How to find out the weight of a cow without scales?


You purchase livestock and you need to check the weight of animals without measuring devices? No problem. We will help you to find out how much a cow weighs, having at hand only a measuring tape.

How much is the average weight?

Today, it is customary to buy pets at the price of live weight, so knowing its exact figure is extremely necessary. Also, this knowledge will be necessary for the preparation of the correct diet in the process of growth of the animal. The average weight of a cow, of course, depends on its type, breed and age.

However, do not forget about the conditions of its content. With normal growth and proper feeding, the mass of an adult individual is 350-450 kilograms. Small breed animals reach about 300 kilograms, large ones - up to 800 kilograms.

Also, body weight depends on the sex of the animal. Gobies are a little more cows, as a rule, one and a half times. The average weight of a live bull ranges from 500 to 700 kilograms. Males of large meat breeds by the age of five recruit over 1 ton.

Weight categories

If you are going to purchase a cow, you should know to which weight category it belongs. This will help to properly assess the state of health and proper care of the animal. Among the young cows distinguish:

  • selective - about 450-500 kilograms;
  • first class - 400-450;
  • second class - 380-400;
  • third class - 300-380.

Interesting to know

Today, champions in heavy weight among the bulls are representatives of the porcelain-white breed. These males on average reach a mass of at least 800 kilograms. As for the female, the record breakers are the cows of Mount Katahdin. One of these cows weighed 2270 kilograms. Of course, such a result is a long-term work of specialists and the achievement of world breeding.

Methods for measuring the weight of an adult cow

You do not have scales, but you need to know the dimensions of the animal, then the following methods will help you determine the weight. It is necessary to have only a measuring tape, several formulas and tables. You can find them right here. Of course, all these methods allow us to determine the approximate data, that is, integers without taking into account grams. But even this will be enough for you in personal practice. For example, such knowledge will help to make up the diet of the animal.

By body measurement or Trukhanov method

This method is considered the most popular and easiest. To calculate the mass you need to use the tape and measure the animal. For cattle, we need to know only two parameters: the chest girth, which is measured behind the shoulder blades, and the straight length of the body. Then the data obtained is calculated by the formula. See figure 1 for more details on how to take measurements.

Point for taking measurements by definition live weight of adult cattle, according to the Trukhanov method

If you use this method, you should also add the percentage of fatness to the resulting number. If above average fatness, then add 5-10%, if lower - take 5-10%.

The formula for calculating the mass of adult livestock

Way Kluver-Strauha

This method is also used to determine the mass of an adult individual. This is done by the following method: measurements of chest girth and oblique body length are measured. To get the first number, you need to cut the measuring tape under the chest at the distance of the palm width from the elbow joint of the front leg of the cow. See Figure 2 for more details.

Kluwer-Strauch measurement

To obtain the second number, the tape must be fixed at the level of the anterior protrusion of the shoulder joint and stretched to the sciatic hill. Then we verify the data in a special table. For example, if the girth of an animal's chest is 160 centimeters, and the slanting body length is 145 centimeters, then at the intersection of these figures in the table we find a figure of 324 kilograms.

Table for determining the live weight of adult cattle (according to Kluwer-Strauch)

Largest chest girth and belly

After calculating and analyzing a large amount of biometric data, scientists managed to create a special table for determining the live weight of cows by belly volume. Initially, this method was provided only for the black-and-white breed. To determine the need to measure the circumference of the chest and belly in the largest volume of its parts. Data check table.

Determination of live weight of black-motley cows by measurements, kg

Regression level

To determine the weight in this way, you need to measure the chest girth: take a measuring tape and circle it around the body of the animal so that it lies under the breast. Next, we calculate the data by the equation. In this case, the first formula is applied if the chest girth is about 170-180 centimeters, the second - at 181-191 centimeters, the third - more than 192 centimeters.

Regression equation

Y is the live weight of the cow in kilograms;

X - chest girth of the shoulder blades in centimeters.

Calf weight measurement method

In order to find out the weight of the calf, you also need to use a special table created by Forever. To do this, there is one simple way, as in the same way as in the Kluver-Strauch method, you must first measure the circumference of the animal’s chest and the oblique body length (see Figure 2). Then we look for the resulting figure in the table.

For example, if the oblique body length is 100 centimeters, and the chest girth is 110, then at the intersection of these figures in the table we find a figure of 112 kilograms. Now we know the weight of our baby.

Fawain's calf weight measurement table

Remember that the live weight of a cow in this case is an average and approximate figure. Of course, the exact weight of the animal can only be determined on the scales.




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