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Today the Yorkshire pig breed is one of the most common breeds. Her story begins in the XIX century in the English county of Yorkshire. At that time, farmers began to actively cross local pigs with foreign pigs brought from Portugal, Italy, and China. The resulting type has become universal. It can be used to produce meat and grease products, and bacon, obtained from the highest quality meat. Due to this and other advantages, the breed has won the farmers' hearts of the whole world.

Interesting historical fact

The Yorkshire pig breed was shown at an exhibition in 1851. She caused a great surprise among visitors.

The fact is that in their usual presentation the pigs should have looked like obese, heavy and barely standing animals. In front of them stood the pretty and slender Yorkshire pigs. This made both animals and their breeder owner Joseph Thuleay popular.

Surprisingly, this man by profession was a weaver, and pig breeding could be called his hobby. However, after the event at the exhibition, this sweet occupation turned into a profitable business for him. There are even known nicknames of pigs, which Tuley used for selection work - Samson and Matches. With the help of these individuals, he managed to obtain highly productive properties of the offspring, to improve the structure of the body of representatives of the breed.

Subsequently, Joseph sold all of his pigs to another farmer.

Fate in Russia

English Yorkshtins were brought to Russia at the end of the XIX century. They immediately gained recognition from domestic pig farmers. Initially, the famous breeder N.N. Zavadovsky

In his writings, he stubbornly argued that Yorkshire pigs are inferior in quality to representatives of a large white breed. Scientist E.A. Bogdanov, on the contrary, tried to reveal the merits of the English breed and describe them in his book "Breeding of large Yorkshire".

But be that as it may, gradually these pigs were kept in many farms in the European part of Russia. However, after the events of 1917, the piglets from Yorkshire almost never got divorced. They remembered them only after the war, in the late 1940s. New livestock Yorkshire appeared in the collective farms of the Sverdlovsk region. He was brought from Germany.

Currently, Yorkshire pigs occupy the fourth position in the prevalence of breeds in our country.

Appearance: big and fit

Like almost two centuries ago, the Yorkshire pig strikes with its slender and dense structure. They can be given the following description:

  • body of impressive size;
  • medium sized head with wide frontal part and short snout;
  • erect, elastic ears;
  • muscular and short neck;
  • wide and straight withers;
  • deep and wide chest;
  • meaty ham;
  • soft, without folds skin, covered with light bristles.

In the early stages of breeding, the Yorkshire were divided into small, medium and large ones. Later, the British settled on a large variety.

The length of the body of boars can reach 180 cm, sows are inferior to them in this indicator by 10-15 cm. The weight of adults lies in the range from 250 to 320 kg.

Often this breed is confused with the English white: the external characteristic is very similar, but the quality of meat is very different.

Record for growth

Yorkshires become sexually mature at 10–12 months of age, are distinguished by good reproduction, and are often used for breeding and hybridization. Females have a well-developed maternal instinct.

Breed differs in multiplicity: in one litter there can be 10-12 heads. In this case, the pigs are born large (about 1 kg), by the end of the first month of life can weigh 20 kg. The organization of full feeding gives weight in 200 kg already by 10 months. The weight gain per day is almost 1 kg.

If desired, you can fatten up pigs and up to 250 kg, but experts do not advise: the meat loses its valuable qualities with a sharp increase in the share of fat.

Carcass yield is one of the highest - from 65 to 82%.

It depends largely on the diet, although it is believed that the Yorkshire is undemanding to feed.

Irreplaceable and valuable lovers of heat

Yorkshire breed is used to produce valuable bacon "marble" meat. Carcasses of such pigs are distinguished by developed muscles, thin subcutaneous fat.

To improve meat quality, piglets should be given beans, carrots, beets, wheat, potatoes, whey, bone meal. Peculiarities of keeping Yorkshire pigs are connected with the possibility of their walking on pasture. They gladly consume fresh green mass.

Irreplaceable Yorkshire in crossing. Scientists have shown that crossbred pigs, obtained with their participation, have a higher growth energy, precocity, feed efficiency.

Smooth and delicate Yorkshire skin turns into a very unpleasant moment when they are contained. In winter they can freeze and burn in the summer in the sun. In our harsh conditions, they need a warm room, sheltering from cold and drafts.

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