How to carve a pig head


This article will tell you how to chop the pig's head, quickly and without hassle. Thanks to our tips, you can diversify the diet of the family and save a significant part of the budget. Tongue, brain, cheeks, ears and piglet pigs are among the delicacies. And even if raw, this part of the carcass does not look quite appetizing, the taste of the finished dish fully compensates for this drawback. Do not be afraid that the cutting will be accompanied by difficulties - this process can be done even by the beginning hostess.

Workplace preparation

There are certain ways to properly cut a pig's head. Using them, you can quickly disassemble it into parts. Naturally, it is better to engage in dressing a man, since physical strength is required. However, even a fragile woman can do this task. From the tools you need a sharp meat knife and a small kitchen hatchet.

Cutting pork head begins with the preparation of the workplace. Well, if there is a spacious room in which there is a minimum amount of furniture - then the cleaning process takes less time and effort. A prerequisite - everything must be clean.

Next you need to take care of the work surface. The main requirement is stability and the ability to endure heavy blows with an ax. Immediately before cutting, the tabletop must be covered with a clean oilcloth or cloth. Newspapers for these purposes are not quite suitable, as printing ink can spoil the meat.

Additionally, you will need a large container with clean salted water and a few bowls or pans in which you can put pork cheeks and other parts of the head. In the process of cutting small particles of bone and blood will fly out from under the ax, therefore working clothes should be appropriate.

Remember that the health of those who will eat meat from pig heads directly depends on the cleanliness of the room and the accuracy of the butcher himself.

To make the room less dirty, you can use a sharp hacksaw instead of an ax.

Getting Started

The boiled piglet will be an excellent alternative to expensive sausage, and the cheek is perfect for cooking smoked meat. But before you do the following:

  • the pork head is boiled over and washed thoroughly with a metal scraper (if the bristles are seen during the inspection, it should be scorched with a gas burner);
  • using a sharp knife, eyes are removed, then the tongue is carefully cut;
  • chop the pig's fresh head into pieces (if you plan to cook the brains, it is better to immediately cut the skull in half and collect a valuable delicacy in a separate container);
  • parts of the skull must be "rid" of the cheeks and ears, cutting them off with a knife;
  • excess fat is trimmed and used at will as animal feed;
  • to separate the lower part from the upper part (it is cut with a knife in the place where the jaws join);
  • then the head, chopped into small pieces, is soaked in salted water (such soaking will make the meat more juicy);
  • after 4-8 hours of soaking, you can start cooking meat delicacies.

The container used should be large enough so that the liquid completely covers the meat and the water is cold.

Dipping requires skill

Pork head meat is a valuable, but not uncommon product. To work on their deboning in the production was really profitable, apply mechanical and automatic lines that can significantly reduce the cost of human labor and at times accelerate the process of meat processing.

Boning pork heads involves the separation of soft tissue from bone for the purpose of further processing of meat. For example, this is how minced meat is prepared for sausage and some types of semi-finished products.

For private use there is no need to buy and install an automatic line. An experienced obvalschik can disassemble one head on average in three minutes. Of course, to achieve such high results is worth a lot of training. But, in general, there is nothing special and difficult in this work.

If you decide to independently begin to roll heads, then the first stages completely repeat the cutting instruction - washing, cleaning, removing eyes and ears. language extraction. Only if, in the first case, meat with bones is sent to soaking, then during deboning, you should try to cut it as best as possible.

Remember that the less soft tissue remains on the bone, the better the boning process is performed. And the speed will definitely come with experience.

More information on this topic can be found in the article "About boning pork carcass."

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