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One of the first bred by academician MF Ivanov was the Ukrainian steppe white breed of pigs. His main task was the creation of a new line and the distribution of individuals characterized by excellent productivity and unpretentiousness. The animals should in the shortest possible time gain maximum weight, have a strong proportionally folded body, easily adapt to the harsh climate, give birth to numerous offspring and have good milkiness.

The story of the emergence of the Ukrainian steppe pig

An important role in the breeding of Ukrainian steppe pigs academician assigned endurance and ability to adapt to the harsh climate of the steppe zone. For better results, Ivanov crossed with other local meat sows and boars of a large white breed.

After several years of fruitful work, Mikhail Fedorovich and his companions managed to get offspring that meets all the desired requirements. This is how a new branch appeared - the Ukrainian white, and pig breeding received highly productive and early ripening animals.

Representatives of this family perfectly adapted in areas where dry and hot weather prevails, were distinguished by high growth energy and excellent taste of meat. Due to these factors, the white pig soon gained great popularity and became widespread not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, as well as in other countries with a hot arid climate.

Breed features

Adult sows and boars are quite large. They have a massive body, strong ribs and coarse bones. Consider the description of the typical characteristics of the representatives and their breed qualities:

  • wide and powerful body without interceptions;
  • small and slightly elongated head;
  • legs - strong, strong and proportioned, with clearly defined and clearly distinguished hams;
  • the ears are large, slightly hanging;
  • color is predominantly white, but the appearance of specimens with dark or gray spots on the sides and back is acceptable;
  • skin is pink, dense, with hard bristles of white color;
  • short neck without visible interceptions at the junction with the body;
  • belly round, barrel-shaped;
  • high tail ends bristly tassel.

The distinctive features also include the fairly calm nature of animals.

Ukrainian breed productivity

The steppe pig is universal, that is, its representatives belong to the meat-greasy direction. An adult hog reaches a weight of 340 kilograms and more (the weight of the record holder exceeds 400 kg). Sow less massive, its performance ranges from 230-260 kg. Fat of half-month-old individuals has a thickness of about 3 cm, and meat - excellent taste and delicate texture.

In one litter, the white pig produces an average of 12 piglets and has a milk yield of 50-80 kg during the lactation period. Due to its low requirements and the ability to absorb well local feed, animals have high weight gain. Enough to keep the herd clean and provide regular food to get weight gain of 710 - 810 g per day.

Observing the simple rules of growing Ukrainian steppe pigs, you can get animals weighing 100 kilograms or more by 6-7 months.

Primary qualities of steppe pigs

White steppe is not without reason considered the most profitable for breeding among other breeds that are common on the territory of Ukraine. This contributes to a number of valuable qualities:

  • large meat mass;
  • the precocity of animals;
  • ability to adapt easily in difficult climatic zones (cold winters, summer heat, spring dry winds);
  • resistance to all sorts of diseases;
  • the ability to absorb low-calorie foods, such as grass;
  • high level of productivity at low cost.

Thus, the maintenance of pigs of this breed is beneficial not only in the conditions of large farmer complexes, but also in small subsidiary farms. In the article "Russian white breeds of pigs" meet with the relatives of Ukrainian pigs.

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