How can I shoot a pig with a gun


If you do not have the opportunity to slaughter a pig, you can shoot a pig with a gun. How to do this with minimal harm to the animal, we will explain in this article. This method is not considered humane, but is used by residents of farms located in remote areas at a great distance from other settlements. If you are forced to use a firearm in order to kill a pig, then you must do it quickly, without causing it unnecessary suffering.

Basic methods and methods of slaughtering pigs

Traditional methods of slaughtering pigs involve the use of a sharp, stiff knife, which is used to apply a precise blow to the heart. Either the animal is exsanguinated by cutting the carotid artery or the jugular vein. To do this, an accurate incision is made on the neck of the pig, and the blood flowing into it is collected in special containers.

Some farmers prefer the method of slaughtering using a strong electric discharge, for which they use special electric shock guns that generate high current.

In some cases, to stun an adult full-bodied boar or large sows use a sledgehammer, which is applied a strong blow to the forehead. The stunned animal binds and only after that is slaughtered in the traditional way.

The way of slaughter with the help of firearms stands apart. It is used if necessary to score an adult animal, if it is not possible to call for help one or more assistants. How to kill a pig with a rifle or air rifle, we will tell further.

Use a shotgun only as a last resort.

If you decide to professionally engage in animal husbandry, raising pigs for yourself or for sale, but you live alone in remote areas, then when slaughtering a pig you can only rely on your own strength.

Even a 7-8 months old pig with a weight of 100-120 kg can cause you serious problems, and with standard fattening of an animal up to a weight of 160-200 kg it is very difficult to hammer it with a knife. With a large boar or a culled sow, one miner cannot do anything without assistants.

We do not recommend even trying to slaughter a large boar or a pig alone, because an aggressive animal that has gone out of itself becomes very dangerous and can cause serious injury to a person.

In this situation, the only way out may be the use of firearms. Using one shot to kill a strong animal is almost impossible, but it will almost certainly fall on its side, and to finish it with an accurate knife stroke is no longer a very difficult task.

Get permission and purchase a gun

But first of all, you need to get the right to purchase civilian weapons of self-defense, which can be used to hunt and slaughter domestic pigs.

To obtain permission to acquire, possess and use civilian weapons, you must meet the following requirements:

  • reach adulthood (18 years);
  • permanently reside at the place of their registration;
  • not to be registered with a narcologist and a psychiatrist, and also not to have other medical contraindications;
  • if previously had a criminal record, then it must be extinguished;
  • do not have a drive to the police and are not brought to administrative responsibility in the last 12 months;
  • complete special courses on the rules of handling firearms, and obtain the appropriate certificate.

Only if you fully comply with these requirements, you can get permission to purchase civilian weapons and buy them in a specialized shop.

It is best to kill single-barrel or double-barreled shotguns of 12 or 16 caliber, or TOZ sporting rifles, shooting bullets of 5.45 mm.

Preparing a shotgun and a pig for slaughter

The weapon must always be in good condition, and before the pig is slaughtered, it must once again be carefully checked, cleaned and lubricated. It is best to use a bullet charge. It has great power, and the bullet itself is later easier to remove from the carcass.

Fractional shot leaves a large number of pellets in the body of a pig, which are hard to find in the pulp of pork, and such meat is almost impossible to sell on the market.

When preparing a pig, stop feeding it for 12-24 hours, and 3-4 hours before slaughter, it needs to restrict access to drinking water. Such measures allow you to clear the intestines from waste products, and the bladder from urine.

It will be a big plus if you wash your piglet or adult pig shortly for slaughter. To do this, use a soft cloth and warm water with a temperature of about 30-35 degrees Celsius. If the animal was kept in a clean pen, then it is not necessary to perform the bathing procedure.

Slaughter shot in the head

If you plan to shoot a big pig yourself without the help of assistants, then make sure that on your slaughter site there was a pole dug firmly into the ground to which an animal can be tied.

It is very easy to lure a hungry pig to a slaughter site. Put some food in a small trough or bowl and place them in front of this pillar.

When the pig starts to eat, it will calm down a bit, and you can throw a loop on the neck of the pig, the second end of the strong rope should be tied to this post. Only after that you should get a gun, the sight of which may frighten the pig a little.

There is no single way to kill a pig with a rifle, and each pig farmer uses his own method for this. Some prefer to shoot behind the ear or in the auricle. It destroys the brain and leads to the rapid death of the animal.

The main disadvantage of this method is that the pig is paralyzed in the heart, and almost all the blood remains in the muscle fibers, reducing the quality of the pork.

Such meat has a not very aesthetic appearance and has a peculiar flavor that does not allow selling it on the market. Although for home use such pork is quite suitable.

How to shoot a heart and cut a pig

A more practical and qualitative is the implementation of a shot in the heart of a pig. This method is quite complicated, since it requires an accurate bullet hit between the third and fourth ribs of the animal, and it is almost impossible to verify the accuracy of the hit.

If the shot was made correctly, the pig will immediately fall and will rather quickly die from blood loss. The leaked blood will accumulate in the chest cavity of the animal, and it can be selected during the cutting of the carcass.

Individual pig producers use the combined method of slaughtering an adult pig or wild boar with a gun. To do this, they shoot at the head of a boar tied to a post, stunning it, but not causing fatal wounds.

A stunned animal needs to strike sharply with a specially prepared knife on the left or right side of the neck. Try to open the jugular vein or the carotid artery. With an exact blow from the wound, abundant bleeding will begin and it is necessary to substitute the container for blood collection.

If there is a special crossbar on the slaughter site with a system of blocks, then even a not very strong breeder can raise the carcass of a slaughtered pig on it, thus ensuring its complete bleeding.

Killing domestic pigs with a gun is prohibited

Official legislation prohibits the killing of a domestic pig with firearms, since it is carried out in a residential area and may pose threats to the life and health of other residents of your farmstead and the entire locality.

The owner of even a small farm engaged in growing pigs, has the opportunity to use the services of professional miners who can quickly and painlessly slaughter your pig.

Otherwise, you can hand it over to the slaughterhouse, or sell it in a living form to people specializing in the purchase of animals, their slaughter and cutting of carcasses, as well as the sale of meat and lard in the market.

This method may not be very beneficial to you from an economic point of view, but it will relieve you of problems with manifestations of conscience and pity for the pet you plan to kill.

Use airguns with caution.

Now let's see if it is possible to kill a fattening pig or an adult pig with the help of an air rifle. Keep in mind that shooting a strong animal from pneumatics is a difficult task that only makes sense when using weapons of a caliber larger than 6.35 mm and having two full tanks with air.

Such a rifle should produce muzzle energy in the region of 650 J, which will be enough to inflict a wound on an animal incompatible with life.

You can use a large-caliber pneumatic weapon to slaughter pigs, but you must be extremely careful. If you do not succeed in killing the pig from the first shot, then the animal that has felt the pain will begin to break out, injuring the neck, on which the rope loop is thrown. At the same time, hormones of fear will be produced in her body, which will greatly spoil the taste of meat.

Therefore, even properly finishing the animal, you will not be able to return the meat of the real taste of pork, and bruises and bruises will appear in the greasy layer, spoiling its appearance.

Using a firearm is the most dangerous method of slaughtering pigs. But despite a number of shortcomings, including inhumanity towards animals, he has a right to exist. Especially on farms located at a great distance from other settlements.

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