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Thanks to the hard work of breeders in 1958 in the Kirov region appeared Urzhum breed of pigs. The main purpose of their work was the breeding of productive animals that would quickly gain considerable weight, and also be distinguished by the simplicity of the content and high reproduction. Tasks were solved. Now this species of pigs is developing and getting better, attracting more and more attention.

Breed benefits

Selection work was based on the crossing of the strongest and largest sows with boars of white breed. Then came the selection of developed young animals, and again the animals were crossed many times.

The result was a high-quality meat breed of pigs. Thus, with proper care and feeding, the six-month-old Urzhum piglets can weigh 100 kg.

Pig breeding is currently very popular as an agricultural industry, since breeding pigs can quickly pay for itself and start making a profit for the farmer. It is quite understandable why it is the Urzhum breed of pigs that attracts businessmen.

Its representatives have certain advantages over other breeds:

  • unpretentious in keeping and eating;
  • easily adapt and tolerate various climatic conditions;
  • grow rapidly and gain weight;
  • sow is able to bring 12-15 pigs;
  • pork has good taste.

Record for weight and other parameters

Indicators of the Urzhum pig breed speak for themselves. Males in weight can reach 340-360 kg.

The recorded weight of the largest Urzhum boar was 405 kg.

Females weigh an average of 250 kg. The body in pigs is long: in males it reaches 170-190 cm, in females - 155-175 cm.

In addition, the animals are very massive, it is not for nothing that the girth of the boar’s chest is 110–140 cm, and that of the pig — 90–110 cm. The bone structure and muscles are very strongly developed.

Pigs are hardy, have strong legs with firm and coarse hoofs. Due to the fact that these animals are well developed gastrointestinal tract, the lower abdomen is large. With such dimensions, pigs have a relatively small head and, in spite of their massiveness, they move easily and naturally.

It is also important that sows are incredibly productive. For one litter, they are able to produce 12-15 pigs, which, as mentioned above, in six months will have an impressive weight.

Sows are distinguished by high milk production, so that at a young age piglets on average gain weight in the range of 700-750 g.

Meat yield in the breed - 50-60%, and fat - 30-40. The thickness of the fat from 2 to 3 cm. Pigs of this breed are often grown just for the sake of meat product, in particular, bacon.

Little about the content of the breed

Representatives of the Urzhum breed do not require any special conditions of detention. But for high productivity, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of feed, as this directly affects the weight values. Farmers often use combined feed, which already contains the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, which allows animals to actively develop.

In general, the requirements for the maintenance of Urzhum pigs are the same as for other breeds. Read the rules of nutrition can be found in the article "Feeding a pig at home."

The farmer should ensure the cleanliness of the base, carry out regular cleaning and ventilation, monitor the availability of clean drinking water. For sows with piglets it is necessary to provide a warm room, which will avoid colds in young animals.

Now this breed is most common in the Kirov region, the Volga and Ural federal districts. But she has every chance of gaining wider popularity.

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