Unsolicited guests in the hen house: getting rid of predators


“We have lost fifty chickens because of this ferret. I destroyed them in one night ...” There are thousands of such stories. The victims of this clever and intelligent animal are not only chickens, but also geese, ducks, rabbits ... How to get rid of the ferret's misfortunes in the hen-house and what to do with bloodthirsty martens, weasels, foxes? Let's talk about it now.

Weasel - Coop Thunderstorm

Villagers who have a grudge against a ferret can be understood. On the conscience of this animal the darkness is the darkness of the destroyed flocks of birds. A cautious, intelligent, and gambling beast can for weeks harass living creatures — a farmstead behind the farmstead, deftly bypassing the traps set for it. Eat one chicken overnight, and leave the rest of the chickens without a head or bleed them. No wonder this predator is called a thunderstorm coop.

However, the ferret is brutal not from a bad temper, but by obeying its blind instinct, which tells it to make stocks for the winter. The last in any cold does not happen much. In the end, vegetable food in its menu is not provided by nature.

Nevertheless, having saddened this predator, remember that it is no less good than harm. The ferret also destroys mice, rats, gophers, hamsters and even venomous snakes. Therefore, think seven times before acting on the principle of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." Is such a struggle justified? Maybe it is better to drive away the uninvited guest away from your chickens and to wish him hunting happiness elsewhere?

Getting rid of the ferret

Having gotten into a chicken coop, he will not stop until he has worn out all the chickens with the light. Therefore, it is better to warn the tragedy.

Careful owners for this floor in the coop concreted or made of piles - in order to avoid digging the beast. Next, the walls are upholstered with metal sheets or at least with a grid, dropping it around the perimeter by half a meter. The door and attic in the hen house must also be strong.

But a reliable barn is not enough. The area around the building should be free from planks, brushwood and other rubbish that the ferret might like closer to winter. Having chosen such a shelter for themselves, the beast settles in it next to the food. Then the struggle with him becomes more complicated.

Attract the Polkan or Rex to the coop's guard, who will loudly notify the predator that he is not welcome here. Let him run around the yard freely or on an elongated chain at night — a ferret only at night. Do not just lock the dog to the chickens: the rest will not be either a bird or a guard. If one morning you find a dig in the shed, be aware that the predator has very serious intentions regarding your chickens. To get rid of the ferret, will have to act promptly.

In this case, we can recommend lovers of “civilized measures” to purchase an animal repeller. The device is placed near the house and emits unpleasant signals when a predator appears: sound, ultrasound, flash of light, vibrations. Work such devices from the network, battery or batteries. Having tried the repeller action a couple of times, the beast leaves attempts to get into the shed.

Daredevils can guard the ferret on their own. Stock up on a thermos with strong coffee at night and an old coat and stand guard. As soon as the ferret approaches the undermining, coat it over it, and then wrap the tail criminal with it well. Just in case, put on thick gloves before the fight: the ferret has good teeth.

Well, for those who do not like night vigils, we advise to put two traps in the mine - one at the entrance, the second at the exit. Just pre-boil them together with spruce branches - it will help get rid of the smell of a person. As bait fit meat, fish and even chicken feathers.
And finally, the most humane way of getting rid of a ferret is a live-trap. One of its variants is shown in the video from Vilali Zapryd.

The video shows a self-made shop box or mesh box with a door slamming after the beast hits it. Lure inside - and wait! Remember only caution: you should get rid of the human smell. Instead of a spruce infusion you can smear a lime trap, plus, of course, mittens. Having caught the ferret, take him a few kilometers away from the house. Unpleasant adventure, he will remember for a long time, and your bird will remain whole.

Be careful! Having set traps or traps for a ferret, secure for the time of cats and dogs - your own and your neighbors! They are no less curious than the ferrets, and be sure to check the bait left.

Marten - virtuoso shkodnik

Unlike the ferret, marten is an omnivorous animal. In addition to mice, rats, birds, bird eggs and other small fry, she is not averse to eat delicious berries and sweet fruits of bushes and trees. This prankster is dropping into the poultry houses. More precisely, it penetrates, because it does it so brilliantly, that you wonder. Any gap in the floor, in the window, mouse or rat move, loosely closed door - and that's really marten in the room. The vent hole is also suitable if you forget to cover it with a metal grid.

Penetrating into the house, gnaws one of its inhabitants throat, and then eats. Until such a mess as a ferret does not reach, of course. But if the owners do not react to the first incident, do not begin to fight with it, it can get used to and save you from many chickens.

Methods to protect the coop from martens

The marten goes on hunting at night and it is better to watch it at this time. Fortunately, the beast is very cautious and is unlikely to live in the vicinity of your barn. Not finding the cracks, can make a tunnel. Therefore, precautionary measures when arranging a house are similar - strong and reliable walls and a foundation.

Ways to get rid of marten are the same as the ferret. In addition, you can use all sorts of traps up to mouse and rat traps. Bait - pork or lamb, also suitable carcasses or parts of a bird or mouse. To the smell of the bait was more vigorous, it is kept for several days in a closed jar until it is rotten.

Weasel is a small but distant predator

Little nimble weasel also belongs to the family of weasels and, like marten, eats small rodents. Its main object of hunting is the mouse. During the season, weasels are capable of destroying up to two or three thousand individuals, setting aside carcasses for dark days and settling in the victim's burrow. No wonder caress is considered one of the most useful animals in nature.

Unlike ferrets and martens, a weasel is not afraid of a person and, if teased or caught in a trap, can safely fall on the offender. There were cases when the animal pounced on a cat and a dog.

Methods of protecting chickens from petting

In barns weasel steals eggs, birds, rabbits, eating also rats and mice, she can simply frighten the bird. The latter goal is of course acceptable. But since the hosts cannot arrange the interrogation, it is better to get rid of the uninvited guests. Particular attention - the cracks through which this tiny predator sneaks inside. Traps and traps with baits will also be used.

The caress tamed since infancy can work in your house as a cat, relieving a compound from mice and rats. Sometimes it is called a cat weasel. It will not touch a bird and other domestic animals while following the law of its kind. But to the neighbors to go and see her nothing forbids.
Therefore, it is better, as it seems to us, to just get rid of affection.

Fox - the quick thief of hens and eggs

Hunting fox with the mind, cunning, fiction. Having penetrated into the house, it makes a real stir in it, during which it manages to kill several chickens, although only one or two can be mastered.

Diverting the fox from the farmstead, struggling with it is not easy. This is necessary not only because it steals chickens, but also because the foxes are carriers of rabies. Why, despite the natural caution predator pulls away to visit people? It can attract not only a bird. If there is unclosed manure on the plot - a place of food for both chickens and rodents, the fox will ask what is happening around this pile.

We protect chickens from foxes

A fox can be stopped by a high fence, reinforced with a grid-fence dug in at half a meter or erected on a good stone foundation. They are afraid of chanterelles and formidable dogs - small and shy, on the contrary, they may bite. Before dealing with a fox, try not to attract her with affordable bags or buckets of food residues. Do not are for them and all sorts of plastic containers.

Do not use fish bones fertilizer in the garden. Cheat decides that they are scattered for her. Nevertheless, there is a humane government - the same industrial repellents for animals, traps and live traps. Poultry meat can be used as bait. Do not forget only about the need to lose the smell of the human: the fox has an excellent scent!

Finally, we wish you good luck in the fight against predators. Try to break up with them peacefully!

What predator got into your chicken coop?

  • Ferret
  • Fox
  • Weasel
  • Marten
  • Another beast
  • We did not see him
  • No one climbed

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