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In the article we will talk about how to cut a pig at home. Unprepared owners experience serious psychological discomfort when faced with the need to do it personally. However, it is better to immediately learn how to slaughter animals of different age groups correctly, so that they do not experience unnecessary pain and not suffer. For this there are various ways. In addition, pre-slaughter preparation is important.

Standard Slaughter Feeding Pig

Breeding pigs at home is a specific process whose main task is to ensure proper care for animals and proper feeding with high-calorie foods.

This allows the fattening pig to quickly gain weight, turning into an adult animal, reaching an industrial weight of 120-160 kg by 7-8 months.

Under normal conditions, owners of small farms acquire 1.5-2 monthly piglets in early spring and feed them until late autumn or the beginning of winter.

With this approach, you can count on getting from each carcass to 100-140 kg of meat and fat. But in some cases, the pig is required to score before reaching the standard age and it is required to possess the elementary skills of stabbing such an animal.

Forced and customized slaughter of young animals

The need for slaughtering pigs that have not reached the desired weight may be due to various factors. In some cases, this is due to the lack of feed and the means to acquire them, the senselessness of the cost of maintaining the weak and slowly gaining weight of animals.

Most often, non-industrial-weight piglets are sent for slaughter in the event of:

  • receipt of a profitable order for the purchase of carcasses of dairy pigs;
  • supply of elite restaurants with meat that does not have a large amount of fatty layers from piglets who have reached the age of 3-4 months;
  • industrial slaughter of six-month-old piglets who did not have time to form a greasy layer;
  • special breeding of animals for a special date (wedding, anniversary).

In some cases, there may be a process of urgent cutting out of the fattening herd associated with the spread of swine fever, swine flu and other dangerous infections in nearby communities.

In such cases, it is best to cut and sell all the pigs for meat than to wait until the quarantine is declared, and all pigs living in its territory will be subject to mandatory disposal.

Pre-slaughter piglet preparation

At home, in order to slaughter a piglet, the farmer needs at least one day to prepare. This is due to the fact that 12-24 hours before the estimated time of slaughter it must be stopped to feed. This time allows to release the intestines of the animal from waste products, most of which should go along with fecal masses.

The termination of feeding allows you to remove from the body of toxic substances and prevents the process of their accumulation in muscle fibers.

This not only improves the taste characteristics of the meat, but also simplifies the subsequent process of cutting up the pig's carcass, reducing the risk of damage to the intestines and infection of pork by bacteria living in the digestive tract of a pig.

The piglet should be separated from the drinker for 3-4 hours to allow the bladder to empty.

Remember that getting even the smallest drops of highly toxic urine on pork significantly spoils its taste, and in some cases can even make the meat unfit for human consumption.

Prepare a convenient site

Now we are talking about young pigs. On how to slaughter a pig, say below. But regardless of age, size and gender, the process should not cause the animals excessive suffering and cause stress, which negatively affects the taste characteristics of the meat.

Milk pigs and pigs that have reached the age of 3-4 months, significantly differ in their size and weight from adult pigs. They have much less physical strength, and when slaughtering a farmer may well do without the help of a professional miner, who will definitely need to pay for the work or share the meat.

If for the slaughter of an adult pig it is required to prepare an extensive slaughter site, then a small piglet can be slaughtered in the backyard of the farm. If the other inhabitants of the pigsty see the process of slaughter, they will definitely get nervous and lose their appetite. The rate at which they gain weight decreases dramatically, and toxic substances begin to accumulate in their muscle fibers, reducing the taste characteristics of the meat.

Necessary equipment and tools

Due to the small size and weight of the pig (an average of 20-40 kg), you can use a stool or a small table for its slaughter and subsequent dressing.

It is best to immediately make a solid crossbar on the height of a human being, on which there should be special hooks for hanging carcasses, pieces of meat and fat.

If the process of slaughtering a piglet is carried out in hot summer, then you need to first prepare a canopy, for which the farmer can use a piece of old cloth. This will protect the pork from direct sunlight, which can spoil its taste and shorten the period of safe storage.

Be sure to check for clean blood collection tanks, soldering or gas bulbs for carcass tar, and hot water to help wash away dirt and bristle residue.

As for the slaughter of an adult animal, you will need to prepare a sharp steel knife with an stiff blade, 18-22 cm long, and a wooden non-slip handle.

