To the chickens was where to walk - we build a corral for them!


A high-quality do-it-yourself chicken hen saves farmer’s money. At the same time, birds will feel free and easy in the house. In order for chickens to feel comfortable, they are raised in spacious clean rooms. The corral can be bought, but it is not cheap. The farmer can build a pen independently for the sake of economy and reliability.

Why do I need to walk?

Breeding chickens is popular in agriculture. Birds give eggs and meat, the sale of which brings a good, stable profit to the breeder. However, without a chicken coop and walking for birds, farmers will not be able to control the movement of their numerous farmstead.

In addition to the main feed, birds peck grass with pleasure and dig up seeds from the ground. Therefore, enclosed space is feathered.

To minimize costs, the pen hens can be built with his own hands. The process will take a lot of time, but the result will meet the expectations.

Most often walking, for walking chickens, fenced with a metal grid. Its height is at least two meters. Otherwise, the birds will fly over the obstacle. The place reserved for the aviary can be sown with grass.

Preparation for construction

Before you build a pen, you must accurately calculate all the costs, determine the location of the range. Only after this stage, you can proceed to the construction process itself.

Choosing a place

Creating a paddock begins with accurate measurements of the terrain. It is recommended to install walking where the birds will be, as far as possible from home. After all, chicken droppings give an unpleasant smell. And if you make the building at a decent distance from the house, it will not be felt.

Cooking material

First you need to make a project room. This will help calculate the required amount of material for the house.

In the construction market, about ten meters of a chain-link iron mesh with a mesh size of about a square centimeter should be purchased. You will also need wooden blocks from which you can make the walls and floor of the chicken coop. Their number depends on the desired length and width of the room.

In addition to the materials for the construction of the house, additional tools will be useful. Need nails, saw, ax, iron mesh for fencing. With all the necessary materials and tools, you can build a wonderful walking for chickens.

Step-by-step instruction

Step one - the foundation. The building starts from the base. To prevent birds from soiling their paws and plumage, a shallow layer of soil is removed along the perimeter of the future pen. Then the place for keeping chickens wakes up with lime, small stones or sand. Further in the corners of the poultry house it is necessary to make supports, having buried wooden bars in the ground, the height should be about two meters.

Step two - walls. Now you can lay the walls of the chicken coop of wooden bars. It is important to build a spacious walking range in which they will move freely. If the paddock is being constructed for summer time, a chain-link will be enough. Along the perimeter of the floor, walls and ceiling on the supports, with the help of nails, the grid is fixed.

Step three - roost. Layers need a perch in the pen. To do this, build a wooden box of arbitrary size. Saw off the board three pieces of the same length. They will serve as the base and the longitudinal walls of the perch. Connect the boards perpendicular to each other in such a way that an inverted letter “P” is formed.

Now you need to secure the other two walls to roost. Measure the required height of the boards, saw off, then perpendicularly attach to the base. The walls are also fastened together with nails. In conclusion, roost the perch.

Step four - the door. Here is useful mesh, which is attached to the wooden structure. The width of the door can be arbitrary, but its height should be equal to the size of the walls of the pen. In addition to the rectangle, which will serve as a frame, a transverse bar is necessary. It is mounted on the longitudinal door plates and serves as an additional support for the grid.

Step five - the roof. To protect the paddock from external influences, an ordinary slate sheet with which the building is covered is suitable. The design will allow birds to hide from the weather or from the hot sun. Walking can be covered with a sheet of polycarbonate, fastening it with the most common screws.

It is necessary to prepare perches where birds will spend the night. Here wooden bars are used, which are attached to the walls of the pen parallel to the floor. Depending on the number of birds are installed feeders, drinkers and stands for nests. These are all necessary elements that should be in any chicken coop.

If you doubt your abilities, you can watch the training video. With it, the technical side of the issue and the sequence of actions will become clear. After some time, the laying hen made by yourself will be ready.

How to make a portable pen?

If there are few layers in the yard, they can be placed in a portable pen. This design can be moved to places with fresh grass. Most often the corral is used in the summer and for rearing. However, a smaller enclosure is made for chickens than for adults.

To make a portable aviary, it is not necessary to prepare the foundation. It is enough to assemble the frame and fit it with metal mesh. The ceiling of the structure will be slate, plywood or polycarbonate. Before construction, you can find and study the video with step-by-step instructions.

So, a portable pen is assembled from scrap materials. As a rule, for its construction used wooden slats or plastic pipes, and metal mesh. The construction of the paddock begins with the connection of the wooden boards between them. The result is a rectangle, exactly the same design will be needed to fix the walls of the paddock.

In the corners of the figure, as well as along the perimeter of the structure, rails of the same length are vertically attached. It is determined by the farmer depending on the desired height of the building. A second rectangle is attached to these wooden segments. The frame for portable walking is ready. Now you need to obtyanut design mesh.

For the convenience of transferring the enclosure, the mid-lengths of the rectangles are connected by a transverse rail parallel to two other sides. In addition, this rail will serve as a support for the roof of the paddock.

Such a building can be used by breeders as a summer aviary. It is only necessary to provide such a house with feeders and drinkers so that the birds continue to receive the main feed.

The so-called summer version of the pen will cost the farmer several times cheaper than building a stationary 24-hour walking for layers.

Is it better to build a chicken coop yourself or buy a ready one?

  • Of course to build
  • Easier to buy and not suffer
  • It all depends on the means and the situation.

Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Small pen Photo 2. Walking with a wooden floor Photo 3. Summer aviary Photo 4. Portable walking where young are growing




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