We make the drive for the electric honey extractor


In our 21st century, every beekeeper does not want to lose a lot of time and spend extra work on pumping honey. Fortunately, for the mechanization of the process, you can purchase a radial electric motor, as well as do your own electric drive on the honey extractor. Many craftsmen use such an electrical circuit in which the drive is powered from batteries of 12 volts or from a 220-volt alternating-current network. In the latter case, a special reduction unit is used, which makes it possible to regulate the number of rotor revolutions and the rotational speed. Just about the manufacture of electric drive and talk.

Electric honey extractor with drive

Electric honey extractor is increasingly becoming a subject of choice for many beekeepers. It is especially indispensable on large farms, where honey is produced in large quantities. However, not every farmer can afford to buy a rather expensive unit, but as it turns out, it is not very difficult to make it. Probably the most important task - is to provide power from the AC voltage at 220 volts using power supplies. The device allows you to adjust the frequency of rotation of the rotor, as well as to control the rotation.

After watching numerous videos, you can see that the electric drive for the honey extractor includes such highlights as a belt, a gearbox, a unit and a rotor. Torque, instead of human hands, is provided by an electric motor, powered by rechargeable batteries or from a 220-volt mains. When constructing an electric drive with a radial-type honey separator, you will need an electrical circuit as well as a drawing. All this you will find in our instructions below.

The electric drive of the radial-type honey extractor can be made in several versions. In any case, you need to replace manual labor with an electric motor that generates torque. For these purposes, craftsmen use electric motors of low power, an electric drill or an electric current generator. We will begin to consider the variant with the generator in this article. On the video, you can visually see how the original version of the electric drive with the generator is applied.

Make the drive

We suggest you get acquainted in detail with the drawing of the electric drive of the honey extractor, according to which we will make the device with your own hands. Turns are regulated both manually, and by means of automatic equipment. Thanks to automation, the device can be configured for a different mode of operation, adjust the pumping time and fully customize the process of pumping honey.

Tools and materials

Before starting work on an electric drive for a radial honey extractor, you should stock up on some tools and materials:

  • pulleys of different diameter;
  • belt (you can take it from the washing machine);
  • laying fasteners;
  • DC generator G 21 or G 108;
  • electric drill;
  • M8 stud;
  • electric wire;
  • files: triangular and round;
  • tension spring;
  • switch, with clockwork;
  • hammer;
  • spanners;
  • passatizhi.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. We remove the regular drive from the honey extractor.
  2. In accordance with the diameter of the shaft of the honey extractor, we drill a large pulley, install it on top of the shaft.
  3. On the plate of the apparatus we fasten the M8 stud, the sleeve of which must be pre-unfolded.
  4. We bring the generator, fasten on it a small pulley, drilled through the diameter of the shaft.
  5. We put the generator on the pin, firmly fasten, make the connection of an electrical voltage of 12 volts.
  6. On the ledge of the pulley, with the help of a round file, we pierce a groove with a depth of 8 mm, and then with a triangular file we bring the groove to the desired condition, making it wedge-shaped.
  7. Dress strap on the pulleys and produce tension with a spring. By the way, the spring serves not only to tension the belt. Thanks to her, you can loosen the belt by lightly pressing the motor, then remove the belt, put it on with eight, after which the honey extractor will spin in the opposite direction.
  8. To start use the switch that has a clock mechanism, attaching to it the ground and the “I” terminal of the engine.
  9. In order to adjust the speed, connect the terminal "W" through one section of the resistance unit, that is, connect one section - the speed will drop by half.
  10. These turns will be enough to pump out one side of the frame with honey, then you will need to turn the frames over or turn the belt eight and pump the second side of the frame, before turning on the excitation winding directly.




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