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If you first started growing piglets, you can hardly imagine how to properly cut a pig, without causing it suffering and not spoiling the quality of pork. Often, livestock breeders experience serious discomfort when pets reach a slaughter weight and the time comes for their slaughter, which must be carried out according to all the rules and recommendations of specialists. Today we will talk about how to cut adult animals, after competently conducting the entire preparatory process.

Preparing pigs for slaughter

The owners of small peasant farms try to keep feeding animals until the age of 9-10 months, until the individual has a thick layer of fat. Usually, a pig is slaughtered in the winter when it weighs 160 kg or more.

With the onset of cold weather and the upcoming high expenditure of feed, it is necessary to think how to slaughter a pig in order to get the maximum amount of high-quality pork.

3-4 hours before slaughter the pig should stop receiving water. This will help clear the bladder from urine.

Remember that damage to the bladder and the ingress of highly toxic pork urine to meat can not only worsen its taste, but also make the pork unsuitable for human consumption.

Even earlier, 12-24 hours before slaughtering a pig, it should be transferred to starvation, without giving any food at all. During this time, all the food consumed by it is digested and leaves the intestines along with fecal masses.

The intestines freed from waste products will take up less space and are harder to damage during the cutting of the carcass. This is very important, because in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs there is a large number of bacteria that will necessarily spoil the taste and quality of the meat by hitting it.

Conclusion to the slaughter area

Adult pigs are very intelligent animals and anticipate the approach of their own death. Before slaughtering a pig, the farmer must remove it from the shed without excessive noise, which can cause panic in the animal and make it uncontrollable.

Remember that the extra screams can attract the unnecessary attention of other inhabitants of the pigsty, who will also be nervous, lose their appetite for a few days and reduce the rate of weight gain.

A hungry pig, who sees a bowl of food, will independently follow her to the slaughterhouse. But with an adult animal such a trick may not pass.

It is best to apply the long-proven way in which domestic breeders have been used for many centuries.

You need to put on a big bucket or throw a piece of opaque fabric on the head of the animal being sent for slaughter. Trying to free the head, the pig starts backing away, and the miner can only direct it in the right direction, leading it to the destructive site.

According to the rules to equip the place of slaughter

Slaughter area should be flat and roomy. It is best to equip the backyard outside the line of sight of the other inhabitants of the pigsty.

When preparing for slaughter, you should immediately prepare the wooden flooring for the subsequent cutting of pig carcasses, clean blood collection tanks, strong ropes for fixation, as well as a sledgehammer to stun the animal that has gone out of control of the miner.

As the flooring, you can use the door from any outbuilding, previously removed from the hinges. It should not be traces of paint.

Professional livestock breeders equip a special crossbar with a unit that helps lift the animal by the hind legs for subsequent bleeding, but this is not necessary in a small household.

Depending on the method of slaughtering a pig, a stiff steel knife with a blade length of 18-22 cm, as well as a sturdy and non-slip handle made of wood may be required. It can have a one-sided or two-sided sharpening, which also does not play a special role. Read more in the article "Which knife to choose for slaughtering a pig."

Sometimes for the slaughter of especially large animals use special electric shock guns and firearms.

The main methods of slaughter

How to slaughter a pig, we will tell further. There are several ways to slaughter, each of which has its pros and cons.

In large pig farms that have reached industrial weight, animals are pre-euthanized by dropping a cage with animals into a container of carbon dioxide, after which the piglets are suspended by their hind legs on special equipment.

Unconscious individuals are pricked in the neck with special knives, punching the carotid artery or jugular vein, and then allow blood to drain into special containers. The little pig dies very quickly.

Some private owners in the village also pre-hang individuals by the legs, but this can make sense only when small pigs are slaughtered. When slaughtering an adult pig or neutered boar, the animal must be immobilized and securely fixed.

If the slave’s assistants manage to bind the pig's legs, the animal can be put on a special slaughtering table, but this is not always possible. Most often, a loop is simply thrown onto her right hind leg and a sharp cutting is made by moving left-forward.

A pig that has fallen on the right side must be held until the miner strikes her with a precise knife blow to the neck or heart.

Slaughtering with a knife

The easiest way to kill a pig with a knife. Such a process is quick and practically painless, and the animal dies from blood loss. Allocate:

  • kicking with a blow to the neck without damaging the trachea;
  • striking the left side of the chest with heart damage.
  • cutting the throat, including the airways (the method is not humane, and we do not recommend using it).

