How to stab a pig in the heart


To quickly get to the right point when stabbing an animal, you must be able to clearly determine where the pigs have a heart. That's about it and talk in the article. We will tell how to find this important body, what tools to use for slaughter, and how to act during this difficult procedure. Moreover, the difficulty lies not only in the physical plane, but also in the psychological one. And remember that the hairpin procedure requires concentration and attention.

Determine the day: seasonal and physiological criteria

To begin with, how to choose the right day for the slaughter of a pig. Remember that the colder it is on the street, the more comfortable it will be to work. For this reason, in winter, there is no fundamental difference when stabbing an animal. In the summer, it is better to take up work in the morning, when the heat has not reached a peak.

Rain will not interfere if there is a covered slaughter room on the premises. Otherwise, the procedure should be postponed. With regards to the pig itself, it is recommended to take into account its weight and physiological state. For each breed, grown in the home, there is a downhole weight. For example, for a large white pig it is 150 kg, and for a Vietnamese vislobryukhoy - 75-80 kg.

On the physiological side, it is recommended not to designate the slaughter of pigs during the period of sexual hunting. At this time, the sow's body secretes an excessive amount of hormones, which reduces the quality of the meat of the animal and makes the work ineffective. It is better if about 10 days pass from the end of the "gulki", then you can get the most perfect product.

Preparation: inspection, feeding, processing

Before we tell you how to properly kill a pig with a knife in the heart, let's open a few secrets related to preparing cattle for slaughter. Gathering to sell the meat, show the pig to the vet before killing. Deciding to keep the product yourself, you can not order inspection.

12 hours before slaughter it is forbidden to feed a pig, but in the water it is not necessary to limit the animal. There are two reasons for this: the empty bowels will not spoil the meat and it is much easier to lure the pig from the barn by luring food. Do not forget to rinse the animal with warm water - this will reduce the number of germs and contribute to the extension of the life of the carcass.

Most problems at slaughter occur at the stage of the removal of individuals from the pen. If the pig is not previously beyond its limits, then she herself will not leave him. Any sounds from outside will scare the animal, just like you, starting to drag. It is more reasonable to cover the pig’s head with a thick cloth and slowly pull it out of the machine. But, remember that haste is a bad helper in any job.

Preparation of tools

Today we are talking about how to stab a pig in the heart. In the preparation of tools, we will focus on the inventory, suitable for this method of slaughter. Before taking the animal out of the machine, prepare the following equipment for operation:

  • blowtorch or gas cutter;
  • strong rope;
  • buckets;
  • cloth or gauze napkins;
  • blade for stabbing;
  • ordinary knife;
  • ax.

When a sow is slaughtered at home, the most important thing is to choose a quality knife for work. How to choose a tool, and how it should be, we told in the article "Which knife to choose for the slaughter of a pig." We only recall that in the case of the option of killing an animal by a blow to the heart, a double-edged blade is required.

Its length depends on the size of the pig, but as a rule it is 22-25 cm in length. Blade thickness 2-3 mm. And pay special attention to the fact that the blade runs along the entire length of the handle. This is important, because otherwise the knife may break at the crucial moment. The handle itself should ideally be wooden, so as not to slip in the process of slaughtering.

With regards to a blowtorch or gas cutter, the fixtures are used to roast pig carcasses. Blood is poured into buckets during bleeding operations or the entrails are folded. The second knife is used for stripping the hides, and the ax chops the thick bones of the animal after slaughter.

All the details about this, read the article "How to butcher a pig."

Site preparation

While slaughtering a piglet at home, you should prepare a special place - an improvised slaughterhouse, where you will send a pig for killing and butchering. Of course, special equipment is installed at specialized sites, but you can do everything yourself.

Select a covered room, remotely standing from the pigsty. Inside install a U-shaped horizontal bar, about 2 m tall. Suspend hooks to the upper strap with strong belts - this design will help in exsanguinating the pig. Cover the floor before slaughter with straw or sawdust to collect them after work and get rid of the "blood marks".

Next to the horizontal bar build a cutting "table". It can be done from wooden pallets, an old metal door, or just lay a thick oilcloth. Prepare a wide stump for cutting animal carcass. But, it makes sense to do this if slaughter of pigs is carried out regularly.

A one-time slaughter can also be carried out on the plot, by dropping a pig on the flooring and striking a blow. The main thing - to arrange the "podium" in such a way that blood flowed from the wound.

