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How to make a machine for sow with your own hands, what it is needed for and what are the advantages of using it - you will learn about it in this article. The reproduction process in a pig farm is one of the key components of success. That is why females and newborn piglets are provided with comfortable conditions, providing increased survival rate of the livestock. We will tell you what to look for when choosing factory equipment for pig litter and how to make it yourself.

Why do you need a machine for sows

Properly equipped maternity ward for pigs, the farmer will protect the farm from possible losses. In pigs, usually 13-18 piglets are born. Toddlers are poorly protected from a cumbersome mother, who gets up more than 10 times a day and can crush newborns. To improve the survival rate, the young are separated from the female with the help of a special device.

The farrowing machine is a specially designed cage. Pregnant females are placed in it before birth and they are kept after they have farrowed, until separation from the piglets. Fencing arches keep the sow from free movement, but allow its babies to wade to the nipples.

An adult pig is in the same compartment with its cubs, but at the same time it cannot harm them. And piglets have their own sleeping space, above which a heating lamp is installed.

Sowing Machine

In the production, sowing farms are made from metal pipes with a diameter of 4-5 cm. A device in the shape of a rectangle, in the head part of which is placed a feeding trough and a trough. On the opposite side - the gate. The height of the structure is 1 m, width 0.5-0.7 m. There is an adjustment of the length from 1.4 to 2 m, which allows the use of equipment for individuals of various build.

The machine is placed in a separate pen of 2 x 2.5 m in size so that on both sides of it there is space for the little ones - about 0.5 m to the wall.

Sow from piglets separated lattice obstacles located at a distance of 30-33 cm from the floor.

The floor is covered with perforated metal plates under which the waste tray is located. The space reserved for the placement of the female has much smaller openings on the floor. This is to protect the pig's nipples from possible injury.

Features of use of the machine

The box in which the farrowing machines are installed must be separated from the rest of the herd. Indoors need to maintain 23-24 degrees of heat and protect animals from drafts.

The walls of the machine for one family are made of opaque material to create a female calm atmosphere. Such offices in the same building can be up to several dozen. One sow with calves needs at least 5 square meters. m square.

A great advantage of pig delivery machines is the ability to preserve and raise healthy offspring. Having bought or made a device once, you can use this design for many years.

The barrier made of metal and well attached to the floor reliably holds the sow, preventing it from moving freely around the paddock, thanks to which the survival rate of the piglets increases significantly.

Another positive aspect of using equipment for sows is the convenience of cleaning for animals.

The only negative is the high cost of the machine. Read the article "Rules for the care of newborn piglets" to organize the young animals comfortable maintenance.

Making a machine for farrowing hands

A skilled landlord can save on the purchase of expensive equipment and make a device for farrowing yourself. For the correct calculation of the amount of materials needed, you need to make accurate measurements. It is necessary to measure at the same time, focusing on the individual, available in the economy.

If you make a design of high-quality durable materials, the machine can be used for several years. Remember that sows become larger with age. In addition, think in advance whether you plan to change the breed of pigs.

It is better to provide the size of the product as permissible, but so that any female is securely fixed.

The most practical way to make a machine out of metal pipes. Wood constructions are also allowed, but remember that the wood must be well polished, the knots must be removed. It is necessary to connect the wooden parts of the machine very tightly, otherwise a massive sow will easily break the fence.

How to make a metal machine yourself

Before you make a machine for farrowing, prepare the insulated room where you install the equipment. In the building provided for the maternity ward for pigs, should be warm and dry. It is extremely important to eliminate drafts.

Before work, make drawings of the future machine.

Prepare the necessary materials and tools:

  • yardstick;
  • welding machine and consumables necessary for it;
  • metal pipes with a diameter of 4-5 cm;
  • Bulgarian;
  • hinges;
  • hardware for fastening (bolts, nuts);
  • screwdriver;
  • paint for metal;
  • metal corners.

Machine assembly instructions

According to the drawing, weld the metal pipes using welding. Treat the welds to avoid injury to animals. If the pipes are not galvanized, you can paint them - this will be a good anti-corrosion protection.

Attach a feeding trough and a drinking trough to the front of the structure - they can also be made by yourself. The height from the floor should be about 50 cm. The back of the door close, hanging it on the hinges.

Secure the door with a secure lock. Place the finished machine for the sow inside the pen, attach it to the floor using metal corners.

It is necessary to install a fence so that on both sides of it there is free space - the compartments for piglets. On one side of the machine for the sow — at a height of 20 cm from the floor — hang the drinkers and the piglet feeders, on the other, the infrared lamp.

Fasten the lamp securely to avoid falling, and at a safe distance from the pigs. The height of the lamp from the floor varies from 70 to 120 cm depending on the power.

When assembling the machine do not forget about safety measures. This applies to work with electrical appliances and cutting tools. Before work, be sure to check their condition.

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