From the point of view of obtaining high-quality and fully blood drained meat, it is best to use the first method. The picker needs to draw an imaginary line from the auricle to the pharynx on the right or left side of the animal's neck. If you prick a pig yourself, then swiftly strike a point 2-3 cm from the ear.

If you manage to damage the carotid artery or the jugular vein of the pig, there will be heavy bleeding. After a couple of minutes, the pig dies, and complete exsanguination of the carcass provides a strong heart that pumps blood into the wound. As a rule, after 10-15 minutes, the farmer can begin cutting the pig carcass.

Read more in the article "How to stab a pig in the neck."

Strike fast and accurate

Very often, a large pig or boar, having a weight of about 200-300 kg, cannot be lifted onto a special table or crossbar in order to ensure the collection of flowing blood in the container.

In such cases, cutting is done by applying a precise stab to the heart. Feel for a point located on the left side of the chest between 3 and 4 ribs, where you need to strike. Surely prick the pig, driving the knife to the maximum depth.

If the knife hit the heart, then it starts to pulse. The death of an animal comes from internal hemorrhage. The blood accumulates in the internal cavity of the body and the valuable product can later be drawn out without problems during carcass cutting.

Read more in the article "How to stab a pig in the heart."

It is strictly not recommended to cut the pig's throat with tracheal damage. Besides the fact that the animal experiences severe pain and suffocates, it manages to produce a large amount of toxic hormones that will necessarily spoil the taste of meat.

Inhumane ways of slaughtering pigs

Some farmers, who are not sure that they will be able to cope with a large and powerful animal, use other methods of slaughter, which considerably simplify the process, but negatively affect the taste of meat.

The most common use of a sledgehammer is to stun boars and large sows, which are then cut using a regular knife. In this case, a strong blow is applied to the animal's forehead, 2-3 cm above the eye line, after which it must be quickly slaughtered.

Can be used for slaughter and a special electric shocker. His stroke paralyzes the heart muscle, and the pig will die within minutes. The main disadvantage of the method is that the farmer does not have time for tar shingles, since it is urgent to cut up the pig and bleed its carcass. Read more in the article "How to slaughter pigs stun."

If you want to score a walking boar with a weight of about 350 kg, then the use of firearms is allowed, but the shot must be made exactly in the heart. This greatly simplifies the process of slaughter, although even with an accurate hit the pig is very frightened, under stress and has time to release toxic hormones that poison the meat. Read more in the article "How to shoot a pig with a gun."

Features of the face of wild boars

When growing pigs for meat before reaching the mature age of the boar, it should be castrated. Timely castration ensures stable growth of the animal, which later has a docile nature and a great appetite. His body does not produce testosterone, which provokes the accumulation in the boar’s muscles of a highly toxic substance called skatole, which gives pork an extremely unpleasant smell and taste.

You can get rid of the unpleasant smell if we castrate the hog before the onset of reproductive age, or at least 2 months before slaughter. With this approach, the muscle fibers are partially released from skatole, and pork begins to smell much better. Although it is impossible to completely get rid of the characteristic aroma.

The slaughter of a large boar is an extremely difficult procedure, as this animal has tremendous power and is extremely aggressive. It is almost impossible for a single farmer to slaughter an ungraded wild boar, and you will need to invite 2-3 strong men who must take maximum precautions.

If you work alone, it is best to pre-stun the boar with a strong blow of a sledgehammer in the forehead, then firmly tie his legs. For stunning, you can use the ax, striking a butt in the same place. The farmer chooses a further method of slaughter at his discretion.

Masking rules

Already 10-15 minutes after the pig or boar ceased to show signs of life, you can proceed to beaming and cutting the carcass. Paling helps remove stubble and dirt from skin, making it soft and tasty.

Usually, a gas torch or a blowtorch is used for coating, which makes the process quick and convenient.

For the past hundreds of years, Ukrainian farmers have used the traditional method of pasting using ordinary straw. The carcass is covered with fresh and dry straw, which is set on fire. This procedure is repeated several times until the carcass is evenly balanced.

Burning straw burns stubble and steams the skin, which softens and saturates with fat. Fragrant skin gives a special taste to fat, which is very popular.

As mentioned above, when cutting carcasses, it is important not to damage the intestines and the bladder, the contents of which will necessarily spoil the taste of pork and reduce its shelf life.

Also known is the Ukrainian method of cutting carcass, in which blood and entrails are first removed, and fat is cut off along with the skin. Only after that should proceed to the full cutting of the carcass into 8 parts. Details in the article "How to butcher a pig."

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