphoid fever. It is caused by E. coli. To destroy the causative agent of the disease, used veterinary drug "Furazolidone". One kilogram of animal mass requires 30 mg of the substance.

The case of small rabbits with diarrhea is not excluded. Most often the reason lies in the immaturity of their digestive system and early weaning from the mother. You can try to save the kids by drinking them with drugs whose action is aimed at restoring the intestinal microflora. For example, "Linex".

To prevent the infection from doing its “black deed” and not provoking the death of the rabbit, its treatment should be started as soon as possible.

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