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In this article we will talk about a convenient time for the slaughter of sows, as well as tell you about when you can cut pigs, if they are walking out. The situation with boars will not be overlooked. After all, to obtain high-quality products, it is necessary to take into account all the physiological states of females and males. It even matters what they eat before this process. Otherwise, the meat or lard may get unpleasant to the taste.

Female walking

In the body of animals, various physiological processes occur periodically. To include, for example, the period of "hunting" in the female. Her puberty begins at 4-6 months. This is indicated by such signs as an increase in body weight and genital organs, the onset of cyclicity. This means that at certain intervals the pig will be in heat (approximately every 3 weeks).

To say exactly how many days a pig walks, you need to describe its entire cycle. It includes periods:

  • excitement (3-5 days);
  • hunting (2-4 days);
  • calm (about 6-10 days);
  • rest (14-16 days).

The flow begins the day before the state of hunting, transparent mucus is secreted from the genitals. Read more about this in the article "How many days pigs walk."

For the slaughter, the female pig is sent in a weight of 100-110 kg, but sometimes it is done when it weighs 50-60 kg. Usually by this time the young growth is already walking, since puberty has arrived.

Now, directly, about whether it is possible to cut a pig during estrus. During this period, she has a hormonal surge. It significantly changes the quality of meat, makes it tasteless. The best time to cut a pig is 7-10 days after the hunt. During these days, sex hormones come back to normal, because they have such a strong influence on the smell and taste of meat products.

To produce a slaughter on a suitable day, it is advisable to keep records of the sexual cycle in pigs. Then it will be possible to choose with accuracy a suitable date and not be afraid that the product will be spoiled.

Sows after farrowing

Pigs are slaughtered for meat most often when they reach maximum body weight. But if suddenly it happened that a pig preparing for slaughter became pregnant, then it is unlikely that anyone would kill her in such a state. In any case, waiting for the birth of offspring.

The pregnant sow increases in size, especially in the second half of pregnancy. When she was farrowed and the young survived, then ideally they need to suck milk for at least 1 month.

It is not uncommon for piglets to die or for some reason not to be fed by the uterus. Then you can cut a pig after farrowing. But if the female is put to slaughter, then it is best to wait days 7 for the milk to burn out. If you wait, then she will again go into the hunt.

Sometimes during the birth process, a pig is injured or some disease (non-infectious) is found. You can not wait. Prick her right away - otherwise she will lose weight during the treatment process. And her re-feeding is not profitable. You need to be prepared for the fact that the meat will not be very tasty.

In the case of infectious diseases, pigs, as a rule, are killed and corpses are disposed of, since infected meat cannot be eaten.

After weaning piglets, when there was a long feed, the sow usually loses weight. The lactation period drains it and the meat will get a little. But, if you still need to prick, then you should also wait a week until the milk burns out. The fact is that it can impart a sweetish taste of meat products, but in general it does not affect the quality. If we talk about fat, then on the belly of a lactating pig, it may not look quite nice. It is best cut and sent for recycling.

Ideally, after weaning cubs, the pig should be allowed to recover and gain lost weight. It usually takes about 2 months, but you can manage it in a month. It all depends on the plans of the owner. If he is no longer going to mate a sow and get offspring from it, then it may well be allowed to feed her for subsequent slaughter.

Boars manufacturers

It is possible to cut the boar after castration or it is impossible to obtain meat, we will tell further. Usually, a male piglet, who is scheduled for slaughter, is holing at an early age, up to six months. If you do this later, the pork will be with an unpleasant smell and taste.

Boars are cut when the maker is already produced or culled. And it must be idle before slaughter.

The operation of castration of adult boars requires great responsibility. Anyone who self-castrated animals, understands how great a chance to get a complication.

Immediately castrated animals can not be killed. This is meaningless, since the substance skatole, produced by the hormone testosterone, accumulates in the muscles. That it smells so unpleasant. Wait before slaughter. The minimum period is 2 months. But, if there is a possibility (especially if the boar happened regularly), then it is better to postpone the slaughter for 4 months.

There is also an opinion that it is necessary to build on the age of boars. If the animal was 1 year old, then we cut it a month after baling. And if 4-5, then after 2 minimum.

Sometimes hermaphrodites are born among pigs. These are animals that have both male and female genitals. For breeding, such individuals are not suitable, but it is possible to put on fattening and slaughter. It is best to score such a pig in the milky period, when puberty did not begin.

In later cases, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the individual and take into account before slaughter the physiological features of both the male and the female.

Right time

It is desirable to cut pigs in their good physiological condition and at the appropriate time. Usually, it is most advantageous to keep pigs until they reach a weight of 100-120 kg. In the village, experienced farmers can suggest different subtleties in time.

For example, if a pig is slaughtered in the summertime, this is done early in the morning. There is no strong heat and abundance of insects. The process itself usually lasts up to 3 hours. If the miner is new to this business, it will take more time.

In the autumn, a more successful period when it is not hot and there are few insects. If the day is rainy, then you can move the action or prick under a canopy. In winter or after the first frost, you can practice boar or pig cutting at different times of the day. Often villagers slaughter a growing moon to keep meat well. In the lunar calendar you can see the good and bad days.

In what period this procedure would not be planned, but if the pig took medicines (antibiotics, anthelmintic, antiparasitic drugs), then you need to wait for the deadline. Usually, the instructions for the drugs indicate how long the slaughter can be carried out. Most often it is 7-10 days.

Meat and greasy products

We turn to what feed pigs to get quality products. There are different options for the diet of animals. When one gets more meat, with another more fat. There is also bacon fattening, when the meat becomes fat, with a layer.

Fat is usually fattened by youngsters, which already weigh 100-120 kg. To slaughter, he must reach a weight of 160 kg. Sow is also suitable for fattening. Its weight can grow up to 250-280 kg. It is with this weight that the animal is already ready for slaughter, and the thickness of the sebaceous layer is at least 8 cm.

In the feeding of animals used products that improve the quality of pork. These are barley, wheat, rye, fodder beans, beets, potatoes, clover, reverse. Loose fat and not tasty meat are obtained from corn, oats, bran, potato mash. This group of feed should be in the diet no more than 50%.

Cake, fish, fish meal, soybean have a bad effect on pork products. This group should be no more than 25%. They stop giving it to pigs a month and a half before slaughter.

When 2-3 months is left before slaughter, experienced breeders feed pigs with skim milk, yogurt and whey. Also, juicy meat can be obtained if in 2-3 days before slaughter to give the animal 0.5 kg of sugar. Read more about feeding animals in the article "Fattening pigs for quick weight gain."

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