How can pigs be slaughtered at home


It is very difficult for a livestock breeder to organize the slaughter of pigs at home. This should be carried out competently and quickly, so as not to cause stress in the animal, which is reflected in the taste of pork. There are many methods of slaughter that professionals use. However, in the conditions of a small farm, it is worthwhile to do it yourself in order to reduce costs. In the article we will talk about some of the rules and methods of this process.

The best time to slaughter pigs

At home, the pig breeder selects the most suitable time for the slaughter of pets, focusing on the availability of feed and premises for keeping grown animals. Most often, the planned slaughter of fattening piglets, turned into large and strong pigs, is carried out in late autumn or early winter.

By this time, the majority of owners of small peasant farmsteads are running out of fodder, and 8–10 month-old piglets that have reached a weight of 120–160 kg cannot fit in the pens that have become close for them. In addition, the near onset of cold weather requires the pig breeder to provide heating of the pigsty, which in today's reality is a very expensive pleasure.

Another reason for winter slaughtering is the sharply increasing demand for pork and lard in December, which are very popular in the markets and in retail chains.

Preparing for slaughter in the summer

Sometimes, the slaughter of pigs is required in the summer or autumn, long before the time of the planned slaughter. Most often this may be due to the onset of a family holiday or celebration, or the receipt of a very profitable order for the supply of pork.

If one of the advantages of winter slaughter of pigs at home is the absence of blood-sucking insects and flies, then in summertime they can cause serious inconvenience.

When preparing for the process in the backyard, the owner of a small farm must take care to create a temporary shadow. To do this, make a canopy of thick fabric that does not transmit the sun's rays.

Remember that pigs of any age react negatively to bright light and will definitely get nervous, preventing you from properly and quickly slaughtering them.

To get rid of flies, you can use fumigators and electronic devices used to repel insects.

Today we will tell how to slaughter a pig at home at any time of the year, without causing additional torment to the animal, and also not bringing oneself to nervous stress.

However, if you decide to do everything yourself, then it would not hurt to first observe the work of an experienced miner. He will tell and show how to properly slaughter adult boars, sows or piglets. As for the latter, we describe in detail in one of the ways of slaughtering the young in the article “How to slaughter a piglet correctly”.

Age features of slaughter pigs and boars

In the planned slaughter of fattening pigs and hogs, as well as single sows and sows, the farmer carefully prepares each animal for this procedure. If the pigs and castrated pigs that have not reached puberty never encounter any particular problems, then the untimely slaughter of an adult pig and a mature boar can yield a large amount of meat, which, due to the specific smell, will be unfit for human consumption.

The meat of mature boar is saturated with highly toxic substance - skatole, which has an extremely unpleasant odor, and the structure of pork itself is very tough. Therefore, at least 3 months before the planned slaughter of such boars, it is necessary to neutered.

The situation is similar with single pigs, in which the hunting period begins at intervals of 18-21 days. These days the pig's body is satiated with hormones. Its meat has a peculiar smell and is very difficult to sell in the market.

It is best to organize the slaughter of an idle pig no earlier than 10 days after the end of the hunt, when the body is completely cleared of harmful substances.

Rules for preparing pigs for slaughter

At least 12-24 hours before the intended slaughter, a pig of any age and sex is required to restrict access to food. In order for the animal not to experience stress, it is best a few days before that to place it in a separate pen, to which it will gradually get used and be calm.

Cleaning the intestines from waste products will play an important role in cutting the carcass. In the gastrointestinal tract of the pig lives a large number of various microorganisms that, if accidentally hit on meat, can spoil its taste and reduce the shelf life.

At least 3-4 hours before slaughter, the pig stops giving water. This allows it to clear its bladder, which can be damaged during the subsequent cutting of the carcass.

Remember that the ingress of pig urine to meat immediately spoils its taste, and the unpleasant smell cannot be completely removed even after repeated washing in clean water.

Preparation of the slaughter site and the necessary tools

The site prepared for the slaughter of pigs should be placed in the backyard, outside the line of sight of other animals. It should be spacious so that it can simultaneously fit an adult boar, reaching a weight of 300-350 kg, as well as a miner and 1-3 of his assistant.

If you decide to use the services of a professional to slaughter a pig, then you can be sure that he will bring all the necessary tools with him.

Otherwise, you need to prepare strong ropes, a sledgehammer for stunning the pig, blood collection tanks, hot water and a sharply sharpened knife with a blade length of 18-22 cm. The knife should be made of hardened steel, not bend, have a non-slip wooden handle, and the steel web should run from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.