Explanation Stages

Speaking about how to slaughter a piglet, it is worth explaining all the steps of the procedure. Pig slaughter consists of 4 basic steps:

  • drive to the slaughterhouse;
  • fixation;
  • slaughter;
  • bleeding.

We said that with the first item there could be difficulties and told how to solve them. Another option to lure a pig is to lay a track out of the food. With regards to the fixation of animals, let's talk about this later, and now let's look at how to make a blow in the heart with a blow.

Determine the region of the pig's heart - the left side of the sternum, between 3 and 6 ribs. Feel for this zone and find a place where you can feel the beating. In this joint of the heart muscle and chest wall must be hit. Beat quickly and clearly, driving the knife to the full length of the blade.

If the knife entered correctly, you will feel a ripple. Leave it in the carcass until the cramps stop and the pig finally subsides.

Of course, the procedure for a beginner from a psychological point of view is very complicated. If you feel that you can not cope, then contact an experienced miner. Watching his actions, maybe next time you can do it yourself.

Variants of carcass fixation

To produce a slaughter of a pig, in order to avoid problems, one must first immobilize the animal, especially if it is large. We give three options for how to do this and tell you about the pros and cons.

The first way of tying up the pig is cutting: a rope loop is thrown onto the hind legs of the boar and pulled over the opposite end of the rope in the direction left-up. When the animal falls, press it to the ground. Minus method - to immobilize the pig will need 2 people.

In the second variant, both front and hind legs are tied to the pigs before slaughter, and after that they are knocked to the side and kept motionless. Plus - one helper is required, minus - it is difficult to distract the animal in order to connect the limbs well.

The third option - hanging from the crossbar - is used on farms where a horizontal bar for slaughter is already installed. The pig is twisted legs, the end of the rope is thrown over the crossbar, tightened to the desired height and secured. Of the benefits - the lack of assistants. Minus - to tighten on a horizontal bar 250 kg of live weight is quite hard work.

Bleeding procedure: need and features

The blood in the meat can spoil the product, making it tasteless, and reducing the quality, thereby significantly devaluing. Therefore, when pricking a pig, do not forget to bleed blood from the carcass so as not to ruin the work.

Bleeding is performed by opening the carotid artery in a pig. But when stabbing a pig in the heart, blood accumulates in the abdominal cavity of the animal. It is necessary to remove it from there when opening, using napkins, bandages or a clean cloth.

The bleeding procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes. Do not hold a pig any more, so you only will stretch time, but you will not achieve the best result. While the animal’s artery is draining blood, place a bucket in the hole. This is done in order not to leave a blood puddle after slaughter. But pig breeders use collected blood to make blood sausage.

Distinctive features of killing pig

The main difference in the slaughter of boars - the mass. When you prick them, not pigs, remember this. If you can use one helper to kill a pig, then it’s better to kill a boar with two sturdy workers. Without doing this, you can not keep the animal in a stationary position.

The inability to completely immobilize the boar before slaughter, leads to the fact that at the moment when you prick the heart, the animal can break out and the knife will pass in the wrong place. The blow is applied with maximum strength, otherwise the skin can not be punched. The boar can break the ropes if you do not calculate their strength.

The second important point in the slaughter of boars - adults are castrated before being sent for slaughter. The procedure is carried out no later than 2 months before the selected date. This is due to the fact that male sex hormones, getting into the blood, spoil the product. The meat smells foul and gets an unpleasant taste.

Features when working with milk jugs

A suckling pig is an animal that is in the age range from about a month to weaning from a sow (2-2.5 months). In practice, the above recommendations on the slaughter of an adult pig are also used for small pigs. The obvious difference, as in the issue with boars, is only in the mass.

Instructions on how to kill small pigs were given in the article "How to slaughter a piglet," and if you are to work with this age category of animals, we recommend that you read it. If you only slaughter occasionally, then just follow the general rules.

The only thing worth remembering is that you can slaughter alone only piglets weighing less than 20 kg. If the mass of the pig exceeds this line, call an assistant to hold the animal in one position. Do not overestimate your strength, as this can go sideways.

Small piglets weighing 7-10 kg are often fixed on a regular stool. The assistant in this case does not hurt to hold the pig during slaughter. It does not require too much power and the knife can be much smaller. Enough blade length of 15-18 cm, because your goal - to reach the heart. Having determined its location, boldly prick into the desired area with a sharp movement.

Subsequent actions are similar to those described above. The knife pulsing in a wound speaks about the accuracy of the blow. You can pull it out only after the piglet’s complete breathing stops.

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