Secrets of chicken eggs: find out the weight


Every farmer who breeds poultry is interested in having high productivity chickens. It is important not only the number of eggs, but also their quality, for example, size. After all, how much a received egg weighs depends on which category it falls into and how much it can be saved for. Even with a large number of eggs laid, the benefit will be small if they have a small mass. We will describe in this article how they sort and label a product, as well as how much an egg weighs on average.

Average weight

Before the product of the hens is sent to the store, it is sorted and labeled. This is done to make it easier for us to understand what the mass of the egg is and how long it has been torn down. Most often you can find the marking letters "C" or "D", which are applied to the surface of the shell or on top of the package.

These letters are deciphered as:

  1. D - dietary, as a rule, red marking. A fresh product that has lain since the moment of demolition is not more than 7 days.
  2. C - table, as a rule, blue marking. The name suggests that the product is more than 7 days, and implement them within 25.

Accordingly, an egg labeled "D", not sold during the period of its implementation, receives the label "C". Knowing how much a chicken egg weighs, its variety is determined, which also has its own label. To do this, a digit from one to three or the corresponding letter is placed next to the letter value, for example, C1, D1, CO, CB, etc.

In order to understand this by a clear example, we placed the data on varieties in the table below:

CategoryWeight, grAverage weight, gr
About (selective)65-7570
B (highest category)7580
Two yolk80-

Which category do you most often find in stores?

  • C3
  • C2
  • C1
  • About (Select)
  • In (Highest Category)
  • D (dietary)

From the table it is clear that the weight of a chicken egg with an average-sized shell is 60 gr. But in culinary recipes most often use the 3rd grade, the mass of 1 piece of which is 40 grams on average. A pack of 12 pieces of category C2, which is most often found, weighs about 600-700 grams. And in kilogram, depending on the variety, can be from 12 to 25 pieces.

Standards of other countries may differ from ours. So, in the UK, products weighing 50-60 grams are considered medium. And Australia recognizes them as very large, because for them the middle category is only 43 grams.

How chickens are grown and how they rush in large plants, learn more in the interesting video of the tengrinewtv channel.

Without shell

If the farmer is usually interested in the total weight of the product, then for the consumer the weight of one cleaned egg is more important. The weight of the hard shell, that is, the shell, is usually 10% by weight of the product. Therefore, to calculate the mass of eggs of any category without a shell is not difficult.

We added the finished data to the table:

CategoryShell, grWithout shell, gr
About (Select)862
In (Highest)970

The shell of this nutritional product is not as useless as it seems. It is an excellent source of calcium, so it is useful to use it as a dietary supplement. On the farm, it can be added to feed for birds, as well as to be used in the garden: to fertilize the soil in your plot.

Raw and boiled

Is the mass of raw and cooked different? This question is often asked by those who are on a diet and carefully consider the calories. Since the egg in the process of cooking does not collect moisture and does not evaporate it, its mass remains unchanged. One has only to take into account the fact that there will be different values ​​of the mass with a hard shell and without. Only in this will be the difference in weight between boiled and raw product.

Disassemble the weight in parts

Since there are several egg varieties, the mass of yolks and proteins are different. As a rule, as a percentage of the share of protein accounts for 55% of the total weight, and the yolk - 45%. Some are very afraid of the cholesterol contained in this product, and very for nothing. Indeed, only a third of it comes from food, and even in this third, cholesterol yolk takes up a very small proportion. In addition, the yolk contains many vitamins, phospholipids and useful amino acids: lecithin and choline.

Yolk and white mass

Now that the common myth has been dispelled, we suggest that we often include healthy boiled, fried or eggs in any other form in our diet. And in order to find out how much protein and yolk are contained in products of different categories, we suggest you to read the table below.

CategoryYolk, grProtein, gr
About (Select)2240
In (Highest)2546

Interesting Facts

A very long time ago, a man domesticated a bird, learned to get high-nutritional eggs and dietary meat from it. Since then, about laying hens have composed fairy tales, superstitions and rituals were born. Here are some of the most interesting facts noted in the history of the poultry industry:

  • one chicken meat egg can reach a mass of 50 to 65 grams;
  • Ornamental breeds of some chickens are usually carried by medium or very small clutches. Thus, one egg of a Malaysian seram weighs no more than 10 grams, and in size it is five times smaller than that of a domestic chicken;
  • but one Cuban layer can boast of gigantic achievements in the literal sense. One copy in her clutch weighed about 148 grams;
  • on the contrary, the chicken from Papua New Guinea was only 9 grams. Farmers, without hesitation, ate a wonder;
  • in England there was a case when there were as many as 5 yolks for one squirrel;
  • chicken eggs may vary in color: the color of the shell depends on the breed of bird and the color of its plumage, and is completely irrelevant to its diet. The taste and composition of the products is absolutely identical. Layers with a white shell of a laying are considered as the most prolific, therefore their product can be met on counters of shops more often;
  • Another fact regarding the color of the shell was noted in America. So the farmers managed to breed such a breed that can be carried by yellow, blue and green eggs.




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