How can you tell if a pregnant pig is or not


We will tell how to determine pregnancy of a pig at home and using laboratory methods. This is not difficult, but for an inexperienced breeder, external signs in a sow are not always obvious. At the same time, it is necessary to find out if the female has become covered as quickly as possible so that in case of failure not to lose time and re-fertilize. Some methods for detecting pregnancy can be applied independently. For others, a veterinarian or at least special skills and equipment will be required.

Briefly about puberty and hunting

For the first time, the symptoms of hunting appear in pigs at 5-6 months, but this does not at all indicate that females are ready for fertilization. At this age, the animal's body is not yet able to bear and give birth to offspring. If you cover too young a female, she can bring underdeveloped, weak piglets with various vices. Also, the pig will suffer itself, which is why its further use as a uterus will become problematic.

It is best to first cover a pig no earlier than 9 months. A good guideline is the weight of the animal. If the female has reached 100 kg, she can be fertilized.

Hunting in pigs does not depend on the season and is repeated every 18-24 days. For more information on the topic, see the article "How many days pigs walk."

Insemination is carried out only during the hunt. For greater success and getting healthy piglets one boar try not to use twice. For each fertilization, a new male is brought, if possible.

General signs of successful insemination

Since pregnancy is a complex process for an organism, it is always accompanied by certain symptoms, including in animals.

A pregnant pig becomes lazy, lies a lot, can eat less or, on the contrary, more than usual. Appears lethargy, drowsiness. In animals, as in humans, sometimes toxicosis occurs, although it is not so pronounced. The state of health of a pregnant sow sometimes worsens, then she behaves restlessly or sleeps more.

One of the signs of pregnancy in pigs is a sharp rejection of males.

If the female after insemination began to react aggressively to the boar, it is most likely successful.

In addition, you need to follow the hunt. With the onset of pregnancy, it disappears. If during three weeks after insemination the pig does not show a desire to contact with the boar, it is possible to speak about pregnancy with almost absolute certainty.

Visual methods for establishing pregnancy

To determine whether a pig is pregnant, you can use different methods:

  • visual;
  • laboratory;
  • clinical.

There are several visual methods. The first works only at the final stage of pregnancy, 30 days before delivery. To begin with, the sow must be laid very carefully on its side, without making any sudden movements or making loud noises. Then the hind paw of the animal is taken away to the side and gently palpate the belly from the front down in the last nipples.

It is necessary to feel as carefully as possible so as not to damage the fruit. At the same time, the pigs inside can not move, so there is no need to wait for movements. If a pig is very well-fed, it can be difficult to determine whether it is pregnant by this method. Then it is better to use others.

Also, at the end of pregnancy, the pigs redden the nipples, and the mammary glands increase markedly. Colostrum is periodically released.

At an early stage of pregnancy, it can be visually determined by the method of discharge. It consists in the fact that after mating or insemination, a pig is observed for several days. If conception has occurred, characteristic cheesy discharge on the external genitals will appear. However, this is not an exact sign. It is necessary to consider the accompanying symptoms: change in appetite, behavior, weight.

Visual methods allow at home, without the involvement of a specialist, to establish that the pig is pregnant.

Tests at the vet and at home

Now let us tell you how to determine pregnancy in a pig using laboratory methods.

One of the most accurate is ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound). She spends a specialist. You don’t need to bring the pig anywhere, the device for examination is easily transported, so you can invite the doctor to the house. During the examination, he will examine the pelvic and abdominal organs. According to the results, you can confidently judge whether a pregnant pig or not.

Another proven and reliable method is biopsy. About a month after fertilization, the veterinarian takes a tissue sample from the animal's vagina. Then it is studied in the laboratory. It is safe for pigs and not painful. The result is almost 100% accurate.

The blood test also guarantees maximum accuracy, but of all the methods for determining pregnancy, it is the most expensive, so simple farmers use it infrequently. You need to take some blood near the pig's ear. Do it on day 22 after mating with a boar. The sample is transferred to the laboratory where pregnancy is determined using tests. By the way, pregnancy is also determined by cows.

You can check your urine yourself. She is taken from a sow on day 15 after insemination. Urine needs to be filtered, take 1 ml, add 5 drops of phenylhydrazine hydrochloride, the same amount of hydrochloric acid and 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture should be boiled for 2 or 3 minutes, then cooled. If the pig is pregnant, the urine will become red-brown, almost brown. The method is called the breakdown of Burkina.

Use of a pregnancy detector

Now let us tell you how to find out whether a pregnant pig is or is not, with the help of a special device - a pregnancy detector. It is usually used in the determination of conception in the early stages.

This device uses ultrasound in the process of diagnosis, but it is much more compact and easier to use than the standard ultrasound machine. Because of this, it can be bought and used on the farm, even without resorting to the services of a veterinarian. Specialists also device greatly facilitates the work and helps to accurately understand whether the conception occurred.

Another significant plus is that the procedure is not traumatic for the animal itself and for the piglets. The device works on the principle of ultrasound machine, that is, the examination is carried out outside through the skin. The device analyzes whether there is amniotic fluid in the uterus, focusing on how ultrasonic waves are reflected. If there is water, the device will show it.

For pigs, a pregnancy detector is one of the best options for analysis.

Clinical study: rectal diagnosis

If the pig has the first signs of pregnancy, but you need to know for sure, you can use the rectal method of diagnosis. It refers to clinical methods. The procedure must be carried out by a specialist, the slightest mistake can lead to injury of the animal or the pig inside.

The method is used no earlier than three weeks after insemination or mating. It is necessary to wait until the pig empties the intestines and only then proceed to the examination. The specialist must wear clean rubber gloves and insert fingers into the rectum of the animal.

If the pig succeeds in getting pregnant, the external artery, felt in the rectum, will be greatly enlarged. Her ripple will be well felt. If you re-examine after another three weeks, you can make sure that the artery is released even stronger.

Rectal examination also records the pulsation of the middle artery of the uterus and urogenital artery. A month after fertilization, the first artery pulsates stronger, and the second, on the contrary, becomes less noticeable.

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