Immediately prepare a wooden shield, on which the pig's carcass will lie on it during the grinding, removal of dirt and stubble, as well as cutting. For this, a barn door or any other outbuilding that has been removed from its hinges is perfect.

Ways of slaughtering pigs at home

The pig breeder suffers least of all problems during the planned or early slaughter of pigs that have not reached the age of 6 months.

Slaughtering rules for dairy pigs allow the use of a stool or a small table on which a small animal weighing 10-15 kg can be put.

At home, various methods of slaughtering pigs are used, the main ones of which are:

  • a precise stab with a knife in the neck with damage to the carotid artery or pig's jugular vein, and subsequent death from blood loss;
  • stabbing the left chest with damage to the heart and death from internal hemorrhage.
  • accurate shot of a firearm in the heart or skull;
  • use a strong discharge of electric current.

The first two methods we consider in detail in the article "How can you slaughter a pig."

The last two methods are considered barbaric, and we do not recommend using them at home.

It is best to kill a small piglet by cutting its carotid artery or jugular vein around its neck. If you have prepared a special crossbar, then the body can be hung on it by the hind legs with its head down.

Within 6-7 minutes, all the blood flows into the substituted container, and a completely bloodless carcass is very easy to expose to tar and subsequent cutting.

No helpers can not do

Today we will tell you how an adult single pig is slaughtered, it has great strength and feels danger in advance. Often, these are rejected pigs aged 4-5 years and weighing 120-250 kg. To overcome such an animal alone is very difficult, so you will definitely need an assistant, or even two or three.

It is almost impossible to lure a large animal to a slaughter site, so the miner is required to use cunning. To do this, put a big bucket on the pig's head, or throw a piece of light-tight fabric over it.

Wanting to be free, the pig starts backing away, and the farmer just needs to direct it in the right direction.

To calm the frightened animal in front of her, you can put a trough with food, and while the pig eats greedily, the assistant must throw a loop of strong rope on her right leg. After that, he jerks the animal to the right side with a sharp jerk, and the miner delivers a precise blow to the neck or heart. Due to the large size and complexity of laying a pig on a special platform or a cutting table, this method is most preferable. And to keep the resisting pig, of course, will be easier together.

How to kill a boar at home

The slaughter of an adult not neutered wild boar at home is an extremely difficult task, which even a few strong men can not cope with.

Walking boar, having a weight of about 250-350 kg, has incredible strength and is extremely aggressive. If he feels danger, he can cause serious injury and injury to the slaughterman and his assistants.

Such animals are best slaughtered in slaughterhouses with large pig-breeding complexes. There, the boars are euthanized with carbon dioxide or stunned by a discharge of electric current, and then exsanguinated by cutting the carotid artery and jugular vein.

At home, a stun gun is used to stun a large animal or it is hit hard with a sledge hammer on the forehead, slightly above the eyes. Stunned and unconscious boar slaughtered solely with a knife in the heart. And right up until his death, he should be held by the miner and 2-3 of his assistants.

Some farmers use other methods of slaughter, which they consider practical and convenient. They can kill a boar from a firearm by shooting him at the heart or head. Or use a strong discharge of high voltage current that paralyzes the activity of the heart muscle.

In either case, the boar feels severe pain and produces testosterone, and the quality of the pork is reduced. As we said above, such methods among professional pig breeders are not considered humane, and we do not recommend using them.

Slaughtering a pig alone

If you live in a remote area and do not have the opportunity to invite an assistant, you can carry out the slaughter of a large pig yourself, preparing for this a special machine.

As a rule, at a height of about 2-2.5 m, a securely fixed crossbar with a block is installed, which allows even a person who does not possess great physical strength to easily raise an animal above the ground, having a weight from 100 to 250 kg.

Such mechanisms are used in industrial slaughterhouses and you can first get acquainted with the principle of their equipment. It will be necessary only to adapt the machine for slaughtering a pig to the conditions of your backyard economy, using solid wood or metal structures to make it.

Having lured a pig to the slaughter site, loops of strong ropes are pounced on its hind legs, after which the animal rises above the ground. The pig breeder should, without losing time, cut her carotid artery or jugular vein and substitute a container for blood collection.

Pickling and cutting can be carried out in a suspended position, or by lowering the pig carcass on a special wooden flooring.

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