Non-standard methods of slaughtering piglets

To entice a hungry pig on a slaughter area is easy enough. He calmly goes for a bowl of food and immediately starts eating as soon as you put it on the ground. It is best to wait a couple of minutes so that he calms down, and only then proceed to the slaughter.

Some farmers use a high-power discharge or shotgun for slaughtering piglets, but such methods are more like simple killing and are totally unacceptable.

Depending on the purpose for which the pig is killed, it is cut with a blow to the heart or to the neck, cutting the carotid artery or the jugular vein.

If you are planning to sell a carcass in an elite restaurant where its integrity is required, then it is best to strike a blow in the heart, after having thrown the piglet on its right side. With a strong and precise blow, you need to pierce the ribcage on the left side between the third and fourth ribs.

With this method, after slaughtering, the piglets are washed with hot water and immediately sent to the customer, who provides bleeding of the carcass and preparing it for baking.

Provide maximum bleeding

When slaughtering a piglet for personal consumption of pork or selling it on the market, it is better to use the method of striking the neck. In this case, does not play a role at all, a deep incision will be made with a knife on the right or left side of the neck.

For the subsequent more complete bleeding of the carcass on the hind legs of the piglet, it is necessary to throw loops and lift it above the ground, securing the ropes on the previously prepared crossbar.

From the right or left auricle, we draw an imaginary line to the pharynx, after which we make a sharp puncture at a point 2-3 cm from the ear. If such a blow is hard for you, then just cut the neck in this area without damaging the trachea.

Excessive blood flow will be a signal that you have damaged one of the two main blood vessels of the animal correctly. After this, it is necessary to substitute the container into which practically all the blood will flow out within a few minutes. You will remove its remnants in the process of subsequent cutting of the carcass.

Features of slaughter of pigs

Usually, in order to slaughter a pig at home, the farmer also needs at least one day to prepare. The technology of slaughtering adult animals is in many ways similar to the slaughter of piglets. However, there are significant differences associated with the physiological characteristics and size of individuals.

Remember that the slaughter of pregnant sows is strictly prohibited. This is wrong not only from the moral and ethical point of view, but also due to the fact that the body of such a pig is saturated with sex hormones, which make pork not very pleasant to taste.

Before you slaughter a pig, you need to watch it for several weeks, waiting for the start of the next hunt, which occurs at intervals of 18-21 days. During the hunting period, the animal's body is maximally saturated with toxic substances, which are formed as a result of the breakdown of sex hormones.

It is best to score a single sow after 10 days from the end of the hunt, when the pork has no extraneous odors and has an excellent taste.

No helpers can not do

A pig that reaches a weight of 200-250 kg should be brought to the previously prepared slaughter site without a shout. Take care that it does not receive excessive stress associated with the production of hormones of fear, spoiling the taste of meat.

It is best to put a large container on her head or throw a piece of light-resistant burlap. The pig will surely try to free itself and begin to back up, and the farmer only needs to direct its movement towards the killer site.

An adult pig is a very strong animal that can cause serious problems even to a professional slaughterman. Therefore, without assistants you can not manage.

Best of all, if he will be one, in extreme cases - two. Several people on the same site can only interfere with each other.

After the pig is moved to the slaughter site, a noose is pounced on the back right leg, and the assistant shoots the animal on the right side with a sharp jerk forward and left. Now the main thing is not to waste time and quickly strike a sharp blow with a knife to the heart or neck.

Use a heart beat

Some pig producers, before cutting a pig, deliver a strong blow with a sledgehammer to the frontal part of the head just above the eyebrow area. This is done in order to immobilize a particularly large individual. An animal stunned by such a blow for about 30-45 seconds loses the ability to resist, and you need to spend time slaughtering it during this time.

Because of the large size of an adult pig, cutting it with a blow to the neck is not very convenient. This is due to the fact that you almost guaranteed you can not quickly lift it to the cutting table, and it is very difficult to substitute a container for blood collection under an animal lying on the ground.

A blow to the neck with a cutting of the carotid artery and the jugular vein can be done by slaughtering a piglet weighing about 100 kg when slaughtering at home. For a larger animal, it is better to use another method related to stabbing the heart.

To do this, the miner gropes on the left side of the pig lying on the ground the third and fourth ribs, between which the blade of the knife must be thrust. If you hit the target accurately, the knife will begin to pulsate along with heartbeats.

Some pickers immediately take the knife out of the pig, covering the wound with a clean rag. Others leave it in the heart until the animal dies completely. You can use any of these methods, the main thing is to prevent infections from getting into the wound.

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