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The presence of a cage for pigs is a must in pig breeding. For sows with piglets, it is important to allocate a separate space, hiding them in a special machine (box). The room should be divided into a den for kids and a fence for the mother. Such a device can be purchased from a factory manufacturer or manufacture yourself. This article will tell you what size the farrowing machine should have, where it is best to place it and how to make it with your own hands.

Where to place the machine for farrowing

The compartment for the pregnant female (machine) should be warm. A few days before the alleged farrowing, the uterus is transferred to a separate pen with a temperature of about 23 degrees.

In order for the sow not to be injured in proximity to other pigs, the space for it must be well insulated from the rest of the herd. The walls of the machine should be made solid, without holes in the adjacent rooms. The grids can only be used to fix the sow and protect it from newborn piglets.

Allowed the placement of a number of machines with other females. Pig production on a large farm involves the installation in a row of up to a dozen offices for farrowing.

The main condition: one family should have at least 5 square meters. m square.

Indoors should not be drafts.

Why do we need a special cell

The productivity of pigs depends, among other things, on the survival rate of newborn piglets. The sow is heavy. After giving birth, it becomes especially clumsy and can pin down babies. For cohabitation of females with calves, a special machine was invented - a special cell for farrowing.

Its structure is such that an adult individual after childbirth can be losslessly kept together with the young up to their separation. The design has arcs and fences that create security for piglets.

Inside this box, babies can independently get to the mother and suck. The sow at the same time comfortably feels, having the opportunity to stand up and lie down again, without injuring a single piglet.

What is the cell made of?

Factory sow cages are made from galvanized metal pipes. On the one hand, a feeding trough is placed in the narrow part of a rectangular fence, and a lockable gate on the other. Ideally, the structure should be moved apart in order to be able to increase or decrease the area as needed.

The floor of the factory machine has holes through which the waste flows into the pallet under it. Such a device greatly facilitates cleaning and ensures cleanliness of the room.

Gaps in the floor on which the sow will be located are allowed, but have a much smaller size (1-2 mm) than in the space reserved for piglets (3-4 mm). This is done for the safety of the female. The fact is that the pig's nipples, stuck in the crevices, can be injured at the time of its rise to its feet.

The design has arcuate locks that serve to restrict the movements of the pig. The bottom of the barrier is made in the form of gratings through which a pig can easily crawl through to its mother.

Sized cage dimensions

A nursing pig with cubs is separated from other pigs in a pen size 2 by 2.5 m.

The space for the pig with babies should be divided.

The female is placed inside the machine in a special limiting cage with a lattice bottom so that the piglets have access to the nipples. On both sides of the cage should be at least 50 cm to the wall. This compartments for piglets.

The factory machine, as well as the device made by itself, must correspond to the desired size. The design in which the sow is placed should be 0.5–0.7 m wide. Ideally, if it is possible to adjust the length from 1.4 to 2 m. A height of 1–1.1 m is quite enough - the female will not overcome it. The gap between the floor and the lower fence should be 30-33 cm. The enclosing cage must be attached to the floor. You can make mounting to the wall of the pen.

Tools and materials for self-cage manufacturing

You can make a cage for sows yourself. The first thing you need is a sample of the finished factory machine. In addition, the following tools and materials are needed:

  • roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine and accessories for it, including a protective mask and gloves;
  • metal pipes (4-5 cm in diameter);
  • suspensions and hinges;
  • perforated steel grate;
  • hardware for fastening (bolts, nuts);

It is most reasonable to make a cage out of metal, since an overweight female can break fragile wooden fences. With the same purpose, it is necessary to lay on the floor not boards, namely a metal grid (cell size, approximately 5x5 mm) - it does not break under the weight of an animal, and such a surface is much more convenient to clean from feces than wood.

Assembly instructions

Having prepared everything you need, including the drawing, observe the following cell manufacturing procedure:

  • complete the drawing;
  • connect the pipes by welding;
  • in front of the hang a drinker and a feeder at a height of about 0.5 m from the floor;
  • hang a door in the hinges;
  • make a reliable deadbolt;
  • attach the finished welded construction to the floor.

It now remains to equip on both sides of the cage compartments for piglets. Hang an infrared lamp above one of them, place the drinkers and feeders at a height of about 0.2 m in the other, so that the little ones can get their first food themselves. Schooling for adult food begins about 5 days after birth.

Today's market offers a variety of different materials. But to perform welding work for inexperienced craftsmen is not a simple matter. If you wish, of course, you can contact a specialist. For those who want to develop in the industry, there are factory-made options for sow machines.

In the article "Construction of pigs", get acquainted with additional useful information.

Write in the comments how you equipped the machine for farrowing, bought a ready cage for a sow or made it yourself.

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