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At home, you can use a stun gun to slaughter pigs. This method is not particularly humane compared to other stunning methods. However, farmers with little experience often paralyze (but do not kill) animals with just such a device. It helps to cope with large carcasses of boars and sows. In any case, the pig is immobilized for some time. In the article we will talk about the types of shockers and how the slaughter technique is carried out with its help.


There are many types of stun guns that can stun a pig at home or in pig farms with a large flow of animals. In the latter version, special rooms are equipped, where the shocker devices are located.

An electrical stunning device is usually a device (with a metal tip or clips) through which electrical current is applied to the target. Its effect has a paralyzing effect on the object.

On pig farms we use the device "Stun E", which converts the frequency and has a microprocessor control. He also has protection against overloads and closures. In conditions of slaughter with the help of such a shocker you can slaughter up to 100 animals per hour.

Another device, model "STZ-5", works on the principle of automatic measurement of body resistance. This happens when electrodes are touched. The device consists of a stunning forceps, power supply and signal lamps. If necessary, you can change the voltage or frequency. The design makes it easy to maneuver with forceps.

There are also forceps for stunning the firm "Freund", in which seven programs slaughter pigs. The type of stunning is selected depending on the weight of the individual.

In order to slaughter a pig on their own, more compact models of stun guns are used in the private farmstead. They usually have a launch button on the case for convenience. The whole design is powered by batteries or a battery that can be charged.

Scheme of work

Usually in the process of slaughtering pigs in the conditions of a private farm, several people participate. Great weight and aggressive behavior of individuals can injure a person. Therefore, for immobilization, you can use the stun gun. If you need to kill a small pig, then you can also stun him so that he does not have time to get scared.

You can pre-start water procedures, such as watering a pet with water from a hose. They distract and calm the pig. In addition, water is a good conductor of current.

The procedure for the slaughter of pigs with a shocker:

  • a pig must be tied behind the back foot with a rope no longer than 1 m in the street or in a shed;
  • attach the device to the temple or chest as tightly as possible and press the power button;
  • hold the button for 5 seconds;
  • re-supply of current can be ensured if the pig is still in a conscious state;
  • when the pig has lost consciousness, you need to stab her with a knife (thrust into the heart or into the carotid artery).

If a pig is slaughtered in the heart, then it must be laid on its side. If the method of cutting the carotid artery is chosen, but the cattle is hung upside down to quickly bleed. Details in the articles "How to stab the pig in the heart" and "How to stab the pig in the neck."

After that, all subsequent procedures are performed to drain the blood, remove the internal organs and clean the carcass from the bristles.

On a pig farm

Industrial stunning pigs stun occurs when the current is supplied through forceps attached to the ears of the animal. There are also models when the device (stack) acts on the back of the head. In the slaughterhouse shops, the equipment gives a voltage of 65 to 100 V, and the current strength is 1.5 A. Duration of exposure is 6-8 seconds.

There is a more simplified view of the shocker. In it, electricity is supplied to a sharp rod, reinforced on a wooden handle. The edge is driven into the back of the head of a pig. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds until complete stun. The person who does this should stand on a rubber mat. At home, this method of using homemade devices is prohibited by safety.

Whichever stun gun a pig hoggler does not use, it is important to choose a suitable voltage. If it is weak, it will only infuriate the animal. Too strong pig can kill. According to the rules, it should not exceed 300-320V.

Not humane way

As mentioned above, the use of a stun gun for pigs is not a humane method of slaughtering. However, without stunning, killing a strong animal, especially alone, is almost impossible.

The bad news is that if the shocker did not help the first time, then the pig or the boar become very aggressive. The same thing, if the action of the current passed, and the animal could not be stabbed quickly. The more cattle are worried and under stress, the worse the meat becomes. That's because the hormone adrenaline gets into the blood.

The disadvantages of using a stun gun are that pigs and piglets can have ruptures of the skin and hemorrhages. If you cause an overdose of electricity, then the animal may die. After this, the bleeding process will be incomplete. Also, muscle contractions provoke bone fractures, and this significantly impairs the quality of meat.

Good moments

Of the advantages of the shocker is its ease of use. Even a large individual in the form of an adult boar can handle one person. Stunning with such a device is beneficial in economic terms, if we consider the slaughter of pigs in meat processing plants. For example, using gas rooms (as one of the stunning methods) is quite a costly method. In the conditions of households, having a stun gun for slaughtering a pig, a minimum amount of inventory is required.

If the voltage is chosen correctly, according to the weight of the pig, then after using the stun gun for stunning and stabbing the animal, bleeding is easy and in full.

To make a stun gun with your own hands, you need a transformer, a ferrite rod, a capacitor, a discharger, a converter, and a wire. You will need a soldering iron and consumables - wire, electrical tape and epoxy. If the device is installed batteries AA, in an amount of 6 pieces, then the discharge frequency will be 35 Hz.

Of course, to assemble such a device, with the help of which they slaughter cattle, is not difficult. But, in this design a lot of subtleties, especially related to insulation. A non-professional will be quite difficult. During the assembly of all components, it is impossible for the contacts to interact with the external environment. Otherwise, the danger will threaten the one who keeps the shocker.

We collect independently

When assembling an electrical circuit from the listed devices, soldered contact points must be insulated. The scheme of the simplest shocker involves connecting capacitors to a transformer via a diode bridge and additional diodes. This is done with a soldering iron.

Metal plates or improvised tongs made of conductive hard wire are attached to the free ends of the transformer. It is they who, in contact with the body of the animal, will beat it with a current.

We do the corpus as follows. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard or plywood of a suitable size (to fit all the details). On the same surface for convenience, you can draw a diagram. Glue the sides along the perimeter. Use a glue gun. Place all the parts there, displaying the wires for the power button. Also, do not forget to leave a hole to install the connector for charging the device.

Finally, attach the second part of the case and fill all with epoxy. Drying will take at least 6 hours. After this time, fasten a button on the case to turn on the device.

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