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In an effort to have a pet, unusual variants are more and more common, and dwarf piglets, who were called mini pigs, are one of them. They appeared, thanks to the experiments of breeders who were able to transform a large hulking individual from a pigsty into a charming and miniature pet. If it became necessary to start such a miracle, then besides care and love, it is also a modern fashion trend.

History of

Mini piggy decorative piglets began their existence in Germany, where the breed was bred in the 1950s. Also conducted experiments in the United States and Italy. The work of breeders lasted for many years. The basis was taken Vietnamese vislobryukhie pigs and small wild pigs. The goal of scientists is to obtain the minimum size of the animal and the desire for even more miniature species - micro pigs.

At that time, work to reduce the size of pigs was carried out in the Soviet Union. Such individuals were required for research in laboratories. At the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a dwarf pig with light wool was bred.

The goal was set to breed small animals with a soft character. At the same time they had to grow up much faster than ordinary pigs. This amount of work, scientists were able to perform in 35 years. The breed is based on Swedish Landrace, small Vietnamese and some other pigs. However, the indicators of dwarfism were not achieved, as the individuals turned out to be slightly larger and were called Minisibs.

But a breeder from Italy, Morigny S. In the course of his work, he brought a tiny breed - mayyalino, which even got into the Guinness Book of Records. About this in other types of dwarf domestic pigs will be discussed in this article.

Character traits

Dwarf piglets do not have a specific standard. Their appearance depends on the breed to which they belong. Usually in the litter can be up to 20 individuals. By six months, they become sexually mature.

The color of these animals is the most diverse. There are tiger colors, black, red, sand, marble or multi-colored. Gilt can be pink, silver and even striped. With age, the color may become darker. Only a black individual will remain like that forever.

In the first two years the minipig is actively growing, and already in the subsequent time it is gaining weight. Domestic pigs can weigh from 9 to 100 kg. Although the latter figure is quite impressive, but for comparison - an ordinary pig is able to reach all 300 kg. If the weight is below 30 kg, then this is, rather, a micro pig.

Miniature piglets can be kept in the apartment, because they are rather clean and do not have an unpleasant smell, however, without proper nutrition and full-fledged walking, animals tend to gain weight quickly.

They are not advised to start people with allergies.

Positive points

Pigs of the mini piggy breed (it is wrong to write mini piggy) are loved and bought, because they are exotic representatives of domestic animals. Most attracted by their miniature and the possibility of maintenance at home.

In addition, animals have several other advantages, because of which they are chosen as pets:

  • the character is docile, friendly and good-natured, because of which the dwarf piglet becomes attached to the owner and becomes a faithful friend to him;
  • the ability to train animals, as they have a good turn of mind and have an excellent memory;
  • This breed of pigs is clean, and it is possible to accustom the animal to a tray or to a specific place to meet needs;
  • Mini pigs can live with other animals in the house.

In addition, piglets are not picky about food (feeding can be found in more detail in the article “Care and maintenance of mini pigs”) and they like water treatments.

The disadvantage can only be found in how much a pig costs. The price varies depending on the breed of pigs and can go up to several thousand dollars. Little or a lot, everyone decides for himself, but if you start animals for breeding, it can be profitable.

When purchasing a decorative individual, you need to consider that they can be noisy, as they constantly emit grunting, and can even whine from strong emotions. In addition, they do not like to stand still, and their movements around the apartment will be accompanied by a thud of claws on the floor.

Miniature piglets

There are quite a few breeds of ornamental pigs, around 30, but all of them, rather, are arbitrary, as there are no clear standards. There are several of the brightest varieties.

Immediately it should be noted micro Piga, which was already mentioned above - mini-mayalino. This is the smallest breed of pigs. It is derived relatively recently in Italy, and its weight reaches a maximum of 12 kg. This variety, although considered to be very sweet and attractive, is not widely spread. This is due to difficulties in grooming and reproduction. Perhaps because of their tiny size, piglets are prone to frequent diseases.

The next in weight can be distinguished breed called "Bergstresser Knirt." The mass of this mumps varies depending on the sex - 20-30 kg. However, there are individuals that weigh 10-15 kg. Miniature pig turned out from the Chinese breeds. He has a good character and therefore he gained popularity in European countries.

