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Pigeons accompany man since ancient times. According to biblical stories, it was the white dove who foreshadowed Noah about the end of the flood. It is believed that the domestication of these birds began even 5 thousand years ago. And on the frescoes of ancient peoples were depicted the first species. Consider all the main breeds of pigeons.

Wild species

Together with people pigeons inhabited the whole world. Today, this bird can be seen on almost every continent. Moreover, due to different climatic conditions and way of life, they all differ both externally and in behavior. Since ancient times, man has tried not only to domesticate this bird, but also to improve its qualities.

For example, special flight post pigeons and unusual decorative for palaces were created. Most breeds were bred in the countries of Eurasia. However, many wild representatives live in nature.

Dove or Sizar

This is perhaps the most common and most numerous species of wild pigeons on our continent. The bird got its name due to a special gray or light gray color. They are often confused with the rocky wild pigeon, but this breed has its own distinctive feature - a darker tail.

Today, this wild species is common in Europe, Asia and northern Africa. As a rule, they live in mountainous areas, as they like to build nests on rocky plumbs. Some populations are found near the steppes and forests, as well as in cities. Most often, representatives of the breed are sedentary, but they can also move to different zones of the continent.


Another well-known species of wild pigeons, which is very similar to Sizar, but has a light tail and a black beak. Also, these birds are much smaller than their counterparts. This breed lives in the mountains of Tibet, Altai, Tien Shan, in the Himalayas and in Korea. Most often nests in pairs in the gorge or in abandoned urban buildings. As for the other qualities, they are similar with a gray look.


These wild birds are known for their unusual bluish plumage color. At the same time, their neck is greenish, the goiter is red, the wings are gray-blue and the tail is with black stripes. This breed is common in Turkey, in China, in the northern part of Kazakhstan, in Africa, in Iraq and even in the southern part of Siberia. In cold regions, birds fly to warm countries for the winter; they lead a sedentary life in the south. He lives in the forests, in parks, where there are many large hollow trees. This bird may be familiar to us from the unusual sound during cooing "hu-huu", "hu-huu".


Wood Pigeon is the largest breed of pigeons of all wild. Only the length of its tail exceeds 15 centimeters. As for the color of plumage, like in the previous species, it is grayish-gray, smoothly turning into brown on its back. On a neck bright greenish outflow is seen. Today they are common in many countries in both Europe and Asia. They live in forests and city parks. Perfectly adapts to different climatic conditions.

Crowned Pigeon

This bird is unfamiliar to us, as it lives in warm countries, for example, in New Guinea, on tropical islands. Pigeons are inhabited by wet forests, mango thickets and marshy jungles. Judging by the name, you probably already guessed that the main feature of this breed is the tuft on the head. It, by the way, rises and falls, as at parrots, depending on mood of a bird. In size, such pigeons do not exceed the canary and have long legs.

Meat pigeons

The first selection of pigeons had exactly the meat direction. Today, in many countries, these birds are eaten, therefore special breeds with improved gastronomic qualities are developed. In Europe, especially in Eastern Europe, pigeon meat was rarely eaten, which cannot be said, for example, of the United States and Western Europe. It was here that various meat species of these birds were derived.


King is the favorite breed of pigeons in the United States. It was first bred in the 19th century as a result of the crossing of Roman and some postal species. Kings have a broad, fleshy body, have well-developed muscles and a strong backbone. The color of feathers can be either monophonic, for example, white, black or brown, or spotted and even brindle. By the way, because of its narrow direction and a very large round body, these pigeons almost completely lost their ability to fly.

English Modena

Another famous breed of pigeons meat, bred in England. The ancestors of these birds are the ancient Italian Modena. In appearance, it is also very broad, muscular, massive birds that have a practically vertical tail. They have a large body weight, about a kilogram (700- 950 grams), so they fly badly. The color of the plumage is of two types: one-colored and one-colored (dark body and light wings).

Flying or racing pigeons

In addition to meat qualities, people appreciated the other advantages of these birds. For example, the special ability of pigeons to return to their usual places of residence was noticed - they began to be used as post birds. Then the person became interested in the beauty of birds and a special ability to fly. So there were special flight rocks. All of them have a special flight style. This group includes very many species of pigeons, including decorative ones. Depending on the style and the ability to fly, they release:

  • high-flying breeds - pigeons soar high into the sky, making several circles. Fly high in the sky, the birds can linger there from 2 to more than 10 hours.
  • races - rise to the sky, making an unusual circular flight. Their peculiarity is the ability to make turns through the wing, as if tumbling.
  • martial - such pigeons rise into the sky not very high, but when flying somersaults through the tail. They can make both horizontal and vertical rolls "pillar". At the same time, during the roll they flutter their wings, creating special clicks.
  • scooters - birds that make a helical flight due to somersaults through the wing. It seems that the pigeon is spinning around its axis.

