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The professional pig slaughter line allows quick slaughter and cutting of a large number of animals in a short time. Due to the presence of special equipment, this process improves the productivity of the pig farm and simplifies the work of its employees. He does not cause pets stress and serious pain. The resulting pork has high taste characteristics and can be stored for a long time.

Specificity of slaughter pigs

Industrial breeding of a large number of pigs creates serious problems for livestock breeders who have to make a choice, arrange a slaughterhouse on their pig farm or send pets to other enterprises specializing in a similar process.

Slaughterhouses for pigs, organized at large meat processing plants, have production lines that allow slaughtering up to 300 animals per day. Thanks to modern technologies for slaughter of cattle and pigs, as well as to the line of dressing and sawing, the finished half carcasses meet the quality standards and are suitable for sale in the trading network.

The equipment for slaughter of pigs is of high quality and meets the requirements of state standards for environmental friendliness and hygiene.

The animals delivered to the slaughterhouse must be at least three hours at rest to get rid of the stress associated with the transportation process. Only after that can they be transferred to stunning chambers and proceed directly to the slaughtering process.

Sleep animals with carbon dioxide eliminates stressful situations, and the slaughter of cattle passes very quickly.

A modern slaughterhouse is a full-cycle enterprise, as a result of which all parts of the carcass are used for profit, and the waste amounts to no more than 1-2%.

Preparation for slaughter

In recent years, the equipment of downhole workshops at pig farms has become widespread. This saves money and increases the profitability of the farm.

Automatic mini slaughter of pigs is a compact room in which up to 50-60 animals per hour can be slaughtered.

The most popular method of slaughtering is considered open, in which the carotid artery or jugular vein is cut, and their carcasses are drained of blood. In this case, the animal must first stun. For this purpose, various devices are used, each of which has its own pros and cons.

If large meat-processing plants are equipped with carbon dioxide chambers that sleep animals, it is advisable to use tongs to stun pigs for automated slaughterhouses. This device, in fact, is an ordinary stun gun, the contacts of which simultaneously affect the head and heart of livestock.

Read more about this in the article "How to kill pigs with a stun gun."

Special devices for stunning

Some owners of slaughterhouses prefer to use special air pistols for stunning. These devices, using a powder charge, activate a pop-up shock rod, which pierces the cranium of the animal and causes paralysis of its brain.

Unlike other firearms, such pistols do not leave bullets in the animal's brain, and they eliminate the need to further cut its skull.

In recent years, the Gauss pistol, which uses the method of electromagnetic acceleration of masses instead of a powder charge, is becoming more widespread. Such a special weapon provides a high rate of departure of the steel rod, and the use of electricity significantly reduces the cost of stunning pigs.

Regardless of how stunning the fattening pig, the staff of the mini-slaughterhouse will be given about 45 seconds to open its carotid artery or jugular vein, and begin exsanguinating the carcass.

Slaughtering pigs and collecting blood

An unconscious animal, using a special telpher, rises behind its hind legs and heads to the production line, at a certain point in which a professional facer makes a quick and precise cut in his neck.

In some automatic slaughter houses of pigs, special tables can be used to deliver an accurate knife strike.

The conveyor line is equipped in such a way that there is a drain and a bath for collecting draining blood under it. There should be a mixer in this container, which slowly mixes the incoming blood, preventing its clotting.

Knives for slaughter should have a sharply sharpened steel blade and be of different types. With the closed method of exsanguinating the carcass using a deep puncture of the right atrium, it is recommended to use a special "Wolferz knife". Read more about this in the article "Which knife to choose for the slaughter of a pig."

Professional carcass cutting

After complete exsanguination of the carcass pigs are sent to the scar, removing the bristles and washing. Then, the skin is stripped and polished using special equipment.

With the Ukrainian method of slaughtering at home, it is advisable to use carcasses for obtaining fat with a delicious skin, which can be found in more detail in the article “Scorching the Pigs”.

This method is not used on the production line, and carcasses cleaned from dirt and stubble are transported to the carcass deboning section. Here, experts open the abdominal cavity of a slaughtered pig and produce nutrovka its guts.

Freed from the insides of the carcass is sent for sawing, where it is divided into two half carcasses using an electric saw.

If necessary, a further division of the carcass into parts can be carried out, but usually this is already done in a separate workshop during the presale period.

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The advantage of modular slaughterhouses

In recent years, modular slaughterhouses have appeared in free sale, in which the production line has been reduced to its minimum size. But it has all the necessary equipment, including a scanner, which determines whether a sow is sent to slaughter.

Modular slaughterhouses are supplied unassembled and can be deployed in a confined space, including an ordinary trailer. They have equipment for:

  • stunning and slaughtering pigs;
  • special hooks and hoist, allowing you to lift the carcass;
  • hanging path for sending mascaras for skinning and dressing;
  • special cutting table;
  • weighing device.

Due to the presence of the suspension path, the half carcass is easily transported to the elevator. There is a gradual rigor mortis, after which they are sent to the distribution network or cold rooms.

Some farmers prefer to build a modular slaughterhouse with their own hands, but this is not very convenient and profitable. Production lines are quite expensive, but they pay off in several years. Their profitability depends directly on the high demand for slaughtering pigs, and the availability of a quality certificate allows you to freely sell such pork in the market.

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