Pig farrowing calendar with table and signs of close birth


Those who invented the sow farrow calendar facilitated the work of future pig farmers. Thanks to such a table, you can quickly determine the estimated date of birth of the babies, which means you no longer have to keep long records or keep important information in your head. We will help you figure out how to work with such a cheat sheet and how not to miss the upcoming labor. In addition, we will teach you to recognize false and real fights and tell you how to behave in unforeseen situations.

The value of the timing of carrying

Before moving on to the pig pig calendar, you should understand why such a system was developed. It is believed that a sow’s pregnancy is expressed by a date consisting of three triples: 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. But, 114 days are average indicators that can do more harm than help.

This is due to the fact that the pig carries babies from 101 to 126 days, so the error in the planned date of farrowing can be more than 2 weeks, which leads to critical situations, since you do not have time to prepare. Details about the timing of carrying babies, you can learn from the article "How long the pregnancy in pigs."

Now, we only want to visually show what the use of average data in this area of ​​pig breeding is fraught with. It is proved that on day 114, only 25% of sows give birth. Consequently, using averages, you will be mistaken in 85% of the estimated date of farrowing. Read how to prevent this from happening.

Learning not to make mistakes: working with a table

We have already told what the wrong date for farrowing is leading to. Now we will understand how to find out the date of delivery and prepare in advance for this event. This is important because immediately before the farrowing the sow is transferred to a separate machine.

So, the easiest and most modern way to avoid mistakes in dates is to use the calendar for pig pigs. The table below will help you solve this problem.

Let's see how to work with this data. The top line lists all existing months. In the left column entered numbers from 1 to 31 - the number of days in the month. We know that, for example, uterus insemination occurred on April 1. We are looking for April in the top line, and in the left column we find the number "1".

The intersection cell indicates the estimated date of delivery. The difference with the “calculation method” is that the calendar shows the earliest time for the start of farrowing of sows, so that the farmer has time to prepare and prevent critical situations. In addition, it is convenient to work with such a cheat sheet.

The importance of identifying the exact date: prenatal care

However, pig breeding is not only a complex science, but also hard work. Especially in the period of pregnancy, animals require separate care and close attention. Therefore, just in case, you should always expect difficulties before and after the date when the sow can farrow.

Before the planned date of farrowing (it is wrong to call the birth of a pig lambing), sows are transferred to a separate room in order to prepare suitable conditions for them. To begin with, the temperature in the machine is increased to 25 degrees, since during this period, the piglets and their mother need warmth.

To create comfort in the room, you will need to insulate the walls, to prepare UV and heating lamps. It is necessary to lay a fresh and soft bedding, provide sows with high-quality feed and clean water. In addition, childbirth can begin on any of the days of the calculated interval, so you should have a clean cloth at hand, baby carriers, as well as tools for taking birth.

Start soon: physiological manifestations

The beginning of the expected farrowing can be determined not only by calculation methods, but also simply by examining the sow. Physiological manifestations occur in detail 2-3 days before the birth, so that if they are detected, you can proceed to the last preparatory work.

So, the pig before farrowing has the following external differences:

  • enlarged labia;
  • swollen nipples;
  • reddened loop;
  • sagging belly;
  • deflection in the spine.

It is rather difficult to determine exactly how many days are left before the appearance of piglets, but one day before delivery from the nipples, colostrum appears when pressed.

If the sow farrowed at least once, then the probability of successful delivery is above 80%. But it is necessary to closely observe the Pervorotka to see all the above signs and have time to help in case of complications.

Behavioral signs of approaching childbirth

Behavior of the pig before farrowing better than any tables shows that birth will begin soon. For example, a sow shows anxiety, especially if it is first harvested.

If there is a strong manifestation of anxiety, it is necessary to forcibly restrict the pig in movement through the aviary, and a few days before the start of labor - completely isolate it from contact with the external environment.

There are other oddities in pregnant queens. For example, it begins to pull straw to itself and to put some kind of nest out of it. In addition, before labor, mumps walks a lot, but often lies down, and then again begins to move aimlessly, not finding a place for itself.

Even a novice in animal husbandry can see the above signs of farrowing - the main thing is to understand what to look for. Despite the high activity, just before the birth, the pig is hammered into a corner, turns over on its side and stops moving. As soon as this happens - wait for the start of the attempt.

Consequences of incorrect date determination

Some features of farrowing require preliminary preparation. So, just born piglets need heating, for which they are placed in a basket under the heating lamps. If you do not do it right away, the kids may die.

Having taken a cub from a farrowed pig, the amniotic membrane is torn apart if necessary. After this procedure, piglets are pulled out into the light and wiped with clean rags, which must be prepared in advance. If you do not do this before giving birth, then during the appearance of pigs you will not have time for this, and the animals may suffocate, since you will not save them from mucus in time.

Experienced farmers understand that the speed of their reaction depends on the lives of newborns, and sometimes the sows themselves. But, even if you do not yet have experience in this area, a competent approach to farrowing, timely and accurate calculation of the date of birth and careful preparation for the process will help you cope with the possible difficulties.

For more information, see the article "Farrow pig for the first and subsequent times."

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