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On how many days the pig walks, the time allotted to it for full fertilization depends. In this matter there are no trifles or irrelevant details. The final result may be affected by the conditions of animals, their food, as well as aspects of mating. Only in the case when all the required deadlines associated with the advance of the female hunt are met, can we expect to receive offspring.

Features of hunting in pigs

For the pig breeder, who aims to increase the herd population, it is important to understand how and when the pigs hunt to increase the probability of mating success several times.

In the conditions of our own small farm there is no possibility to establish continuous veterinary control over the state of animal health. This requires the breeder to independently monitor the period of the onset of hunting in the pig.

How to determine that the time for hunting has already come, and what features this process differs in, will be described below.

Understand that the period of hunting begins for pigs is not difficult, as indicated by the following signs:

  • the pig makes permanent attempts to jump on other individuals, and, not paying attention to their sex, is the first sign of the hunt;
  • appetite sharply deteriorates, the activity of the pig decreases in the process of eating;
  • the behavior becomes restless, even aggressive, the animals begin to randomly and randomly move around the stall, try to destroy the walls of the room, overturn the feeders;
  • grunting becomes almost unceasing, urination becomes more frequent.

In addition to changing behavior, there are several specific signs associated with the appearance of animals, through which you can learn that the pig spree. Thus, swelling and reddening of the genital organs of pigs is a characteristic feature of the onset of hunting.

But in this case, be careful and be careful. The fact is that such external manifestations in pigs that have already given birth earlier are not so pronounced, or even completely absent. That is why it is possible to understand that the sow is again ready for mating and is able to give the owner of the farm pigs for a variety of reasons, and not for some particular emphasis.

Age to start mating

It is easy to determine at what age the hunt begins, but it strongly depends on the breed of the pig. On average, a pig can be paired at about 5-6 months of age, but this applies only to healthy individuals that do not have any developmental abnormalities. In case of any problems in this area, sexual maturity may come later, or even not at all.

For this aspect, it is of no small importance how many months the pig must be fulfilled in order to be able to carry out the mating. In six months only beginner breeders can do their mating, who believe that "we all know and are able, and do not need anyone's advice."

Experienced livestock breeders are well aware that the time for mating in females comes at about 9 months. The sows that have reached this age mark are already fully prepared for reproduction, because they have good health. As for boars, they are ready to mate in 8 months, but in this case one should pay attention to the breed and its features.

Now let's talk about how many days the hunting process resumes again. After all, it happens that mating did not bring results, and the process must be repeated. Since the frequency of hunting in these animals is cyclical, then after three weeks (21 days) the pig can again be ready for mating.

The female can start walking again after a successful insemination. Such a willingness to hunt is due to the very nature of the pigs that can carry piglets of different ages. After the first insemination, the second may occur, with a small interval between them.

Lead in pigs and its features

The readiness of females for mating takes place in two phases: arousal and inhibition. The first stage is characterized by estrus and sexual arousal, and the second stage is characterized by attenuation.

The duration of estrus can be different, approximately it lasts from 3 to 10 days and includes four periods: proestrus, estrus, metestrus and diestrus. Proestrus, being the first of them, becomes the beginning of estrus. At this point, the female demonstrates aggressive behavior, her appetite disappears, she constantly squeals and throws herself at other pigs.

In young pigs, there is a pronounced swelling and reddening of the genital organs, in sows that have given birth, this symptom is not so pronounced.

The period of hunting, or estrus, is characterized by the fact that the female often freezes in place, begins to freeze when pressing on her back and raise her ears. Redness of the genitals and their swelling subside. This stage is among the peak in the heat, it lasts only 1 day, maximum two. It is at this point that mating should be carried out.

At the mestrus stage, the female calms down, demonstrates a more relaxed behavior. Her genitals are reduced in size and pale. The final phase is the diestrus, a period in which the pig completely calms down and ends in heat. It lasts about two weeks, after which the cycle repeats again.

The frequency and duration of the hunt

Upon reaching maturity, the onset of hunting is characterized by regularity and certainty of intervals. As mentioned above, it comes every three weeks, but the dates may shift, albeit slightly. It depends on the characteristics of the breed of pigs and the specifics of their content.

Not always when a pig walks, insemination occurs. This may be due to an underweight female or some kind of illness. If the sow does not have enough weight to carry the fetus and produce healthy offspring without harming the pig, the mating time is shifted to a later time.

The case can be re-held after 21 days, if by that time the female returns to normal. Otherwise, wait another cycle. We mentioned that the signs of hunting in pigs occur during pregnancy. In this case, the pairing can be carried out again, and the time difference between the two farrows will be small. Such a phenomenon, like the birth of piglets from different boars at the same time, is associated with the two-horned structure of the animal's uterus.

Pregnancy of a sow after mating does not always occur, and new matings are carried out to correct this situation. It is recommended to use different boars. However, if after several pairings the insemination did not happen, the female should be shown to the veterinarian. Examination by a specialist should help identify certain problems that prevent the pig to get pregnant. If it turns out that the pig is not able to give offspring, then it will have to be sent for slaughter.

Controlling the timing and frequency of hunting

When a pig walks in its normal mode, it rarely leads to problems. Consider the situation, what to do if the hunt does not begin. First you need to understand what the reasons may be for this phenomenon.

For example, a large number of livestock in one pigsty, an unhealthy diet, diseases of the urinary system of the pig can prevent the onset of hunting. In addition, if there is no young boar in the pen, it’s not at all a fact that the female will begin to show signs of hunting. Excess weight gain can also be a serious obstacle.

If the pig does not demonstrate willingness to mate, you can stimulate it to mating. For this purpose, pathogens created on the basis of urine of the boar are used, with which the walls of the pen are processed. If you want to achieve the maximum effect, then this method should be recognized as the most successful solution.

But it also happens that a pig wants to mate, and the breeder needs to knock down her hunt. In this case, you can use several methods. In particular, put a copper plate at the bottom of the trough with water or add special preparations to the feed, for example, "Suinsichron". Effective will be the addition of food brews, which will increase the duration of sleep in a pig.

It is important to remember that these decisions are temporary, they cannot work in the long term. You also need to understand that for pregnant individuals, these options are not suitable, here you just need to wait a few days until the hunt itself subsides. Read more about this in the article "How to call and discourage a pig."

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