Nikolaev breed

Of all the high-flying breeds of pigeons, this is the most popular and was first introduced in the city of Nikolaev in Ukraine. These birds are distinguished among many by the fact that they do not make circular movements during the flight, but rise up in a straight vertical line. At high altitude, they linger in the air and flutter their wings. Doves of this species have very long wings, rather short legs, a small neck, but rather muscular. There are black, gray, white, red and yellow color, as in the photo.

Berlin short-eyed turman

These are the most numerous Turmans from the battle group. The breed was bred back in the 19th century in Berlin. The birds of this breed have a small body, a small head, a bulging forehead and a very short beak. A distinctive feature is the visco-wing, that is, the wings hang down below the tail. They have a lively character and are distinguished by high activity. There are both motley and monochromatic color.

German monk

Another very beautiful breed of flight pigeons, which belong to the type of Turman. It was removed in the 17th century in Germany. A distinctive feature is that even though the birds fly short and short, they lure other birds into their flight. Previously, they were therefore used to steal other pigeons. They have a small size, a prominent forehead, a small beak and a beautiful “hood” of feathers on the back of the head. However, today you can meet smooth-headed representatives of the breed.

Berlin long-billed

Today, this very rare breed of pigeons, which are found only in individual cities of Germany and have a beautiful exterior. For example, they keep their head, beak and body in a horizontal position, and the neck itself - vertically. See photo for more details. The head of these birds is narrow, as well as a long thin beak, for which the breed got its name. Today, these birds are considered to be fighting.

Sports, or homing pigeons

Probably, everyone knows that pigeons were transported and delivered mail. So, for example, for this purpose birds were used in ancient Rome and Greece. Then, in the Middle Ages, kings and grandees held postal pigeons. At that time, this was the fastest and most accurate delivery of letters. Birds were used until the 20th century, and even during World War II, birds served people with their amazing ability.

But even today in peacetime technology, high communication and communication, pigeons do not remain without work. True, now they are simply called sports and compete in flight speed. The world center of this sport is Belgium. It is important to note that the ability to quickly overcome long distances and orientation in pigeons is inherent and is inherited. That is why other bird species do not possess such a gift.

Belgian Postal

Today, this breed is considered the best of all postal. Outwardly, they look like a wild rocky pigeon, but this is unimportant, because the main thing in these birds is speed and ability to navigate in space. The "Belgians" have a wide massive chest, not a very long tail, a round head. The most common color is blue with light wings. An important feature is silky smooth plumage. These are record-holding birds. For example, several years ago it was the pigeon of this postal breed that was sold for the highest price - 328 thousand dollars.

English Quarry

Another well-known and loved by many breed of pigeon, which is derived from the Asian quarries. They are distinguished from other sports birds by the presence of skin folds near the beak and eyes. This makes them similar to decorative. The English bird has a large body, a wide but non-convex chest and a vertical stand. They also have a long straight neck and long legs. Color is monophonic and colorful.

Decorative pigeons

These birds are distinguished from all other species by certain external decorations, such as tufts, the length and shape of feathers, the presence of growths, etc. Also, a special effect can be achieved by posture or body shape, an unusual coloring of feathers. For example, there are some species of pigeons that are colored by other birds. They are accordingly called the larks, seagulls, storks, swallows and even bullfinches. Bred such breeds exclusively for beauty.


This is perhaps the most beautiful breed of decorative pigeons. The main feature is a wide tail with lush feathers. It creates a peacock-like effect. Such birds are found in various colors, but the most popular are white. They are used at weddings, in circus shows and at exhibitions.


An unusual breed that belongs to the group of wart pigeons and is distinguished by special skin growths around the eyes. They also have a prominent forehead, short beak. Barbs are only monochromatic, for example, yellow, black, white or red.

Brno blow

These pigeons have a very slender body and an unusual straight tall hull above the ground. It seems that the bird after the goiter, as if tied with a belt. But the goiter itself is greatly enlarged and inflated, for which the breed got its name. Also in this species, long paws and birds attack only on the toes, and not on the entire foot. They walk like tiptoe.

Bohemian kosmonogaya magic swallow

These Czech thoroughbred pigeons always attract the attention of unusual and even magical chess pattern on the wings and paws. See photos. They have a large body with strong plumage on their paws. They belong to the group of colored pigeons.

Saxon priest

Another very beautiful unusual bird with a rich feather decoration. So, for example, they have long feathers on their paws and two tufts on their heads at once. At the same time, for any color, the forehead of these pigeons is always white. The plumage resembles a monk's hood, for which the breed received such a name.


These pigeons dream to have many lovers of bird beauty. They have a very beautiful and rare curly plumage. In this case, the color can be spotty and monotonous. The feathers on the wings and on the paws coil around this breed.

There are a lot of unusual and very beautiful species of pigeons in the world. Read about them on our website, and also look at the video.

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