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Meat-egg breeds of chickens are distinguished not only by good egg production, but also by excellent meat qualities, which is why they are particularly popular in the markets. Since the breed of domestic chickens Adler silver is one of the most popular among farmers. In addition to its high productivity, it boasts a beautiful appearance, undemanding to the conditions of detention and calm character. In our article we offer you a full review of these chickens.

Breed overview

Adler silver in Russia is the most common meat and egg breed of chickens. It was derived by crossing with five other species. Domestic specialists eventually managed to get a breed that retains high egg production for 3-4 years. Most of the other breeds are well carried only about a year, and then their productivity falls. As for meat obtained from slaughter, its quality is also very high.

Adler chickens are very widespread in their homeland - in the south, especially in the Kuban. They are unpretentious to the conditions of the environment: they feel comfortable and rush at the heat of 35-40 degrees peculiar to the region. But you can keep the breed in the northern latitudes, in the winter their egg production is only slightly reduced.

The origin of the breed

This breed was bred at the Adler poultry farm, for which it received its name. Breeders of this city, in collaboration with scientists of the Kuban Agrarian University, worked on it since 1951. And only ten years later, through difficult crossings, managed to get this popular breed now.

5 types of chickens participated in obtaining the Adler silver:

  • Russian white;
  • new hampshire;
  • Plymouth White;
  • May Day;
  • Yurlovskaya vociferous.

The selection of this highly productive bird took place in several stages:

  1. At first, the cocks of the May Day breed were given to the Russians by the whites, so the 1st and 2nd generation of offspring were obtained. These hybrids then multiplied within their breed.
  2. Thus obtained chickens already had good vitality and egg production. Layers were selected, and the best of them were crossed with New Hampshire, which allowed them to improve their meat qualities. The resulting generation was interbred with each other.
  3. Those individuals that had the most attractive appearance and high meat precocity were selected again. The best hens of this generation were mated with Plymurok roosters. Experimental brood bred inside.
  4. The final stage is the mixing of the best individuals of the hybrid of the previous stage with the Yurlov vocalists. The resulting bird multiplied further without any impurities. The breed was named Adler silver and acquired its description.

At the hen's own poultry farm, they refused to breed the Adler silver. But its popularity has not fallen: with great pleasure such a bird is kept in private households.


When breeding breeders took care not only about the high quality of meat and good egg production. They did not forget about its appearance: the bird is not inferior to its decorative counterparts, it can be estimated in the photo. Their original color was borrowed from other breeds that participated in the crossing process.


  • The coloring of the tail of adult chickens is called Colombian; it was inherited from the Yurlov and May Day breeds. Rounded tail feathers, black plaits. The tail feathers of the wing are well pressed against the body and also black, the body itself is white;
  • medium bird. Her body is compact, the back is almost straight, parallel to the ground and with a slight slope to the tail. The chest is deep and full. The backbone of the bird is strong, but it does not look coarse;
  • on the straight high neck of the bird is located proportional size of the head. The earlobes are smooth, red in color, as are the rounded bird earrings. The eyes of the bird are lively, reddish-copper, and the yellowish beak is slightly curved;
  • the comb in birds of this breed is medium in size, leaf-shaped and has 5 evenly spaced teeth;
  • legs of medium length. The muscles on them are well developed, and the legs slightly protrude. The strong fingers of the bird are yellow, widely spaced;
  • tightly closed tail has a rounded shape. Feathers in it are not long but strongly curved upwards;
  • the hen is distinguished from the rooster by a more elegant head and a smaller comb.

The disadvantages inside this breed are long braids, too large a tail, the crest to the side. A thin and long neck, as well as a very high body formulation, is also considered a vice.

Breed productivity

Adler silver one of the most productive chickens in our time, from it get both eggs and meat. Although at present the weight of the bird began to decrease slightly, which reduces the amount of meat obtained from them. But on this background there is an increase in their egg production.

Chicken at 8 weeks of age weighs about 1 kilogram. The weight of adult chickens is 2.7-2.8 kg, and the males - 3.5-3.9 kg. Chickens start feeding at the age of 6-6.5 months, bringing 3 eggs every three days. During the first year of productivity from poultry, you can get from 170 to 190 eggs with a cream shell, the mass of which is usually 58-59 grams.

In the production of broilers, Adler hens are often used, crossed with white cornish. The chickens obtained from such a pair grow rapidly and by the age of 2 months they gain a mass of about 1300 grams. However, subsequent generations do not give this result.

If the number of roosters and hens is chosen correctly, then fertilized eggs get a lot - 95%. Laying birds of this breed have practically lost their ability to incubate, therefore chickens are raised in incubators. The loss of chickens hatched in an incubator is only 2%. Although this breed has good disease resistance, adult bird survival is 84%.

Features of the content in the private sector

Today, this breed of chickens is widespread in Azerbaijan, as well as in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories. Since 1975, the number of birds in the farms of the cities of the former Soviet Union has increased almost 25 times. Adler silver is so popular due not only to its good-natured and calm disposition, but also its unpretentious content.

Birds are well treated as a captive content, and living in cages. This allows you to keep them even in small areas, for example, having equipped a cellular battery. When keeping chickens of this breed on the floor, the moisture content of the coating should not exceed 25%. Due to the fact that chickens have almost no instinct for incubation, when planning a chicken coop you need to take into account the place under the incubator.

Characteristic Adler breed of chickens is that they begin to lay eggs at the age of 6 months. Earlier demolitions are undesirable, in this case the period of bird productivity is reduced, diseases arise. Particularly susceptible to them are layers with early demolition, bred in spring. The best time for laying hens is from May to June. Those who want to get chickens before, you need to adhere to special programs for growing. The early brood is limited in feeding and reduces its daylight hours.

Roosters are particularly disciplined: they start eating only after chickens and usually teach them to rush in one place. The diet of adult birds should contain not only cereals, but also vegetables, roots, proteins and mineral bait.

Owner reviews

This bird has a great distribution that has earned its ability to trot well and bring meat. Farmers are pleased with this breed, which is proved by a large increase in its numbers and reviews. According to the description of the owners, despite the good ability to nest, you should not expect too large eggs.

Compared with pure meat breed, the output of Adler meat may also not seem too large. The minimum weight of the gutted carcass is usually about 2 kg. Farmers also have the taste of the bird's appeasable temper and its almost decorative appearance.

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Photo Gallery

Photo 1. Adler silver cockerel Photo 2. Adler's cock with hens in the aviary Photo 3. Differences Adler cock and chicken

Video "About Adler Silvery Chicken"

The author of this video, created by the LPH Kubik channel, tried on his own experience to breed this breed and is now happy to share his impressions and description of caring for them. Also in this video you can take a closer look at these birds and appreciate the beauty of their exterior.




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