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It’s easy to call a pig for, for example, Estrofan for pigs. But sometimes the farmer is faced with the inverse problem, when the hunt must be repulsed. After all, it happens that a mature individual behaves inadequately, destroying everything around and needs to be reassured. Manipulating physiological conditions is easy. In this article we will talk about the classical and modern methods that are currently used for these purposes in agriculture.

Signs of sex hunting

Pig farming involves the natural replenishment of livestock. Therefore, studying the basics of animal physiology will help the farmer and the owner of a private farm to determine the most favorable periods for insemination.

Pigs are ready to mate only during the period of sexual activity. Outwardly, this is manifested by the specific psycho-physiological state of the animals. They refuse to eat and sleep, behave restlessly, listen and smell, incessantly grunt.

Females appear such signs:

  • redness and swelling of the nipples;
  • discharge from the genitals;
  • when pressing the hand on the back of the back, the pig freezes, it is impossible to move it.

The males during the hunting period are trying to break something, to escape, jump on each other, imitating mating, rub against the walls of the paddock, urinate every half hour.

Keep in mind that females do not have monthly. After the appearance of signs of sexual hunting begins estrus. Its duration is 2-3 days. In the absence of fertilization, the hunt may come again after 3 weeks.

After separation from the piglets, the female is ready to mate in about a week.

More information about the signs of hunting can be found in the article "How many days pigs walk."

Causes of reduced sexual function

It so happens that a pig does not come into the hunt or, quite simply, does not walk. If this happens, it is necessary to establish exactly the reasons that experts have divided into two categories - the internal state of the animal and external factors.

Health and full functioning of all organs and systems of pigs depends on the quality of the livestock, the state of the reproductive system - the work of the ovaries and testes, the general hormonal background and the fatness of the animal. All internal problems are revealed by a veterinarian.

For external reasons, a failure in sexual function can occur due to crowding in the pen or frequent regrouping of individuals. When there is enough space for pigs, you need to pay attention to the quality of feed. Perhaps the lack of green components, the meager content of vitamin A cause in the pig such a reaction.

The absence of a boar in the pen of the females may also prevent the pig from walking.

How to improve sexual function in pigs

There are popular methods of provoking heat in females. They work more like preventive.

The simplest thing is to keep the young boar in the pen during the autumn-spring period. It is recommended to install separate machines for placing active males in them.

To ensure the full functioning of the reproductive system of pigs, it is necessary to monitor their diet and regularly walk animals in the fresh air.

Follow and general care requirements. In the diet must be green food. Ensure that sows drink plenty of fluids, clean and free from drafts.

In large farms, another trick is used - they are made and sprayed in rooms where females are kept, special sprays based on sperm and urine of sexually mature males. Some farmers use "stress therapy", leaving the pig for two days without food with the lights on.

However, these tools may not work. Then, only a veterinarian can determine why a pig does not enter a hunting state.

How to make a boar spray from substrates

The boar-smelling stimulating spray can be purchased off-the-shelf. They are produced in cans of various sizes. The price of such drugs varies from 500 to 700 rubles. Manufacturers use synthetic hormones.

A farmer can make a similar aerosol himself. To do this, thoroughly mix 1 liter of urine of a mature boar with 200 ml of its semen. The liquid is packaged in a container with a tight lid and stored for a day at a temperature of 25-30 degrees.

The next day, you need to warm the mixture to 60 degrees. While stirring, add 1.2 g of preservative - Nipangin M. Withstanding another day, you can pour the finished spray in the sprayer and sprayed the room in which the sow is located.

Estrofan and its application

Now let's talk about what to do if, despite the implementation of all preventive measures, the livestock breeder’s plans for breeding livestock are violated. Veterinarians recommend the use of drugs provoking estrus in females.

The most popular drug for the initiation of hunting in pigs is Estrofan. 48-60 hours after intramuscular injection, signs of estrus occur.

Optimally cover the female after 76 hours after receiving the dose of "Estrofan".

There are no contraindications to the use of this drug in the instructions for use. However, self-administration is categorically not acceptable.

Only the vet who works with your sows prescribes the required dose, time, and scheme for receiving the animal's injection. But usually it is 2 ml of the drug intramuscularly.

There are other drugs of similar action: "Gestavet", "Oxytocin", "PG 600".

How to discourage a walking pig

If the farmer does not want offspring from the pig, then the days when the pig walks may turn out to be uneasy for the farm. Females in this state often behave aggressively, turn over feeding troughs, drinkers. Or - on the contrary - lie, refusing food and drink.

If you have accurately found all the signs that the pig has come into the hunt, and not something sick, you can, if necessary, discourage her desire.

There are two folk remedies: make a decoction of mint and add it to the feed. Or take 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda mixed with non-acidic food instead. The method can be applied to females coming to the hunt three times a day.

If you do not do anything, after 48 hours, the state of the pig is normalized, and in the future the hunt will occur with a frequency of 18-20 days.

There are also drugs that are prescribed by a veterinarian. For example, "Suisinhron", but it can be used only when the pig really behaves inadequately and comes to the hunt too often.

Remember that this condition of a pig is a normal physiological process in its body. It is necessary to brake it artificially only in exceptional cases. It is possible to completely get rid of the anxieties associated with sow hunting, only by sterilizing it.

Write in the comments what methods you used to stimulate pigs to breed, and how you fought off an unwanted hunt from the female.

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