Manure removal and use of pig manure as a fertilizer


When creating optimal conditions for growing pigs, manure removal in the pigsty and the further utilization of animal waste products occupy an important place. Sanitary and hygienic well-being is a guarantee for the prevention of many diseases, healthy growth and development of young animals. In addition, the composition of pig manure contains a lot of organic substances, phosphorus, nitrogen in the form available to garden and garden plants, so it can be used as a useful fertilizer.

Pig waste disposal systems

Self-alloying technology of processing and removal of pig excrement has proven itself in small pigsty and large pig farms. The system consists of a slotted floor, under which the concrete bath is located. You can find out more about them in the article “What can be done on the floor in the pigsty”.

The inner container of concrete is connected to the outdoor tanks of the open and closed type through a tee with pipes. More advanced systems are equipped with special separators for separating pig manure into liquid and solid fractions. Such disinfection of fecal masses at the exit gives clean water for the garden and compost used as fertilizer.

The principle of operation of such a system is the self-alloy transport of manure, which saves water and minimizes labor costs.

Water wash is used in small pigsty because it requires a lot of water. A system of canals is mounted in the pens, which are covered on top with special grids. A liquid tank is installed in front of the manure channels. The flushing system is triggered by hydraulic shock when this tank is emptied. In this way, pork manure is removed inside the storage and further processing tank.

Manure as a popular fertilizer

The most common means of fertilizing the soil of domestic farms is manure. To fertilize the land with such improvised means is most beneficial, since it solves two problems at once: the disposal of animal waste and the enrichment of the soil for efficient farming. In this case, as such fertilizers, the products of vital activity of the inhabitants of the barn are most often used. Such substances are very well suited for these purposes because of their composition.

In contrast to cow and horse feces, use of pig manure as a useful fertilizer is possible only after preliminary processing.

Fresh pig manure is characterized by high acidity, concentration of nitrogenous substances. On the other hand, it contains very little calcium. Putting it on the garden can damage the root system of plants, burn green leaves.

Adding superphosphates, lime, dolomite flour will help to neutralize the acidity of fresh pork faeces. In addition, inside the feces of pigs can be eggs, larvae of parasites that pose a threat to the health of animals and humans. During decomposition, the processes of neutralization of harmful microorganisms and substances take place inside the compost.

When decomposed, burned out harmful components are converted to neutral substances. The best conditions and properties of pig excrement acquire at the stage of humus. Manure can reach this state for at least a year.

How to properly prepare and apply dressing for soil

Among various fertilizers of natural origin, pig manure, the use of which requires special preparation, has gained its niche in popularity. This affordable substance has become widespread due to the development of pig production in different countries of the world.

It is the right approach that makes it possible to transform harmful substances inside pig feces into the most valuable top dressing of soil, which contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, nitrogen and other microelements, which accelerate the growth of plants and increase their productivity. Such a natural fertilizer is easy to store.

Quilted, turned into humus pig excrement is a useful, safe substance. The best way to prepare manure is composting. To do this, protect the plot of land or dig a small hole in the garden. It is in this place that the pigs' digestion waste must be added, where within a year all the excrement rot and turns into fertilizer.

Is it possible to use pork waste products without such treatment is a pressing issue. With a lack of time and opportunities, a simple method is suitable, which consists in the fact that manure of pigs is scattered in the fall before plowing. During the winter, this substance rotting almost completely. But it is still better to use the already rotted manure.

Features of different types of pig manure

Before applying the fertilizer, it is necessary to determine at what stage of rotting the pig waste products are. To date, there are four stages of preparation of the substance: fresh manure, semi-overflowing mass, rotten stage, humus.

Fresh pork feces remain up to 3-4 months. In this state, they are dangerous to plants due to the high content of phosphorus, nitrogen and strong acidity. In addition, pig waste intestines are often filled with harmful parasites. The following substances will help reduce the acid content:

  • superphosphates at the rate of 1.5-2 kg per centner;
  • double superphosphates (0.7-1 kg / 1 centner);
  • dolomite flour from the ratio to the mass of manure 1: 100;
  • lime (0.5 kg per 100 kg of fecal matter);
  • horse manure mixed in equal proportions with porcine feces.

Fecal mass of pigs, which has lain for half a year, becomes half-broken. Its composition contains significantly less parasites, but weed seeds and moisture are still sufficient. Best of all, 2-3 kg of such fertilizer per 1 sq. Km. m to make the soil in the fall, and in the spring to dilute it with water 1:10.

Dead manure is prepared from 6 to 12 months. It can be applied to the soil in the amount of 7 kg per 1 sq. Km. m when digging. It can be mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 5.

Pork humus is the most valuable substance. After one year of preparation, this fertilizer will improve the soil, increase the productivity of the garden.

The impact of pig manure on the garden and garden

For garden, garden plants and soil need some fertilizer. For example, for chernozem pig manure as a fertilizer it is absolutely impossible to use fresh. On the other hand, such a substance would justifiably be used to enrich alkaline soils with a variety of carbonates.

As a result of the neutralization reaction, such a soil will improve. Half-ripe manure has the most beneficial effect on plants with active nitrogen consumption. These include root vegetables, some flowers, eggplant, pepper. At the same time it is impossible to use in parallel other fertilizers containing nitrogen.

For feeding early vegetables it is best to apply humus. We use rotten pig dung for garden bushes, trees, corn.

When fertilizing the soil with manure, you should be clear that sometimes you have to wait for the expected result for more than a year. A good harvest will delight the farmer later.

How to cook compost

Composting pork manure relieves it of unpleasant odor, increases its nutritional value, so this substance is optimal for fertilizer.

When laying the compost, it is important to take care of its contact with the ground, since earthworms must be able to move freely within the compost. They determine the speed of rotting.

Manure should be layered, re-cushioning each layer with straw, leaves, sawdust. Additionally, plant residues of various origins can be used. To get rid of helminth eggs, bacteria and other parasites, it is recommended that the dung mass be regularly loosened. It is better to reduce the height and increase the area of ​​the compost pile. High-quality substance is characterized by flowability, dark color, lack of smell. There should not be the slightest sign of rot. Such a fertilizer can last 3-4 years, saving its properties. Finished compost should be applied to the ground during the spring digging.

To maximize the utilization of waste of the body, pigs can also burn dry animal feces. Before this, they must be thoroughly dried. Such heat treatment will completely destroy all parasites, weed seeds. It is best to use this dressing as a mineral fertilizer, which is introduced into the ground during autumn plowing in the amount of 1.5 kg per 1 sq. Km. m

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