Iodine for a rabbit: for what and how to give


Giving iodine to rabbits is necessary to prevent coccidiosis, a dangerous parasitic infection. It is found in these animals very often and can destroy all livestock. In addition, the drug is important for pregnant females. Novice farmers often doubt the safety of the procedure, because this solution is intended for external use. However, in the case of rabbits, you can not be afraid of side effects. If you do not exceed the norm, the medicine will bring only benefit.

The positive effects of the drug

Iodine provides good prevention and treatment of coccidiosis. Cause this disease coccidia - the simplest unicellular parasites. They settle in the intestines, liver of rabbits and destroy them. Food digestion products are always present in the digestive tract of animals, they are not oxidized. This "soil" is a paradise for coccidia.

Iodine and iodine preparations are oxidizing agents. They make the environment of the body less suitable for the development of parasites, do not allow them to live and multiply. Details on how to prevent and treat illness, see the article "Symptoms and treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits."

It is well known that iodine has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. Rabbits in this regard is no exception. In animals, which give this solution, the metabolism is normalized, the hormonal level, immunity strengthens.

Pregnant females are given a drug for the proper development of the fetuses and newborn rabbits. Youngsters get iodine with their mother's milk. It is important to start drinking children separated from the rabbit in time.

At the same time it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage. Excess iodine, like any substance, is harmful to the body.

We breed medicine correctly

Instructions for use of iodine for rabbits is simple. First, the drug is diluted in water. Concentration depends on the purpose of use. In prophylaxis, it is usually 0.01%, and if treatment is needed, it is 0.02%.

In pharmacies, you can find a solution of iodine 5% and 10%. You can use one and the other. The proportions for creating the medicine are as follows. To get a concentration of 0.01%, add 2 ml of 5% tincture or 1 ml of 10% to 1 liter of cold boiled water.

To create a solution in 0.02% iodine is added in water in the amount of 2 ml (if the infusion is 10%) or 4 ml (if 5%).

Learning how to breed iodine, you should also take care of security measures. The solution should be prepared only in plastic or glassware, in no case can not use metal. The fact is that it will oxidize the metal and harmful substances will get into the water. For the same reason, it is impossible to mix the resulting liquid with metal objects.

The product, which you have diluted, can be stored for several days in a cool place, without direct sunlight. Before giving medicine to rabbits, it needs to be shaken up. However, it is best to water the animals every day with a fresh solution.

How to water the females and baby rabbits

In order for the rabbits not to need serious treatment, prevention begins with the fact that sukrolnye rabbits are soldered with iodine solution.

The first time the drug is given in a concentration of 0.01% on the 25th day of pregnancy. Dosage - 100 ml of solution per day per animal. Water with iodine needs to be poured early in the morning, before you feed the farm. Drinking bowls at the same time can be from any material, except metal. We have already explained above why. Pure water in the cages should not be, as the animals will choose it, and the solution will not drink.

The feeding of the suckling females continues after the appearance of the offspring. Stop for 5 days after the start of lactation. After another 5 days, the rabbit again begin to give medicine. Now they have to drink 200 ml per day, and the concentration of the substance should be increased to 0.02%. So continue to 25 days of lactation in rabbits.

Now how to water the rabbits while they are small. When animals eat mother's milk, iodine enters their bodies with it. After separation from the mother, the rabbit must be drunk. Jigging is usually carried out in 1-1.5 months after birth.

When babies are 30-40 days old, they are given 50 ml of solution per day at a concentration of 0.01%. Continue to drink 10 days. After 5 days of break, resume treatment. During the week, give 70 ml of a solution of 0.02%, and then another week for 100 ml.

Drug for other categories of animals

Of course, not only young and pregnant rabbits need disease prevention. All animals in the farm should be soldered from time to time.

If you import new manufacturers, they need to be soldered for 5 to 7 days, then the solution is given 5 or 3 days before mating.

Prevention of disease repair rabbits need to do 5 days before weaning from the mother. After the same amount after weaning, they are given an iodine solution again.

Now we will clarify how to give iodine for fattening rabbits. Remember that they are soldered several days before weaning, and then a week after it.

The main population for the prevention of coccidiosis is given a solution every six months. The course lasts 2 weeks. The dosage is usually 100-200 ml at 0.01%.

Speaking specifically about coccidiosis, there are many medicines for it. However, most often farmers choose iodine treatment as a proven and safe method.

What else is needed iodine, the possibility of an overdose

Iodine is the most important element necessary for the normal functioning of living organisms. Its significance for rabbits is not limited only to the prevention of coccidiosis. It is needed for:

  • healthy digestive system;
  • normal functioning of the nervous system;
  • proper nutrient absorption;
  • health of the thyroid gland.

No matter how strong the animal is from nature, a lack of iodine can undermine its health and even lead to death. Therefore, if you give your pets a solution of this substance, you will protect them not only from coccidia.

Of course, when you give iodine to rabbits, it is worth considering its content in food. The probability of an overdose is very small, but do not discount it. If animals receive vitamin-mineral supplements, including iodine, it is better to discuss the treatment with this substance with a veterinarian.

With a large excess of iodine in the body, the mucous membranes become brown, diarrhea occurs. Perhaps the development of dehydration. In severe cases, shock and death occur, but this is extremely rare. With proper approach, compliance with all dosages and veterinary rules there is no danger for rabbit lives.

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