Say "No" to coccidiosis in rabbits: the most effective drugs

Everyone who breeds rabbits knows about the terrible disease called Coccidiosis. This parasitic disease affects the liver and intestines, and is often fatal. Therefore, it is very important to apply correct and timely treatment. The popular and effective drugs, such as Tolucox 25, Baytril, Zinaprim, Amprolium and other medicines will help in this. What are their features of application, we consider in our article.


Amprolium is one of the most popular drugs used against coccidia in both poultry and rabbits. The tool is a white powder, which is dissolved in water or given along with the feed. The active substance, amprolium hydrochloride, rapidly penetrates coccidian cells and disrupts carbohydrate metabolism. Thus, Amprolium helps to quickly get rid of parasites. The product is packaged either in small packages of 10-50 grams, or in large packages of 1 kg or more.

The drug Amprolium give the rabbits, observing the dosage specified in the instructions. Although Amprolium and classified as low-risk tools, when working with him should be careful. The fact is that amprolium hydrochloride is practically non-toxic to rabbits due to the specificity of their mucous membranes. But for a person this substance is dangerous, so you need to use the drug with extreme caution.

Instructions for use Amprolium warns: if an animal has undergone a course of treatment with the drug, then it can be kept for slaughter only 5 days after the last dose of the medicine. Until that time, the meat of the treated rabbits cannot be eaten. If the animal is slaughtered before this period, the meat can be given to feed carnivores. In addition, working with Amprolium need to comply with safety precautions.


The universal drug Zinaprim should be in the first-aid kit of every farmer. This tool is used to treat not only coccidiosis, but also rhinitis, enteritis, pneumonia and other diseases. Zinaprim is suitable not only for rabbits, but also for most farm animals and birds. The drug is a combination of sulfamethazine and trimethoprim. In such a successful combination, Zinaprim suppresses the livelihood of microorganisms, gradually eliminating all the symptoms of the disease.

Veterinary pharmacies offer Zinaprim in two variations: for injection and for oral administration. The scheme of treatment with Zinaprim, as well as the dosage form (powder or solution for injection) must be determined by the veterinarian after examining the sick animal. As with the use of Amprolium, rabbit meat can be consumed only after 5 at the end of treatment with Zinaprim.


Pharmacists refer Eymeterm to the category of antibiotics. It has a wide spectrum of action and is intended for rabbits and other farm animals. Eymeterm acts in such a way that the parasites block the enzymes responsible for respiration. In addition, the process of dividing coccidia is disturbed.

Eymeterm is used not only in the treatment of coccidiosis, but also for prevention, even when there are no symptoms of the disease in the herd.

This preparation is produced in the form of a suspension. It can be given to rabbits from four weeks of age. Eimeterma's convenience is that it is used once. The amount of suspension is calculated based on the weight of the rabbit, at a rate of 0.14 ml per kilogram. Here it is important to strictly observe the dosage, because with an excessive amount of the drug Eyumeterm animals significantly lose weight.

The disadvantage of treatment with Aymeter is the fact that the drug is long excreted from the body. It is very toxic to humans, therefore, the slaughter of an animal that has undergone treatment with this medicine is allowed no earlier than 70 days after treatment. What else is treated coccidiosis, learn from the video of Mikhail Sergeyev.


Another antibiotic with a large spectrum of action - Baytril. The composition Baytril enters as the main substance Enrofloxacin. This substance inhibits the development of many types of bacteria, both gram-positive and gram-negative. The action of Baytril is that enzymes affecting the state of DNA are inhibited in bacterial cells, including coccidia.

Available Baytril in the form of a solution for injection. Although this drug is well tolerated by animals, Baytril injections are quite painful. Therefore, some breeders advise Baitril to prick the withers. The course of treatment with Baytril is 5-6 days. In order for the meat of an animal to be eaten, at least 15 days must pass from the last day of treatment.

Baytril dosage depends on the weight and age of the animal. Adult rabbits are injected with 5 mg of the substance, calves - from 1 to 2 mg once a day. Pregnant rabbits and newly born rabbits should not be injected with Baytril. For them, it is better to choose another drug. For adults this medicine is safe.

Tolucox 25

For the treatment of coccidiosis, Tolucox-25 is an effective remedy. The drug is available as an oral solution. The active ingredient of Tolux-25 - toltrazuril - blocks the growth of coccidia at the intracellular level. Tolucox-25 is effective even for those types of coccidia that have developed resistance to some antibiotics. After treatment with the drug in rabbits, immunity is formed to diseases such as coccidiosis, isosporosis, and emeriosis.

To begin treatment, Tolucox-25 must be diluted in drinking water and given to the solution to rabbits. During the period of treatment with Tolux-25, you can continue to give vitamins and nutritional supplements: the drug interacts well with other medications. The treatment scheme for coccidiosis in rabbits with Tolucox-25 is as follows:

  • make a solution in the proportion of 1: 500 and give them water for 2 days;
  • then take a break of 5 days and repeat the course.

Tolucox-25 has low toxicity: according to the instructions, even a large excess of dosage does not cause side effects. In addition, animals do not get used to the drug. When working with dosage form 25, as with other drugs, you need to be careful. Rabbits for meat can be started 8 days after the end of treatment.



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