Wiesenau - this decorative breed is also not considered large. Her physique is compact and square. This fact and the fact that there are no folds on the face distinguishes these piglets from other varieties. Most likely, this individual is not suitable for housing maintenance, since the weight, although considered small, can still reach 60 kg. But then these pigs are quickly accustomed to order and behave decently on the local area.

Large individuals

The following breeds of pigs weigh a little more than the previous ones, but less than normal adult domestic relatives.

For example, the Göttingen minipig weighs relatively little - from 70 to 90 kg, but among decorative ones such volumes are quite weighty. This German species is a selection and bred recently. Individuals stand out rounded belly, as well as excessive appetite. All that they find in easily accessible places, be sure to try for a tooth. In the litter there may be more than 20 kids.

Earlier it was already mentioned about such breed, as minisibs. Since dwarfism was not achieved, the weight of animals is average and reaches 50 kg. These pigs have a rather slim build and they are well accustomed to frost. The latter factor is achieved due to the characteristics of the skin and the presence of subcutaneous fat. Initially, the pig served for donation and laboratory research. He was taken precisely for medical research.

Minisibs are most often white, but sometimes individuals are spotted due to their relationship with Vietnamese vislobryukhimmi pigs, which are discussed below, as well as in the article "Vietnamese Pigs and Pigs".

Currently, the Siberian pig gets on very well in the farmsteads as a decorative pet. He is very sociable, quick-witted, easily trained.

The progenitor of miniature pets

Almost all mini pigs were bred on the basis of Vietnamese visually blasted pigs. This is their ancestor. This individual was brought from Vietnam to Canada and to Europe. Weight "Asians" varies from 45 to 100 kg.

Best of all, these pigs and boars feel in the farmsteads, and not in the apartments, although the animals are quite clean. Most often in the pig industry they are used for fattening. The meat is tender and is a deli product, and the slaughter yield is up to 75%.

Breeders set themselves the task of obtaining a breed that should quickly grow in size, gain weight and have excellent taste. In addition, the animal is able to effectively acclimatize. The work was carried out successfully, and the Vietnamese high-tailed pig became popular in many countries by the 2000s. She won the credibility of themselves because of the docile nature, cleanliness, ability to train.

This breed is a herbivore, and therefore mini pig also prefer plant food. The appearance of the Vietnamese Fold is rather unusual. The head is slightly flattened, the limbs are short, the back is long and arched. Sows and gilts are distinguished by a large hanging belly, and boars have fangs up to 15 cm long. All individuals have folds on the nose, and ears are small, pointed. The color is different, but more often black. By 4-6 months, pigs are ready to breed.

Since the acquisition of such a pig is easily accessible and inexpensive, the content does not require strict rules. Pigs are unpretentious to the conditions of habitat and food, but everything must be properly composed for a healthy livestock and increase profitability.

The acquisition of a pet

To get a mini piggy decorative pig you need to determine the size of the animal and decide where it will live - at home or in the yard. As already mentioned, such an individual is not cheap. Especially the roads are the smallest breeds - micro pigs.

It is undesirable to buy mini pigs from unverified breeders. Such an irresponsible step can lead to the fact that growing up, mumps turn into a normal boar, which will weigh all 200 kg.

Of course, it is difficult for an unaware buyer to discern the young of various breeds. Take, for example, a newborn Vietnamese pig. At this age, its weight reaches only 400-450 g. Often it is issued for a miniature pig of a more miniature variety.

Specialized nurseries that are well established in the market and professionally engaged in breeding mini pigs can provide all the data on piglets. First of all, this is a pedigree with which you can participate in exhibitions. Also, employees will show the parents of the pig. On them it is possible to estimate what size their adult cub will be.

In the nursery, they must show and tell what they love, how to feed them, and what conditions to keep. It will already be clear about what the animal is accustomed to.

It is best to buy mini pigs in the country in which the owner lives, and where they will live together. This will save on transportation costs, on paperwork, quarantine, mandatory in case of crossing the border.

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