Reproductive organs and the reproductive system of pigs


The structure of the genital organs of pigs and boars is very similar to human. Males have a penis, scrotum, testis, and urethra, and females have a vagina, uterus, ovary, labia, and clitoris. The organs of pigs are ready for mating and carrying the fetus within 6 months after birth. Multiple animals, which affects the structure of their reproductive system. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Testis and scrotum boars

The main sex organ of the boar (knur) is the testis. It is there that the sperm ripens, which is needed for reproduction. In addition, this gland is responsible for the production of hormones. The size of the body is quite large. It is shaped like an egg, connected to the spermatic cord and located in the scrotum.

The testes together with the appendage form the excretory duct. There is a mature sperm for a long time. During the copulation of pigs, the muscular layer of the organ performs peristaltic movements, due to which the sperm are in the seminal duct. At one time, males produce up to 500 ml of seminal fluid. It is grayish-white in color and resembles water sperm in consistency.

The scrotum is located near the anus. As already mentioned, it houses the testis and appendage. Sperm successfully develops and matures in this organ, because it is cooler here than in the whole body.

On the scrotum grow hairs that have glands. Its cavity is divided in half by a partition formed by the muscular-elastic membrane. Muscles pull the testis to the inguinal canal.

Seed tube and urethra

The appendix is ​​continued by the vas deferens (vas deferens). It originates from the end of the appendage and, together with the spermatic cord, runs towards the abdominal and pelvic cavities. The seed tube is similar to a tube lined with three shells. This organ passes along with the vesicle duct and forms the ejaculating channel. It is located at the beginning of the urinary canal.

The reproductive system of males includes the spermatic cord. It is a reservoir for vessels and nerves, and heading for the testis. It also contains lymph vessels and the vas deferens. The urethra removes urine and semen. It begins in the bladder neck, and the end, in the form of an external opening, is located at the end of the penis of the animal.

Glands and penis

The accessory sex glands are composed of vesicular, prostate, and paired bulbous. They are in the bladder neck. These ducts lead directly to the urethra. The task of bubbly is to develop a special substance that dilutes the sperm. Their length reaches 15 cm. The prostate gland is only 2.5 cm long and produces a secret that stimulates sperm motility.

Male onion glands are about 3 cm wide and 12 cm long. They produce a lubricant that performs two functions in the pig's reproductive system:

  • clear the urinary canal from urine;
  • facilitate the passage of sperm through the urethra.

Boar dick plays an important role in the pig reproduction system. It removes urine, and during mating sperm through it enters the vagina of sows. The member of the male consists of the head, root and body. They are protected by a fold of skin - a prepuce that also covers part of the head. When the boar is not excited, and the member is at rest, the fold closes the head completely, so that it is reliably protected from damage. During mating, the penis grows in size, so the head is released from the prepuce.

Male ejaculation lasts about 10 minutes.

Ovary and oviduct

Now let's talk about the female genitals. They include an ovary shaped like a bean. It is located behind the kidneys and is a reservoir for the production of eggs and hormones. Almost the entire ovary is covered with epithelium. Beneath it is the follicular area in which follicles and ovules mature. During ovulation of a pig, the follicle bursts, after which the fluid and eggs contained in it go out.

Instead of a ruptured follicle, a yellow body appears. When pregnancy occurs, it produces a hormone that prevents the formation of follicles. If conception does not come, the yellow body disappears. It also occurs after childbirth.

A fertilized egg enters the pig's uterus through the egg line. It is a narrow convoluted tube connected to the uterine horn. The muscles of the fallopian tube are reduced, thanks to which the egg penetrates the uterus.

Female uterus

The pig uterus is in the pelvis. She is a reservoir for the development of a pig. During farrowing, it leaves the organ through the birth canal.

The uterus consists of the neck, body and horns. The neck is about 16 cm long, and its mucosa forms wrinkles that look like waves. During the artificial insemination should be careful not to damage them.

This is a hollow webbed organ. The size of the body of the uterus does not exceed 5 cm, and the horns twist like an intestine, and reach 2 m in length. Such their structure is caused by the multiplicity of the pig. The cervix is ​​very narrow, 16-17 cm long. It opens into the vagina.

The uterus consists of muscle, mucous and serous membrane. As farrowing approaches, the muscular layer is actively developing, since it is thanks to the muscles that the fetus comes out.

What other organs are included in the reproductive system

The pig's vagina is located between the hole from which urine comes out and the cervix. It is narrow and looks like a tube, up to 12 cm long. There are urinary tracts and genital tracts near the entrance to the vagina. It passes behind the urinary canal, and ends with the vulva and labia.

The vulva is separated from the anus by the crotch. The urinary canal begins at the bottom of her vestibule. Labia are located near the exit from the vagina. On them is a special growth, thanks to him when mating a member of the male better fixed in the vagina.

Also to the genitals of pigs is the clitoris. It is made of cavernous bodies, but not as strong as a member.

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