Cinderella for chickens - a universal Russian-made incubator


If a few hundred years ago, farmers dreamed of incubators, today they already have a large selection. There are devices for any color and taste. Incubator Cinderella - one of the famous Russian-made devices.


Incubator of this type is popular due to its versatility. It consists, firstly, in the ability to operate from a 220-volt network and from a 12-volt battery. And, secondly, the ability to maintain the temperature of hot water. The design of the heating elements is patented in Russia and the rights to manufacture them belong to the Novosibirsk plant.

The case of the incubator is made of dense foam with improved thermal insulation. Convenient to use and well equipped inside. The heating element occupies the maximum area and is fixed on the lid, so that the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the chamber. In Cinderella, the swivel device rotates all the eggs at the same time 180 times 10 times a day.

Principle of operation and equipment

The eggs in the incubator are on a special metal grid. Turning occurs automatically, but you can rotate manually. Due to the special design, periodically check the position of the eggs and the sensor temperature controller. Sometimes due to movement they can shift.

In the incubator is an electronic thermostat that turns the heaters on and off as needed. In the event of a power outage, a 12-volt battery is provided. Switching to automatic backup power.

On the outside of the cover there are special openings into which water is poured and drained. During the operation of the incubator, they must be tightly closed. The special possibility of heating the water in the device allows you to keep the desired temperature without electricity and battery. The temperature is controlled by an integrated electronic thermometer.


The main difference between the incubator is the ability to keep the temperature working from the electricity network and using hot water. Water is poured into special holes and is heated by heating elements. This is convenient if you have regular power surges or often turn off the electricity.

Incubator Cinderella designed to bookmark several types of eggs. You can lay chicken, duck and goose eggs on the trellis, and if you wish, you can additionally purchase a quail egg trellis. Depending on the type of model, 45 to 98 pieces fit into the device. Models with a maximum bookmark have the ability to automatically switch from mains power to battery power, but they are more expensive than usual.

In the market of agricultural products you can find three options for an incubator Cinderella:

  1. With hand-turning eggs. This is a simple model that is cheap and suitable for those who regularly independently turn eggs every 4 hours.
  2. With a mechanical turn. In this model, the coup is automatic, but regularly monitor the position of the special handle and, if necessary, correct and rotate.
  3. With automatic coup. The newest model of incubator, which does not require human intervention and control. The lattice is reversed automatically after a certain period of time.


  • Power supply - 220 V and 12 V;
  • Power - 35-45 W;
  • Accuracy of temperature maintenance - 0.2 degrees;
  • The accuracy of temperature measurement with a thermometer is 0.11 degrees;
  • The ability to measure temperature - from 31 to 43 degrees;
  • Egg capacity: 70 chicken and 40 duck and goose eggs;
  • Weight 3.8 kilograms.

Included with the incubator:

  • Digital Thermometer;
  • Plastic lattice - 6 pieces;
  • Grid for 70 chicken eggs;
  • Grate for 40 goose and duck eggs;
  • Tube for water;
  • 4 water tanks;
  • Turning device;
  • Stand for lattice effort.


Among the advantages distinguish:

  1. a light weight;
  2. convenience in placement;
  3. ease of use;
  4. ability to work without a network;
  5. availability and budget in terms of price;
  6. good temperature distribution;
  7. good maintenance of humidity levels;
  8. automatic egg flipping in modern models.


Of course, it was not without flaws. This incubator is a good option for beginners. It is cheap, but the reliability in it is low. With Cinderella, you need to be constantly alert, monitor the position of the grids and set the temperature. Even the newest models show instability in maintaining temperature.

Consider the fact that polystyrene is a cheap and unreliable material. Bacteria and microbes get in its pores, therefore it should be disinfected periodically. Also on the walls often formed mold.


As for the work, the reviews are not bad. The result of maintaining the parameters, takes a lot of time and effort, it goes about 70-80%. The case keeps the temperature, but the "electronics" does not exactly work. The incubator is also impractical from the point of view of hygiene, it requires increased control over the state of cleanliness. But, the device is a good choice for those who have unstable electricity in the network or there is a need for savings.




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