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The Ukrainian Mirgorod breed of pigs is popular not only in its homeland, but also in Belarus, in the south of Russia. For over 70 years, animals have been valued for the excellent quality of fat and the ability for its intensive deposition. Piglets are bred with pleasure by private farmers and larger farms. These pigs do not require special conditions for housing and feeding. They were able to obtain such valuable qualities after the painstaking and long-term work of Soviet breeders.

Heavyweights speckled

Mirgorod breed of pigs was approved in 1940. This was preceded by the work of scientists under the leadership of Professor A.F. Bondarenko. They crossed local pigs (short-eared motley) with representatives of five other breeds.

Myrgorod pig can be attributed to the black and variegated color, although there are specimens with redheads - black and red and red. They have a strong constitution, a wide and deep chest, rounded developed gammons. The body is of medium length, with a wide and straight back.

Medium sized head with slightly concave profile. On it - small, most often, erect ears. Legs are not long, but strong. There are no folds on the skin, the pig looks elastic, dense and smooth. The bristles cover the entire body with a uniform thick layer.

Adult males reach from 280 to 330 kg of weight and length from 165 to 175 cm. More modest dimensions are typical for sows: 200-220 kg, 155-160 cm.

Valued for high quality fat

Pigs come from Mirgorod belong to the greasy direction of breeds. They start to build up early fat, which with a weight of 100 kg can exceed 4 cm. Fat is one of the best in taste, often taken as a standard. It melts at a temperature of + 40 + 45 degrees, and is stored for a long time, subject to the temperature regime (-10 + 5 degrees).

Its quality is affected by the castration of piglets: the earlier it is held, the tastier the fat will be. On the other hand, more fat - less meat. Regarding this, there are recommendations for adding protein feed to the diet of pigs. Then the muscle mass will grow. Also useful for sebaceous walk breeds, active movement.

Despite the small proportion of meat in the carcass, it is tender. It has little moisture, it is often used for the preparation of dry sausages, canned meat.

Interestingly, the first Pork Festival was held in Mirgorod in 2011.

Proper care is the key to success.

Pasture conditions are suitable for keeping a Myrhorod pig. From spring to the beginning of the first frost they can be sent to the open air, returning to the barn only for the night.

On a pasture, it is desirable to have trees under which pigs can hide from the scorching sun, because their skin is prone to sunburn.

In general, individuals of the Mirgorod breed are stress-resistant and unpretentious in content. But in winter they need a heated room.

When selecting food, you need to pay attention to the calorie content. Cereals, fish and bone meal, vitamin supplements are required.

Well myrhorod pig digested:

  • potatoes (boiled and mashed);
  • root vegetables in raw form (carrots, beets, rutabaga, turnips);
  • milk;
  • food waste;
  • chopped grass and hay.

These products should be half of the total diet of pigs, and the second part - feed.

Caring mothers - healthy piglets

Migorod pigs become sexually mature at the age of ten months. But experts advise to do the first mating (insemination) a little later: the offspring will be more numerous. The pregnant female bears piglets for about 110-115 days.

Sows in a single farrow bring 10 or more piglets, with good nutrition they differ in milk yield (up to 59 kg). The colostrum of the Mirgorod pig contains a large number of globulins, which affects the production of stable immunity in newborn piglets. The safety of babies is high - up to 94%. In female pigs maternal instinct is pronounced.

Young animals are growing, gaining weight every day up to 670-700 g. Feed costs are 4.1-4.3 feed units per 1 kg of weight gain. And already at the age of six months, a piglet can weigh 100 kg. The output of lean meat at slaughter is obtained from 50 to 54%.

Fight for gene purity

To date, breeding work with Myrhorod breed is carried out using the methods of intrabreeding and only in one experimental farm. The branch institute in Ukraine forbade its crossing with other breeds, although earlier, 5-10 years ago, there were attempts to bring out new types, families with the use of black-and-white Belarusian pigs, large black breed, and pyetren boars.

Now this work is suspended. According to scientists, this led to a decrease in genetic similarity. Therefore, the preservation of the gene pool of Mirgorod pigs as a national treasure is one of the important tasks in animal husbandry of Ukraine.

Over the past 25-30 years, their numbers have declined sharply, the breed's position has shifted from first place to 6-7 places.

In Russia, the Ukrainian Mirgorod breed is often used as a paternal line for interbreeding of pigs.

We reduce pluses with minuses

Creator Mirgorodskogo breed A.F. Bondarenko believed that the need to start such pigs, "from which there is more benefit in the economy" and constantly improve its quality.

Their breeders see the main advantages of the Myrhorod pigs in unpretentiousness and undemanding conditions of detention, the rapid growth of body fat, omnivorousness, adaptability to pasture grazing, developed strong constitution, taste quality of bacon. Pigs also have a calm disposition.

Among the shortcomings, farmers consider a small proportion of lean meat in the carcass of a pig, its insufficient taste, although the phrase “The taste and color of friends is not appropriate” is appropriate here. Not everyone has the opportunity to provide them with daily grazing and a warm comfortable room. This can lead to various diseases, in particular, rickets, avitaminosis, lung diseases of small pigs and adult pigs.

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