African brush pigs


The African (also called the river) spear pig is unlike the usual pig. She received the name because of the vegetation on the face and the tassels on the tips of the ears. Her place of life, appearance and character are different from the known species of these animals. And this is understandable, she is wild. And lives in West and Central Africa. She does not like the desert, she likes to be near a puddle, a pond or a river. It is found in the forest and in the savannah. Packs are aggressive, they attack and even destroy opponents.

Tassels pig

The pig pig is rather small. Not more than a meter and a half in length, 55-80 cm - height at withers. Its weight does not exceed 80 kg. Despite its size, it is strong, active and fast.

The wedge-shaped muzzle of this beauty is black. It is decorated with sideburns, and around the eyes is a white edging. Both pigs and boars have sharp canines, and on both jaws. Similar to small tusks, they help them in hunting and defense. Males have bone hillocks (warts) resembling horns between the eyes and piglet.

This African pig was named for long hair on the sides of the muzzle and large pointed ears, with long bunches of white and black hair at the ends. They look like brushes.

The skin is a red-brown shade, along the ridge runs a white stripe. At the moment of danger, the hair comb stands on end to make the pig seem larger and more formidable. Thin long tail (40-45 cm) without hair, similar to a carrot, also ends with a brush.

Everything is useful, that got into his mouth

The bristle pig, like other members of its genus, is omnivorous. They are happy to eat all parts of plants, eat insects, they will not pass by the carrion. There is evidence that they devour the young of other animals (both wild and domestic), and even dogs guarding human habitation. The diet of pigs is formed:

  • from roots and tubers;
  • fruits;
  • berries;
  • adult insects and their larvae;
  • fell down.

At night, pigs sometimes ruin the fields of corn, peanuts and other agricultural plants.

Previously, the natural enemy of the animal was a leopard, but the man ousted him, and now the number of pig pigs is growing. This is very disliked by the peasants who are trying to lime the African pigs in all possible ways. They even tried to tame, but adult pigs have a vicious and cunning disposition, and to bring up children is troublesome.

Breeding piglets

African river pigs live in family groups of 12-15 individuals. At the head - an adult male. This patriarch accompanies several females, protects and protects them and their offspring.

Cisteurian pigs produce offspring every year, most often in autumn or winter. The largest number of pigs born in November and February. The sow pregnancy lasts 120-130 days. She gives birth from 1 to 6 (on average - 4) piglets.

Before giving birth, a pig "viet" nest, which is more like a haystack. Within a few hours after birth, babies can follow their mother. All adult "family members" look after them. First, the young feed on mother's milk, from 2 to 4 months, and then move on to the common food of the pack. The animal reaches sexual maturity in two or three years. A wild pig lives in the wild for 15–20 years.

Community life

Cisturian pigs prefer nocturnal lifestyle. During the day, they hide in secluded places. As a rule, their burrows dug in the ground are camouflaged in dense thickets. Often the beds are connected by a system of paths and tunnels.

Each family owns the territory under its control. Borders of family properties are marked. Fangs leave scratches on tree trunks. After the African boar has rubbed a large stone, secretions from the glands will remain on it. This is a sign to strangers - mine, do not encroach.

In search of food, African kosteuhie pigs go quite far, making the transitions of several kilometers.

When a pack is attacked, the animals prefer to flee. But if the fight is inevitable, they fight violently. Fights happen when fighting for leadership within the family. The males are trying to polish each other snout, beat the opponent's tail. The loser loses status.

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