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Today, the largest pig in the world is the giant piggy Rumba, living in the United States. Its dimensions can be confidently called impressive, because the total body length is 7 m, and the weight reaches 5 tons. But this is far from the only record holder of the pig world. There are other giants who, thanks to their outstanding size, have gained world fame. We will tell about large rocks in today's article.

World record holders

Pigs are not always huge due to obesity, more often for this to be enough good natural data and excellent living conditions. Affects the size and breed of pigs. It is logical to assume that mini pigs can never become record holders in size and body weight.

Based on this, we can say that the size of the animal is influenced not only by food and care, but also by genetics. Consider the largest breeds of pigs known today:

  • Latvian;
  • Duroc;
  • Landrace;
  • white english

Large breed of pigs Duroc is widespread in America. The ancestors of these giants were Guinean pigs. Such a pedigree explains the pronounced red color of the animal's hair. Piglets grow very quickly and gain about 1 kg per day. It is not surprising that the weight of an adult boar (knur) can reach 400 kg.

English white - the basis of giants

Another breed of large pigs - the English white. According to some reports, this line became the basis for the breeding of other giant species. These representatives have been known for about 200 years, but their popularity is not decreasing.

The demand for the breed is explained by the rapid growth of young stock - at the age of 7 months, some individuals can reach a weight of 200 kg. As it “grows up,” the scale arrow approaches the mark of 400 kg, and sometimes even overcomes it.

English pigs look somewhat aristocratic - the muzzle is straight, elongated, the back is even, legs are high. Bristles smooth, colorless. A small pig of this particular breed became the prototype of many cartoon characters.

The Latvian white pig is not far from its English relative, and also knows how to amaze with its volume and weight. Adult boars weigh at least 300 kg, sow body weight is not much less, about 250 kg.

Externally, individuals of the Latvian breed are somewhat different from English - the ears are shorter and more voluminous, the muzzle is wider.

Domestic record holders

In Russia, pig breeding is very popular. Farmers of all sizes are increasingly opting for the landrace breed of large pigs. At the base of the line are the English pigs described above. But here even the thickest pig gives almost lean meat.

It is precisely because Landrace is of the meat type that it is so highly valued on the territory of our country. The weight of an adult individual may be higher than 300 kg.

On the territory of Russia, a large white breed of pigs of universal type enjoys great popularity.

The main advantages of the line are unpretentious content and resistance to disease. The survival rate of offspring is over 93%. In the nest is usually 11-12 suckers. The body weight of an adult wild boar can reach 370 kg. Pigs grow to 250 kg.

They love domestic farmers and another large breed - the Siberian north. The line was developed in Novosibirsk and adapted to the harsh northern climate.

Type - meat-greasy. The constitution of the body is powerful, proportionate. Of the external characteristics stand out - straight back and rounded sides, chest deep. Males grow to 315-360 kg, females - 240-260 kg.

The advantages of the breed is its adaptability to cold and fecundity. The size of the litter - 10-12 pigs. At the age of 6 months, young pigs reach a weight of 100 kg.

Brought glory to the owners

A farmer who breeds purebred offspring of the largest breeds has a chance to become world famous, thanks to his outstanding pet.

The biggest boar known to humanity is the Old Slot. The record holder was a representative of the Gloster breed. Raised a giant English farmer Joseph Lawton. According to historical data, its length was slightly less than 3 m, height - 1.43 m, and weight - 6395 kg.

Unfortunately, today there is no reliable information about the conditions in which the fat boar was raised. Moreover, some experts doubt the veracity of the information, because it is rather difficult to imagine such a weight with the specified dimensions. Nevertheless, it is the Old Slot that is today recognized as the largest wild boar in the world, its record was not broken.

The honorable second place belongs to the equally famous boar Big Bill, grown by American farmer Elias Jackson. With a body length of 272 cm, the pig weighed 1,158 kg. Such outstanding dimensions brought considerable glory to the owner of the giant, but turned out to be a very heavy load for the animal itself. Boar could hardly move. And when traveling to the next exhibition fell in the truck and broke a limb.

This injury was the last test in the life of Big Bill - he died. For a long time, the pig stuffed animal was a real relic of the farmer’s family, but it also disappeared without a trace.

Not long-lived

In third place is the wild boar Chun-Chun, which was owned by the Chinese farmer Chu Changiniz. The future record holder was born in 1999. Surprisingly, he was the smallest pig in the offspring and for this reason was not sold. His master says that he did not pursue the goal of raising a giant. But when the boar reached the age of 1 year, it became clear that a truly great future awaits it.

Chun-Chun grew to 250 cm in length and was able to gain a weight of 900 kg. A high degree of obesity adversely affected the health of the animal - the length of its life was only 4 years. Today, the stuffed Chinese giant is a valuable exhibit in the museum of agriculture.

The Greatest and Huge Mumps Pig in the World - Big Norma American pig with a length of body 2.5 m weighed 1.2 tons.

Unfortunately, it also does not belong to the list of long-livers - excessive body weight has caused the imminent demise of the animal.

But the owner of Norma, strongly attached to her pet, did not follow the example of other farmers and forbade her to turn into a stuffed animal. The big pig was buried with all the honors, and a memorial sign was placed on its grave.

The article has already indicated what kind of breed of pigs will allow to grow a giant. But today the largest number of grams per day is added to the pigs of the Durok-Jersey breed - 960 g. And some of them have a chance to set new records.

Wildlife Giants

Not all champions of the pig world are created by people, some giants were created by nature. It's about wild boars. In general, these animals grow to impressive size - body length over 2 m, height at withers - up to 1.2 m, weight - 200-250 kg.

The world's largest wild boar became the prey of American hunters from Alabama. After weighing it turned out that the weight of the forest giant is 480 kg, and its length exceeds 3.5 m. Surprisingly, the eleven-year-old boy got the record prey. Many believe that the boy was just lucky. Whatever it was, but the glory went exactly to the young hunter.

No less famous is the Turkish giant boar named Attila. At the time of detection of the animal, its weight was 350 kg.

In 2004, a group of hunters from the state of Georgia managed to shoot a truly outstanding boar. The weight of the prey exceeded 300 kg, and the length was over 3 m. The individual became interested in animal specialists and after a series of studies they were able to establish that this sample was a mixture of wild boar and domestic pig. Most likely, the pig was grown on a farm and simply ran away from it, but it was not possible to confirm or deny this assumption.

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