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Most people choose dwarf rabbits as a pet, especially if they have children at home. However, directly dwarf breeds of rabbits (sometimes they are also called decorative) - relatively young, appeared around the XIX century. We will talk about their features, conditions of detention and varieties in this article!

Dwarf rabbits - a type of decorative rabbits, specially adapted for living at home and differ in extremely tiny size. Their homeland is Southeastern Europe, where initially small rabbits with soft fur were raised for fur. To rank the breed as a dwarf can be according to such characteristics: the size of the body and ears of kids. Depending on the variety, the weight can vary in the range from 0.7 kg and reach a maximum value of 3.0 kg, which is rare. And the length of the calf is on average from 20 to 40 cm.

The ears of miniature rodents often do not exceed 6 cm, but there are breeds for which the ears are the main decoration. For example, in Baran ram dwarf rabbits, they can reach, or even exceed, 20 cm. There is no unanimous opinion as to how many tiny rodents live. A lot here depends on the conditions of their maintenance, care, feeding, the ability to live a mobile lifestyle and the genetic component. But their average life expectancy is about 5-7 years.

However, there are also long-livers, whose age reaches 12 years. In our country, this miniature animal received its distribution only in the last 20-30 years. At first, he was a wonder, but he could not help but arouse interest among novelty lovers. Gradually, his popularity began to increase, and the quality of the livestock improved significantly. Next, a small thematic video, which shows how the ordinary life of such a pet.


There is a classification of dwarf rabbit breeds depending on the length of the fur. They can be short, medium and long-haired. In short-haired coats, the length of the coat is 15-20 mm, in medium-haired ones - 20-40 mm, and for long-haired dwarfs, this indicator starts from 50 mm. Next we look at the most popular breed of dwarf rabbits among breeders.


This short-haired dwarf rabbit appeared in 1918. Germelin, for several years now, has been called an ermine rabbit, for white fur, similar to ermine fur. This miniature domestic rodent was the result of crossing wild albino rabbits, Dutch and silver rabbits. It has blue or red eyes, small (about 6 cm) ears, a large head and a dense short white coat. The ideal weight for this variety is 1.25 kg.

They have a very capricious character, because of this, beginning breeders are not advised to dwell on this particular breed. With proper care and feeding at home, Hermelin can live for about 6-7 years.

Colored rabbit

Holland is considered the homeland, where they appeared in the 20-30s of the last century. Presented by a variety of colors: black, red, blue, purple, white, red, yellow, chinchilla and many others. There are spotty specimens. It is considered a relative of Germelin, however, these babies can be both short-haired and with medium length hair. Their weight ranges from 0.7-1.5 kg.

They have a small, strong body, erect ears with a length of 4 to 6 cm, short neck and paws with a more massive rear end. The head is rounded with very large eyes. The character is unstable, there are friendly and harmless individuals, and there are also very eccentric specimens. The following video shows a segment of the life of a color miniature pet. A pet's lifespan greatly depends on what to feed it and how to care for it. On average, life expectancy is 5-6 years.

Pygmy Rex

The appearance of this breed we owe to the French breeders. This kind of rabbits is sometimes also called - the Royal dwarf breed. The fault of this unsurpassed fur "Rex" - short, shiny, similar to the fur of chinchilla and incredibly pleasant to the touch. The short-haired dwarf rabbit of this species weighs on average about 1.5 kg.

A slightly elongated body is crowned with a somewhat pointed head with erect short ears and large eyes. A special feature of Rex rabbits are rudimentary antennae, thanks to which it is possible to identify the breed at an early age. They have a calm, balanced and somewhat phlegmatic character. If they are well fed and properly cared for, then the eared will be able to live up to 7 years, or even more.

Dwarf lop-eared ram

In recent years, the popularity of this breed only increases. Dwarf rabbits of this species are somewhat larger than all the previous breeds we examined. Their weight can exceed 2.0 kg. This type of dwarfs received its name due to unusual hanging ears, the size of which varies from 21 to 28 cm. Moreover, the sheep are born with erect ears, and only at 3-6 weeks of life, they begin to descend. The length of the coat of these pets is medium, the stocky body, the legs are also strong.

Eyes, like all rabbit, large, and between them there is a kind of bulge. The main difference between the Baranov and other representatives of the direction is their wonderful and friendly nature, as well as sincere affection for the person. These pets are loved by children and it is believed that the sheep may even respond to their name. Rams live longer than others for about 1-2 years, in rare cases, with good care, they live even to the age of 10 years.

Angora rabbit

Very exotic and unusual representative of the long-haired direction. It has a long, fluffy coat, covering even the animal's face. The length of individual hairs can reach 20 cm. The color of the coat is light, and the weight corresponds to an average weight of dwarfs - 1-1.6 kg.

Difficult to care, because the long hair of the Angora rabbits should be kept clean and regularly combed, at least once in 3-5 days. Character hot-tempered and often unbalanced. Later in the video from all angles shows a representative of this breed.

Features care and maintenance

Dwarf rabbits are animals that require some attention. In the first place - these animals are clean, so you need to clean their cage at least once a week. For convenience, you can try to teach your pet to the cat tray, it will help you to look after him a little. The important moment is the presence of the drinker and keeping it clean, the animal should always have water. Do not forget to also cut claws, this procedure is best done at least once a month.

Your pet can easily travel around the apartment. But, in order to avoid the tragic consequences of such walks, make sure that there are no wires under tension on the floor. If your fluffy pet is vaccinated, you can walk with him on the street, so do not be too lazy to get a special leash for this. Remember that active rabbits live longer than their lazy relatives!

The size of the cage for a comfortable living rabbit, must be at least 70x40 cm. Do not settle the animals in drafts, in places exposed to direct sunlight or places with high humidity. The temperature should be constantly within 18-20 degrees Celsius.

How and what to feed?

Nutrition - the most important moment in the care of a rabbit baby and a guarantee that the rabbit will live with you for many years. It must be balanced, full-fledged and, importantly, permanent. Because of the special structure of the stomach, you need to feed the rabbits all day long. The number of meals per day they can reach up to thirty.

Rabbits are animal herbivores, so the main product of their diet is fresh, somewhat dried hay. They also love to nibble on the twigs and bark of the trees. According to reviews of breeders, deciduous trees are best for this purpose: linden, birch, apple, rowan, but do not feed the animals with needles.

Juicy feeds such as potatoes, carrots, apples, cabbage, corn on the cob, less often beets are suitable as complementary foods. Also in pet stores there are special balanced feed, corresponding to the age needs of the animal. It is also very important for dwarfs of all rocks to get mineral supplements as well, for example, it can be chalk, mineral and salt stones, bone meal. In the spring-summer season for domestic rodents will be a good addition to the diet of meadow herbs, except milkweed, lilies, buttercups, henbane.

What do breeders say?

Before you start a home decoration for your sweetheart, think about whether you can provide him with proper maintenance and care. Any animal requires a special relationship to itself and dwarf rabbits are no exception. Of course, seemingly miniature pets are the sweetest creatures and they have been living with a person for more than a decade. However, in their education, you may encounter some difficulties.

For example, very capricious individuals are caught that are not given in the hands, and with powerful pushes of their hind legs they are able to tear open human skin. Another problem - gnawed wires, be careful when your baby walks around the apartment. Considering the fact that domestic rabbits are not as easily amenable to upbringing as cats and dogs, be prepared to devote your time to them.

After studying the reviews of the owners, we can conclude that most of them are good-natured, playful and, of course, extraordinarily sweet. As often as possible, take a pet in your hands, give it your love, care and he will answer you with the same.

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