Care and maintenance of mini pigs


Proper care and maintenance of mini-pig give a guarantee that the animal will please the owner for a very long time, and even be able to bring some profit. Pigs not only play the role of pets, they can be bred and professionals from the field of pig breeding. Since their sizes fluctuate significantly, it depends on the weight, where it is better for the piglets to live. If the pet is large, then it will be better on the garden. If the pig is tiny, then it is perfect for living in an apartment.

Apartment and captive life

Mini piga is better not to keep in an apartment with a small area. He likes more spacious rooms and ideally for housing you need to allocate a whole room. Moreover, it is not recommended to plant a pig in a cage, otherwise there is a risk of getting a nervous and dreary pet.

In the room, the pig should have a private place - a mattress, a mattress, a sofa or a house. It will be a kind of shelter. The main thing is that it is located in the warmth, and not in a draft. But, nevertheless, the room should be fully ventilated.

As for the flooring, it should not be slippery, otherwise the pig will fall. Minipig is a curious animal, so all the places where they can not go, it is better to close tightly. The same goes for cabinets and refrigerators. Piglets easily open, all that is badly locked.

Special attention to wires, electrical appliances, chemicals and other dangerous items. In the house where the decorative pig lives, it should all be out of reach. As an entertainment for piglets you can buy dog ​​toys. They are strong and interesting.

Of course, in the apartments usually give birth to miniature rocks weighing 30 kg (micro pigs). Since the mass of adult mini pigs can be quite large from 60 to 90 kg, then, if possible, it is better to settle them in aviaries. Or, for example, an equipped barn is quite suitable for permanent residence. In the cold season, the owner should take care of the insulation of the room. For large individuals, such a life is just right, although they are also decorative.

Bedspreads or straw can be used as a bed. Of course, you can not keep them there all the time. Piglets should walk, as well as apartment residents.


The domestic pig is a very intelligent animal. It is subject to mandatory training and is very successful in this matter. A good memory allows them to memorize commands, to accustom to the tray, to know their place. To hog mini pig not become aggressive, it is desirable to neutered.

Pigs love to play, learn about the world, but they have a tendency to be overweight. After a certain age (it is 3-4 years) growth stops, and the weight continues to grow. Mini-pigs should have the right diet and high-quality, regular walking - at least twice a day for one hour.

When a piglet is first brought to a new place, it takes time for habituation, adaptation. The owner must be patient and not apply any activity to the pet until he masters. Of course, you should not completely ignore the animal, but carrying on hands, noisy activities should be excluded. Also with hygienic procedures. More and more complex manipulations are postponed until the moment of complete adaptation of the mini pig.

Love bath and shower

Grooming is not particularly difficult. Decorative mini piggy pretty neat and almost no odor. They can not do without water treatments. They can arrange bathing in the bath or shower, preferably 2 times a week. This improves the mood of the piglets. At the bottom of the bath it is desirable to lay a rubberized mat. Trim hoof need 3-4 times a year and once again in six months to clean the ears.

Especially good when there is a country house or any area where in the summer you can take out mini pigs. In hot weather, the piglets put baths with clean water, where they happily splash.

In the apartment piglets and pigs must be taught to the toilet. This should be a special place with a tray. It can be filled with shavings, sawdust, but it can all be scattered across the floor. Therefore, be prepared for frequent cleaning. Those tools that are used for cats will not work, because mumps eat them.

Naturally, the tray is cleaned as it is polluted, washed, dried, and then refilled. You do not need to punish the mini-pig for the fact that he settles the need for the floor. Due to stressful situations, toilet training may be delayed even more. It must be remembered that during the first half of the year piglets live in any places, since they still cannot control this process.

Walking on the street

In ordinary pig farms, animals can stay on the street for a long time; domestic decorative piglets should not be deprived of this either. They love to frolic in the sun, pinching grass and at the same time are very mobile. No need to walk near the carriageway and in various polluted places. Ideally, walking with mini pigs should be daily and long. As mentioned above, the total duration of at least two hours per day. At the same time welcome action and games.

