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The presence of the drinker for piglets is a very important moment when arranging a pig farm. Without a sufficient amount of drinking, an animal cannot not only gain the necessary weight, but also exist in general. Therefore, the owner should choose which of the available tanks will be installed in the pen. This may be a factory construction or a device made by yourself. From this article you will learn about the types of devices for supplying drink to pigs and get instructions on how to make them yourself.

Piglets need water

Water serves to transport nutrients to the animal. In addition, it helps in regulating body temperature and removes toxins. If drinking is low, feed intake is reduced, resulting in a drop in performance.

At different periods of growth, the piglets need a different amount of liquid. Under normal climatic conditions, animals need at least twice as much water as they eat. In the heat, the amount of drinking increases. Pregnant and lactating sows begin to drink more than usual.

Pigs must be provided with a sufficient amount of high quality water. It should be borne in mind that animals receiving dry food, drink more and more often, those who are fed hydrated.

The drink served must be safe. So, when setting up water supply mechanisms, it is necessary to provide a system for its cleaning and quality control at the outlet.

Why do we need water additives

To ensure the purity of the water supply system, disinfecting chemical impurities are added to animals. Previously, it was antibiotics. Since 2006, when such disinfection methods were banned in Europe, livestock farmers all over the world began to switch to alternative means.

It was found that the best option to improve the quality of drinking water are organic acids. These substances suppress pathogenic microflora, without causing the causes of malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract of pigs. On the contrary, water acidified with organic acids helps to improve the digestion of animals and even creates natural protection against infections. These factors combine to increase the weight gain of the population.

The method is suitable for all physiological and age groups of pigs.

In pig production, propionic, formic, sorbic and other acids, their combinations or derivatives are used.

Drinker Requirements

Corral for pigs requires the presence of special mechanisms for the supply of drink - drinkers. Install the device is best in the place of feeding. The floor is recommended to be trellised.

To ensure the necessary sanitary and hygienic conditions the following rules should be observed:

  • water should always be clean;
  • constant and unhindered access of pigs to water is necessary;
  • the drinking bowl is installed at a certain height from the floor according to the age of the animals (this is described in the article “Types of pig feeders”);
  • the device should be convenient for operation and cleaning;
  • materials are best used anti-corrosion;
  • the tank from which water is supplied must be made airtight;
  • Remains of feed and excrement in water are not allowed.

That is why a simple grandfather trough can be used only as a temporary measure.

Types of drinkers for pigs

The trough in modern animal husbandry is no longer used because it does not meet sanitary and hygienic requirements. In the private sector, it still remains. But farmers choose other methods of serving the drink - drinkers. There are several types. They differ in design features and purpose of use.

Cup and nipple drinkers are considered popular tools.

Water supply in such devices can be carried out using a pressure regulator, and maybe by placing the total capacity for the liquid above the trough. To get a drink animals need to perform certain actions: press the nipple (button) or stand on the pedal.

On large pig farms use sophisticated complexes - auto drinkers for pigs. Filling such devices is automatic. The system is triggered when the water falls below a predetermined level.

Vacuum drinkers in the pig do not use.

Nipple Drinkers

Modern constructive solutions are nipple drinkers. Such devices consist of a tank with water, conductive pipes and a special nipple with a nipple.

The liquid storage is located above the point of consumption, due to which natural water pressure is ensured. At the end of the inlet pipe nipples are installed. They are made of stainless alloy, inside of which there is a filter and valve element. At the exit you can install several of these nipples at different levels - this can provide water for adults and young animals with their total content.

By pressing the nipple with the tongue, the piglet moves the valve back and the water from the tank begins to flow directly into the animal's mouth.

The cost of one nipple nipple, depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 300 to 900 rubles. Does not require special care. Clogged filter can be replaced.

Nipple and pedal cups

The appearance of the mechanism resembles a cup. The vessel is fenced with high sides, and the water is not sprayed, which gives cost and purity. Cup drinkers for pigs come in two varieties - nipple and pedal (valve).

Cup nipple differs from a simple nipple drinker for pigs only in the presence of a bowl. Such a device is best suited for sows and small piglets - a small amount of water always remains in the vessel, so it is not difficult to teach them to drink from it.

In pedal devices for entering the reservoir, animals are taught to press the pedal. Inside the bowl, to which the pipe is connected, a partition is installed - a valve seat. The actuator for the valve in this mechanism is the metal pedal, which the pig presses, just coming to the trough.

The cost of cup devices is from 1500 to 4000 rubles per piece.

It is rather difficult to keep clean in such a device, as a pig can easily climb there with its legs.

Self-production of simple drinkers

You can make drinking bowls for pigs with your own hands. The simplest option is a clean trough or an old laundered trough. It is best to use such a device only temporarily, until the pen is equipped with modern drinkers.

When installing it is important to remember that each category of animals requires a different amount of liquid. It is necessary to choose the volume of the trough accordingly. The height of a simple drinker for different categories of animals will also be their own.

When installing the container, it is important to remember that pigs drink from the trough, dropping their heads down. At the same time, it is impossible to pour a lot of water into the container in order to prevent splashing.

For weaned piglets, the height of the trough should not exceed 10 cm from the floor, for fattening individuals and young sows - 25-30 cm. Large sows and boars need a height of 35-40 cm.

Remember that a drinker of any kind must be securely attached to the floor or wall so that animals do not turn it over.

How to make a drinker from half a pipe

Without extra costs, a drinking bowl for piglets can be made from a metal pipe with its own hands.

Required materials and tools:

  • metal pipe with a diameter of 40-50 cm;
  • tin or metal sheet;
  • iron corners
  • Bulgarian and grinding wheel for metal;
  • welding machine and accessories for it, including a protective mask and gloves;
  • roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • hardware for fastening (bolts, nuts);

To make a drinker from a half pipe, proceed according to the following plan:

  • cut the pipe in half;
  • close the edges of the gutter with metal (tin) sheets, weld them to create an airtight vessel;
  • weld the legs from the iron corners to the resulting design - the height of the finished drinker must be appropriate for the age of the animals;
  • sand all sharp parts and seams;
  • fix the drinker in the pen by attaching the legs to the floor.

Installation of a nipple drinker

Nippelny drinking bowl for pigs is also quite possible to make yourself. For this you need a suitable size nipple and bulk container for water. To work, prepare a hacksaw, a screwdriver with holes for making holes, waterproofing tape, gaskets.

If the reservoir is not located in the pen, use a plastic or metal pipe for the water supply to the nipple.

In your work, follow the plan:

  • in the tank at the required height, make a hole for the nipple nipple or for the pipeline with a screwdriver;
  • insert the pipe or the nipple itself into it, placing it at the right distance from the floor at a slight angle;
  • tightly fix all connections;
  • if the construction is without a pipe, attach it to the floor in the feeding area.

Observe the required distance from the floor to the nipple nipple. For each category of animals, the height of the nipple drinkers for pigs will be different. So, pigs weighing less than 15 kg should be placed nipple at a height of 15 cm from the floor, animals 15-20 kg - taller, 20-25 cm, pigs 20-50 kg - 35-45 cm, 50-100 kg - 50-60 cm, and individuals more than 100 kg - at a height of 70 cm.

Write in the comments which drinkers you use in your pig farm - factory or hand-made.

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