If the mini pig arrived at a new place of residence, then the first walk is desirable only after the necessary vaccinations have been made and the pig has got used to the situation.

Little pigs are taught to wear a harness. With this accessory, the walk is much easier. Mini pig need to be driven on different surfaces, including asphalt, in order to grind the claws. Active walks contribute to weight loss, as piglets are prone to obesity.

In winter, it is better not to go around with mini pigs, because they can get sick. At this time it is best to thoroughly ventilate the apartment.

Classes with pets

When a mini pig appears in the house, you won't be bored. The pet is not only uplifting with its presence, but is also able to take the owner of serious things, such as training. They can perform commands no worse than dogs. You need to start with simple actions. You do not need to raise your voice, because the pigs are touchy. But the encouragement in the form of food they love.

Pigs love to play. It is desirable that the owner could give them some attention in this regard. If the animal is bored, then, most likely, will arrange a rout in the house. Toys are an integral part of the objects that should surround the mini pigs. Since they are very smart, they usually understand where and what they can do after training. Pigs should have play areas, a place to eat, a toilet. Everybody starts to designate from the moment the piglet adapts.

These individuals love to dig hoofs on different surfaces. In order not to damage the floor, any rags can be torn apart. In too emotional moments, the pigs make loud sounds, therefore, in order not to disturb the neighbors, the walls in the apartment must be additionally isolated.

Food is illegible

Now let's talk about how to feed the mini pigs. First of all, you need to remember about balance. To some extent, this food resembles the food of a small child, and in general, digestion is similar to human. The difference is that the pigs are very illegible in food and sweep away everything in their path. Therefore, you need to follow the normal portion and composition of the menu. At different ages, these data also change.

When a pig is very small and its body grows, the frequency of feeding is more - 4 times a day. When they reach 3 years old when growth stops, then 2 times a day will be enough. This will help avoid obesity and overeating.

Feeding pigs is desirable at the same time. If some elements are missing in the food, it can affect health, appearance and behavior. It is necessary for animals to eat according to such an approximate schedule - in the morning, something high-calorie, in the lunchtime - vegetables and fruits, and for dinner cereals or dairy products.

Featured Products

Now in more detail about the food that can and can not be homemade pigs. The following products have a positive effect on the body:

  • fresh and boiled vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, squash), fruits (apples, bananas, pears);
  • steamed cereals or porridge (can be mixed with vegetables, barley grains, peas, buckwheat);
  • low-fat cottage cheese (2 times a week);
  • chicken meat, beef liver, boneless fish (2 times a week).

Mini pigs can eat cereal plants in the form of animal feed. Be sure to have plenty of clean drinking water. It is possible and necessary to add vitamins to food. We tell about their positive action in the article “About vitamins for pigs and piglets”.

Food should not be salty, sweet, spicy, smoked, fatty, and with spices. In order not to provoke a strong growth in the dwarf guinea pig, it is not necessary to abuse such products as baking, meat, fish, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, beets, onions. But that does not eat mini pigs: food for dogs and cats, juices, seeds, nuts, corn. These foods are too high in calories and badly affect their health.

Health and reproduction

As already mentioned, so that the domestic pig does not hurt in the apartment there should be no drafts. In addition, dampness is bad for the hooves and causes their rot. If the mumps condition has changed (activity is gone, eats poorly, the temperature has risen), then the veterinarian will help to correctly diagnose the disease. So try to call him immediately.

In order to get healthy offspring, it is necessary that mating should occur between sexually mature (from 6 months) male and female. Pregnancy of a dwarf sow lasts up to 118 days, and there are up to 20 piglets in a litter. Usually the birth of mini pigs is good, and they do not need help. But for calm you can invite a veterinarian. The weight of babies at birth varies. The smallest ones are mayyalino, wizenau, bergstresser knirt. Their weight is from 100 to 200 g, and in 10 days on average already 1 kg. The Göttingen mini pig weighs 400 g, and in 10 days it weighs 1.5 kg.

Complement feeding pigs is introduced after 10 days of life mini pig, and before that they exclusively feed on mother's milk.

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